Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 518


Han Qing's face was flat and asked, but Xiao Yan couldn't say a word, so she could only marvel in her heart.

God's memory That's great, isn't it?

She lost once, and he remembered it?

Thinking of this, Xiaoyan will naturally think of the last time his kiss incident, so unconsciously blurted out: "then you will not remember the last time?"


"It's my kiss..."

Said here, Xiaoyan suddenly a meal, Leng for several seconds to react to what they just said, she looked at Han Qing in dismay.

He probably didn't expect Xiaoyan would suddenly come to such a sentence, and his mind also flashed that day's picture because of her words.

The little woman stood on tiptoe in front of him and suddenly kissed him.

And then he was distracted that day.

Thinking of this, Han Qing frowned.

Seeing Han Qing's eyebrows frown deeper, Xiaoyan bit his lower lip in chagrin. How can she mention this matter directly at this time?

And why does she always do such shameful things in front of God?

Thinking of this, Xiaoyan quickly explained: "I was just talking nonsense, there is no other meaning, you don't want to think more. And I didn't mean to kiss you that day. I just couldn't help it, so I just

Speaking of this, Xiaoyan was more upset and stuttered.

"No, I didn't stop it. I just..."

Xiao Yan droops her head dejectedly. What is she talking about?

Han Qing suddenly stood up, and then stepped on a steady step toward her, but Xiaoyan was annoyed, did not notice.

Wait for her to react to come over, just suddenly found Han Qing standing in front of him, looking down at her.

So close to him, the masculinity of his body around, Xiaoyan suddenly felt his breathing quickly up, and then step back a big step unconsciously.

"That, that, me..." She looked at Han Qing, who was close at hand.

At such a close distance, she could almost see the fluff on her face, the deep eyes, the thick eyebrows, the straight nose and Thin lips.

Why do you think his thin lips are so attractive

Did Han Qing come up to kiss her on purpose?

No, it's not right.

Xiao Yan shook his head vigorously. He was the president of Han's group. How could he send him to her?

It's completely impossible.

But He didn't send it to her, so why did he come up suddenly?

Thinking of this, Xiaoyan feels completely that Han Qing has come up to kiss her on purpose. People have sent them to her door. Then she What are you hesitating about?

"I think it's necessary for us to..."

Han Qing stares at the girl with her head down and silent, but her ears are so red that she is about to drip blood. Her calm words come out from her thin lips. However, the next second, his pupils shrink. He looks at the woman who has been holding her head down and suddenly raises her head, and then repeats the previous actions.

He stood on tiptoe, then put his hands directly around his neck, and the red lips were directly printed on his thin lips.


For a moment, the air seemed to solidify.

Time is also static.

When Xiaoyan pastes on Han Qing's cold thin lips, she clearly hears her heartbeat, and There's another voice.

It seems to be Han Qing's.

Both of them didn't close their eyes. Xiao Yan blinked. The eyelashes of both eyes were very much like two lovely fans. Han Qing felt something was knocking on his heart.

He moved, just about to raise his hand.

The touch on his lips disappeared, and the woman who had just clasped his neck to kiss him now turned and ran up the stairs.

Han Qing's eyes were sharp, and his steps moved half a minute, but he didn't catch up.

He watched the tiny figure scurrying up the stairs, then disappeared at the end of the stairs.

In the blink of an eye, it disappeared.


After a few seconds of silence, Han Qing reached out and touched his thin lips.

There seems to be a scent of the woman on it.

It tastes like honey.

Why does it smell like this? Han Qing frowned slightly, but found a pink between his fingers when he took down his hand.

Even if he was a straight man, he would react at this time.

What remained on his lips was the lip gloss that Xiaoyan had just applied.

Lip Gloss

Did he get it on his lips? Han Qing reached out to wipe again, and sure enough, his fingertips were stained with red.

Han Qing looked at the red, and was stunned.After Xiao Yan ran back to her room, she locked the door like a thief. Then she took off her coat and rushed into the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror, blushing and bleeding.

She actually I kiss my God again.

Wuwu is really the sky dropped pie, hit her? How else could she have such good luck recently? God has been kiss twice!

I always feel closer to my goal.

Is thinking, Xiaoyan suddenly realized a very serious problem.

She suddenly leans close to the mirror, her upper body almost touching the washstand, and she stares at herself in the mirror.

The color on her lips seems to have faded?

Was it just

Xiao Yan's face changed slightly, and she reached out to cover her mouth in shock.

Did she leave the lipstick on Han Qing's lips when she attacked him?

I knew that she should use one that doesn't fade, so that she won't leave her lip gloss in Han Qing's, but Before using this lipstick, she didn't think she would kiss Han Qing again today.

It was totally unexpected.

When Han Qing knows he left his lip gloss on his lips later, will he hate himself?

Xiao Yan, what are you thinking? If a woman like you is always kissing him, he may have been disgusted with you for a long time, but he still needs to wait until now?

Thinking of this, Xiaoyan was dejected again, and fell powerlessly on the hand washing table, sighing.

As a girl, she really failed.

Han Muzi got up late because it was too late when she came back last night, and she couldn't sleep. She didn't sleep until five o'clock in the morning, but she still had to go to work, so she got up naturally when the time came.

Wearing black eyes, Han Muzi changed his clothes and left the guest room. When he returned to his room, he found that Xiaomi Dou was still sleeping.

However, the little guy was not honest in sleeping and kicked the quilt to one side.

Han Muzi sighed helplessly, and then went to cover Xiaomi Dou's quilt. After looking at the time, he found that he could sleep for another 20 minutes, so he turned around and went to the bathroom to wash.

When she came out, Xiaomi Dou had already woken up and changed her clothes there.

When he saw his small back, Han Muzi suddenly felt that Xiaomi Dou had grown up and that he should not be allowed to sleep in the same room with himself.