Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 511

So the two mother and son went back upstairs, because Han Muzi had something in her hand, so there was no extra hand to open the door. The door lock was input with millet bean fingerprint.

So Xiaomi Dou is responsible for opening the door, and then two people will enter the door together.

After going in, Xiaomi Dou took her shoes to Han Mu and changed them. Then she said, "Mommy, put things down and have a rest."

Han Muzi went to the refrigerator in front of her home shoes. After putting all the ingredients into the refrigerator, she went to the bathroom to wash her hands. After washing her hands, she quickly went back to the bathroom to change her home clothes.

Then he collapsed on the sofa.

Shopping in the supermarket is really a physical work, although the supermarket is very close to home, but after all, carrying so many things, she is still a girl carrying very hard.

"Mommy, does your hand hurt? You can knead it with millet beans. " Xiaomi Dou nests very considerate to her side, then grabs her hand and gently rubs it with his own small hand, while foolishly asking, "is Mommy better?"

Han Muzi was moved to look at Xiaomi Dou.

Who said that the daughter is the intimate little cotton padded jacket?

Obviously, boys are also very warm, which really depends on the character.

Xiaomi Dou is no worse than a small cotton padded jacket. Sobbing Han Muzi nodded moved: "of course, much better, thank my family millet beans."

As soon as he is praised, Xiaomi Dou laughs happily and stands up to defend his shoulder for Han Muzi. His movements are not light or heavy, and his strength is just good.

It's really comfortable

Han Muzi closed her eyes a little pleasantly.

Finally, Han Muzi was so comfortable that she was about to fall asleep, and Xiaomi Dou did not quarrel with her.

Han Muzi gradually fell asleep.

When she breathes evenly, Xiaomi Dou goes down the sofa, picks up Han Muzi's mobile phone, and walks to the balcony step by step, and then calls Han Qing.

Han Muzi only felt that she was very tired and tired. Xiaomi Dou's hands were very soft and soft. Then she felt very comfortable and fell asleep.

She didn't know how long she had slept, but she felt as if she had smelled the smell of food.

She didn't know what was going on. She was clearly in a dream. How could she have the smell of food?


Han Muzi suddenly thought of something. It can be said that she woke up in a moment. When she sat up, the blanket covering her body was also lifted off.

Isn't she going to cook? How did you fall asleep?


Just thinking, a steady male voice came from the front.

Han Muzi suddenly looked up at the source of the sound and found that Han Qing was sitting on the opposite sofa. He put his notebook in front of the desk and bent over to deal with the documents.

"Brother?" I didn't expect to see Han Qing here. Han Muzi was a little stunned.

What time is it now? Why is Han Qing here?

How long did she sleep?

Han Qing was angry and distressed at the same time. She scolded: "if you don't want to go, you'll have to go. Is it useful to make yourself so tired?"

Han Muzi is a little embarrassed, but he doesn't respond to his words. Instead, he asks.

"What time is it? Brother, how did you get here? "

"What?" Han Qing looked at her and asked quietly, "can't I come here? And Didn't you ask Xiaomi Dou to call me and let me come over? Say you want to cook and apologize? "

Han Muzi: "it's just

She bit her lower lip awkwardly: "brother, I..."

"As a result, you'll sleep here when I'm here?"

Han Qing's words made Han Muzi's ears red. She was so embarrassed that she grabbed her hair: "well, I didn't know how I fell asleep just now. What time is it now? I'll go and cook. "

With that, Han Muzi wanted to get up to cook, but after she got up, she suddenly remembered that she had just smelled the aroma of food in her sleep?

Now the smell of food is floating over. It's not really true.

Is Xiaoyan is cooking?

"No need for you. Xiaoyan has already started. You can continue to lie back and sleep."

“……” She touched her chin awkwardly, and without saying anything, she crept into the kitchen.

Sure enough, she saw Xiaoyan's busy figure in the kitchen, as well as Xiaomi Dou's helping scene.

Seeing her come in, Xiaomi Dou showed a bright smile: "Mommy, you wake up."

Han Muzi resisted his impulse and nodded, then looked at Xiao Yan: "when did you come back? Why don't you call me when you see me sleeping

Xiao Yan could not help laughing at her limited expression: "what's the matter? Isn't it good not to wake you up and be busy and let you continue to dream

"Shame, will you?" Han Muzi saw her smile and couldn't help but stare at her: "and I'm going to cook myself. As a result I fell asleep in the living room. "Han Qing didn't know how long she sat opposite, and her embarrassing sleep was all seen.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi couldn't help but put out his hand to cover his cheek. His expression was a little painful: "you traitor."

"Hee hee, you can't blame me. Your brother was already there when I came in. You know what I did before. How dare I talk to him more? I'm more disgraceful than you, OK? He told me not to wake you up. Should I wake you up in front of him? Then I will lose face in front of my God. "

"Loss, you are for your own face."

"Well, so are you. You don't think about me at all."

They were complaining to each other in the kitchen, completely forgetting that there was a millet bean standing next to him.

Millet beans were ignored, some small depressed, but think about it, or very happy.

"By the way, Mommy, aunt Xiaoyan has finished the fish. Shall we send one piece to the flowing cat?"

Mentioning this, Han Muzi also remembered that he wanted to send fish to the kitten, so he nodded: "OK, let's send the fish down first."

"Well!" Xiaomi Dou nods hard.

Xiaoyan handed over the special plate with two treated fish on it, and said, "I've picked out all the fish bones. It's just your kindness. Do you like it so much? Why don't you take it back to live with the kitten? Anyway, our home is very big. Besides, we only have three people. It's nice to have a few more small animals. "

Han Muzi thought about it and thought it was ok, "if you want to raise it, you have to take them to the pet hospital to check it first. Do you want millet beans?"

Xiaomi Dou blinked, "yes."

Two people carrying fish downstairs, Han Muzi suddenly remembered that there was someone waiting for her in the hospital.

At that time, she replied to him that if she was free, she would give him food.

Now it's so late, will he have not eaten yet?

After thinking about it, Han Muzi thinks it should not be. After all, he is the boss of Yeshi group. How many people are waiting to send him hospitality? How could he possibly starve himself?