Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 513

Xiaomi Dou climbed onto the bed, then covered his little quilt, and soon fell asleep.

Seeing the sweet sleeping face of the children, Han Muzi's heart is not calm at all.

At this time, she should also go to bed.

However, the heart is still chaotic, full of brain is night Mo Shen alone in the hospital figure.

Han Muzi!

Wake up!

He's the night! Not three years old!

He doesn't need you to take care of him. You always think that he is insulting himself. You are not his nanny. Why do you think so for him?

After Han Muzi had done his ideological work, he went back to bed and lay down.

She closed her eyes, lay in a daze for a long time, and then opened them again.

Little by little, the time is slipping by, and it's almost eleven o'clock.

Han Muzi finally couldn't resist the torture in her heart. She got up with her hands and feet, grabbed her mobile phone and found that yemoshen had sent her several wechat messages.

Didn't you say you'd come over when you were free? If you're busy now, I'll wait. }

this wechat was sent by Han Muzi when he put down his mobile phone.

Then half an hour later, the man at the other end asked again weakly.

Are you still not available? }

after there was no response, the man sent one.

I'm waiting for you at the gate of the hospital. If you have time, you can see me as soon as you get to the hospital. }

this one was issued at nine o'clock.

Half past nine: {half an hour, woman, do you really have the heart to make me wait? }

ten o'clock: {hungry}

ten thirty: {a little cold}

Eleven: {not yet? There's no one outside the hospital. }

not long after this message was sent, Han Muzi's face changed. After reading the message, the time coincided with the time he sent the message. Damn it.

He won't be waiting for her at the door of the hospital now, will he? Not eating all night?

At the thought that he had been waiting for her for several hours at the door of the hospital with his back wound on his back, Han Muzi couldn't care about anything at this time. He just felt that he was a criminal and could not care about anything more. He grabbed a coat and went out.

In the middle of the night, Han Muzi rushed to the door of the community alone to stop the car, and then went directly to the hospital.

It's about 20 minutes away from the hospital. Han Muzi looks at the last message and is extremely anxious.

This man is obviously so old, but how can he be as reckless as a teenager?

Han Muzi scolded him for hundreds of rounds in his heart and urged the driver: "uncle, please hurry up, my friend is still waiting for me."

The driver was driving slowly. When he heard her request, he nodded: "OK, I can be faster, but safety is the main thing."

"Thank you."

Han Muzi looked down at the mobile phone again, and the night Mo Shen didn't send her a message.

I don't know if he's going back.

Twenty minutes later, Han Muzi finally arrived at the door of the hospital. After paying the fare, Han Muzi pushed the door of the car and got out of the car. She ran quickly, but she didn't see the figure of Mo Shen at the door of the hospital.

Did you go back?

Han Muzi ran too fast, so he was panting.

She picked up her mobile phone and wanted to see if yemoshen had sent messages to herself, but there was a faint sound not far behind her.

"I thought you were not coming..."

The familiar voice went into Han Muzi's ear without warning. She turned around after a moment's wooden body. She saw the thin and slender figure of Mo Shen standing against the branches of the tree. His hands were in the pocket of his medical clothes. His beautiful outline was hidden in the night, and his pale lips and weak face could be seen.

As if a big hand tightly grasped Han Muzi's heart, and then wantonly twisted, stirring.

This feeling almost suffocates Han Muzi.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm her mind.

When his mood calmed down, Han Muzi walked towards the man under the tree with a small step.

Step by step, she was approaching him.

Under the dim streetlights, the shadow of the two people was shot and pulled very long.

"You Why are you still here Ah... " Han Muzi has just approached to open his mouth. The man leaning on the tree pole has been motionless suddenly reaches out his long arm to buckle her, then holds her shoulder and reverses her to press her on the thick tree pole.

Han Muzi exclaimed, thinking that his back was going to be hit and hurt, but there was a pair of arms for her to block all the hard.

Then the eyes of a black, night Mo deep, cold dry thin lips so no warning to press down.

"Well." Han Muzi stares big eyes, can't believe looking at the near night.His beautiful eyebrows and eyes were tightly closed at the moment, and his quivering eyelashes showed his weakness, as if he could fall down with a little push.

But the touch from her lips made Han Muzi sober up a little. She reached out and pushed his chest. At night, Mo Shen gave out a painful cry in the depth of her throat, just like the painful struggle before the death of an animal, which made him heartless to hurt him.

Han Muzi pushed his hand and stopped.

Night Mo Shen also took the opportunity to go further, occupying the sweetness and fragrance belonging to her.

Her body, with the warmth from the quilt, was completely different from the cold he had been waiting for hours in the night dew.

And he needs this warmth.

Night deep greedy for her sweet, Han Muzi struggle, from the beginning of resistance to slowly comply, and then if there is no response.

In the end, they hugged each other.

As time went by, it was probably that the car passing by the road made a noise, which pulled Han Muzi's mind back, so she quickly pushed away the night.

Night is not deep enough to ask, willingly back to their own lips.

Two people's breath became short, Han Muzi's lips were red and swollen, his eyes were charmingly staring at him, and he said angrily, "are you a fool?"

The night Mo deep knows why she scolds herself, restores the temperature the thin lip to hook up a beautiful radian, he fondly leaned forward, gently rubbed Han Muzi's bright and clean forehead, gently um.

"Well, what do you mean, I'm asking if you're a fool, and you admit it?"


Night Mo Shen closed his eyes and nodded again.

Han Muzi was so angry by his attitude that he wanted to scold him again.

Night Mo Shen but suddenly stretched out his hands to embrace her, and then buried in her arms way.

"As long as you want to come, I'll be happy to be a fool."


Han Muzi was stunned.

She stupidly accepted the man's arms in front of her, her chin banged on his shoulder, and the air around her was full of the strong breath of this man.

Although he had been injured, even though he had been waiting for hours in the night dew.

Although He looks vulnerable.