Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 520

After both sides sit down, Xiaoyan has been standing behind Han Muzi, and her face is watching Lin Qingqing with vigilance.

She has been staring at her for fear that Lin Qingqing suddenly stands up and takes something out of his pocket and pours it on Han Muzi.

Last time there was a night not deep in it, this night is not deep in, if something really happened, who for mu purple block ah?

So, she has to protect Muzi.

Maybe her eyes were too hot, so Lin Qingqing looked at her strangely and complained, "what kind of eyes are you looking at? I said I won't do it to her again. If I do it again, I will be shocked. I have already made a poison oath. Don't you believe me? "

Han Muzi: "it's just

Xiao Yan: "cut, swear who will believe you? What's more, I can't believe that you've really changed your ways before. That is to say, we will forgive you with our generosity. "

Her words are really impolite. Lin Qingqing is pale for a while by Xiao Yan. Han Muzi doesn't stop her. She looks at this scene calmly.

Lin Qingqing was very angry, but finally he could not resist the attack. He snorted coldly: "you can say what you want. I can't stop you. I can only prove everything with my actions."

Mu Zi, looking at her, stood up.

Xiao Yan was suddenly nervous: "what are you going to do? You... "

As a result, her eyes widened in amazement.

Because Lin Qingqing, who was standing upright, suddenly bowed to Han Muzi, his waist and head bent down, which made him very sincere.

Even Lin's mother was frightened by her action. She looked at her in a daze. Obviously, it was not agreed between them.

"I'm sorry, I apologize to you for my previous misbehavior, and I promise you it will not happen again. Because of the influence on you before, I am willing to promise you a condition, no matter what you say, I will do it! "

Xiaoyan was also shocked, but did not expect Lin Qingqing to be so open-minded.

Lin's mother's eyes were very pleased: "Miss Han, Qingqing has really mended her ways this time. This is not After she came out this time, she immediately took me out shopping after washing and said she would come to apologize to you. In the past, it was Qingqing who was wayward. Now she has made a serious change. "

Han Mu purple eyes light to look at each other, seems not because of Lin Qingqing's move and feel shocked or surprised.

The motionless appearance makes Lin mother feel why her daughter lost to her.

It's not really the same level of behavior.

And Although her daughter is beautiful, Han Muzi's beauty is not inferior to Lin Qingqing at all. On the contrary She's still very temperamental.

Temperament is something that has something to do with self-cultivation and years of precipitation.

It can be said that Han Muzi has some, but Lin Qingqing does not.

And the vitality of Lin Qingqing is exactly what Han Muzi doesn't have.

But if Han Muzi and ye Moshen knew each other before, he should have seen Han Muzi's vigorous appearance. At this time Will only love Han Muzi more years of precipitation.

Think of here, Lin mother's heart is already a clear.

"If I didn't forgive her, you won't have a chance to stand in front of me now. There is no need for things. As for the conditions, I hope that in the future Just don't disturb my life

Lin Qingqing: "is that it?"


"How could you Don't you take the opportunity to challenge me? After all, I wanted to ruin your face

Han Muzi said with a faint smile: "first, the person you hurt is Mr. Ye, not me. Second, since I have already forgiven you and still make trouble to you, it is not the gentleman's purpose. "

The more magnanimous she was, the more small Lin Qingqing felt in front of her.

"Well, I'm willing to lose to you. I agree to the terms you said, but If you haven't been with him, I'll I'll try to compete with you by fair means. "

Han Mu purple Leng for a moment, lift eyes to look at Lin Qingqing.

She's going to compete with herself?

She lowered her eyes and pursed her lips: "it's up to you."

"These presents..."

"No, just as much as you like." Han Muzi stood up and said faintly, "Xiao Yan, you send Mrs. Lin and Miss Lin down."

But Mrs. Lin bought a lot of things. Unexpectedly, Han Muzi didn't want it. She was worried: "how can we say that we all buy things to apologize. Since Miss Han has accepted our apology, do you have to accept it? Otherwise, we have carefully selected these things, and it will be very difficult for us to go back. "

"It's very kind of you, Mrs. Lin. you don't need these things. And The person you want to thank this time is aunt song. "

Hearing this, Lin's mother was stunned for a moment. She felt more and more that Han Muzi was natural and generous, and she was smart.

She may have guessed that this incident has made her and song'an unhappy. She specially said this to ease the relationship between her and song'an.The child is well intentioned.

"I know that this time it's really thanks to her. I'll thank her on her side. You must accept the gift here."

Lin's mother put the gift on the table, and then took Lin Qingqing's hand: "thank you very much for Miss Han this time. Then Qingqing and I will not disturb you and go first."

Finish saying, Lin Mu pulls Lin Qingqing out of the office.

Lin Qingqing looked back at Han Muzi, and her voice volume increased a few points: "I picked everything myself. It's my sincere apology. If you don't accept it, you look down on me, Lin Qingqing..."

"Shut up, you..."

The two disappeared in the office.

Han Muzi looks at Xiaoyan. Xiaoyan also stands there with a face of muddle. Until Han Muzi squints her eyes, Xiaoyan just reacts.

"Ah, I'll see them off at once."

After all the others left, Han Muzi returned to his desk.

She's very tired. Let's take a lunch break.

So Han Muzi picked up the information and then went into the rest room.

The whole day is spent in the busy time. When it's time, Han Muzi and Xiao Yan go to pick Xiaomi Dou home. After a day's work, Han Muzi takes off her high-heeled shoes and collapses on the sofa.

As soon as I lay down, my cell phone vibrated.

Han Muzi took it out to have a look. It was a wechat sent by Yemo.

{when will you come? }

Han Muzi said:

This person, seems to be deliberately timing a good time to send her a message?

Han Muzi is too lazy to return his information and puts the mobile phone to one side directly. Xiaomi Dou puts down his schoolbag and rubs it over.

"Mommy, we're going to take the cat to the pet hospital today."

By millet beans a reminder, Han Muzi will remember this matter, nodded: "yes, I will go with you."

"Forget it, let aunt Xiaoyan accompany you." Xiaoyan directly pulled Xiaomi Dou's collar and pulled the little guy to her side. Then she looked at Han Muzi with disgust and said, "look at your mother's useless appearance. I'm afraid she's tired to go to work today. Xiaomi Dou is good. Let's get the cat back and let your mother have a good rest."