Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 506

That man doesn't love her at all.

Since his heart is not on himself, then she Why do you do something to hurt others for him?

"Regret it?" Cold voice from behind, Han Muzi looked back and saw the night Mo Shen standing behind her.

She smiles faintly, "regret what?"

The night Mo deep facial expression calmly stares at her, after a while just way: "my original intention, is does not want to let her go."

"I know." Han Muzi nodded: "but her mother and your little aunt still hope that you can be lenient."

"And you?" The night Mo Shen suddenly changed the topic and looked at her like a moment: "what do you want me to do? Do you want me to let her go, too? "

Han Muzi: "it's just

Why can this person always pull the question to oneself, she looked at him in silence for a while, then said: "my answer you already know?"

Listen, night deep thin lips can not help but lift up, and then he raised his hand, fingertips fall on her cheek, gently pointed her green silk to the back of his head.

"What shall we do? I know I can't let her go, but I know my wife is kind, so I have to let her off this time. "

Han Muzi: "it's just

She took a step back, avoiding the touch of the night.

The green silk that was still in the hand disappeared at this time. There was a feeling of loss in the heart of Mo Shen at night.

He paused and held his hand in the air for a long time.

Han Muzi thought for a while and went around his back and asked, "how are you hurt? Can you hold up after coming out for such a long time? "

Listen, night Mo Shen's hand this just slowly put down, he did not rush to answer Han Muzi's words, but turned around, eyes burning to grab her.

"You care about me?"


She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and nodded.

"Almost. You are a patient, after all."

The night Mo deep listened to the look in the eyes to have some worries and resentments: "then I can ask for more relations?"


"I have a bad back now."


"Let me lean on."

As soon as the voice fell, a tall figure leaned forward shamelessly and attached his head to Han Muzi's room arm. Although his strength was not great, his slender figure took two steps to stabilize his body.

"You Han Muzi looked at the man who was leaning on his shoulder. He was a little angry, but he was still more helpless. Five years later, he is really different from before. Now he is really thick skinned and doesn't want face at all.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi reminded: "this is the intersection, in case you are photographed by a reporter..."

"So what? You're the woman I've never known before. Anyway, people on the Internet know that, even if they are photographed, then you should admit that it is not good. "

Han Muzi: "it's just

Forget it. For the sake of being a patient, don't worry about him.

About ten minutes later, Mrs. Lin reappeared in front of Han Muzi and looked at her awkwardly. "I'm really sorry, Miss Han. I thought that the child would repent after suffering in it. Unexpectedly, she still spoke ill of you. It's really my mother's fault, so I'm going to apologize to you in person. I taught her a lesson just now, and after Miss Han said what happened, Qingqing has already thought about it. She feels very embarrassed, so she wants to apologize to you and hope Miss Han can give her another chance. "

Han Mu's purple eyes are light, and there is no expression on his face.

However, song an next to him reminded him: "if she can wait here until now, it means that she is soft hearted. Go in and see how Lin Qingqing's attitude is this time."

Han Muzi moved his lips, nodded at last, and then walked in.

This meeting, Lin Qingqing than before calm, do not know how long, her eyes are quiet, although there is no hate, but still very unwilling.

Seeing the crowd come in, she wiped her hair, looked at Han Muzi in a low voice and asked, "can I stay alone with you?"

Han Muzi Leng for a moment, and then nodded.


"No way." Night Mo Shen then rejected her idea, big hands on her slender waist, "you can't stay with her alone."

That woman can make the incident of splashing sulfuric acid. If no one else is present, what if she wants to hurt Han Muzi again.

Hearing this, Lin Qingqing's eyes flashed with pain, "do you just don't believe me? I want to repent now, I just want to say a few words to her, besides I've been here for such a long time, where do I have a sharp weapon? How could I have hurt her? "

There were watchmen next to her, so she couldn't do anything.

And her eyes are not the same as before, Han Muzi thought, turned to night Mo Shen way: "you go out first, I'll talk to her.""Muzi!" The night Mo deep frowns: "you don't want to die?"

"Yes." Han Muzi pursed her red lips and looked at the night Mo Shen seriously: "I value my own life more than you do."

She's not alone now.

She is a mother, she should save her life and protect Xiaomi Dou.

So she would never risk her life.

"Listen to her." Song an made his voice in time.

Ye Moshen pursed his thin lips, and his eyes fell sharply on Lin Qingqing's face. The sight was as sharp as a knife. Lin Qingqing's scalp was numb by this look, so he could only drop his eyes and dare not look at him again.

She really regretted it.

She shouldn't do that. If she doesn't, maybe Yemo Shen won't hate her like she is now, or even treat her as a dangerous person.

Think of here, Lin Qingqing's heart regret is not good.

"If you want me, I'll be right outside the door." Finally, night Moshen or listen to Han Muzi's meaning, but still do not trust her, has been standing outside the door is not willing to leave.

Lin Qingqing doesn't care if he is outside the door, as long as he is not at the scene.

"You can say what you want to say now."

Look up at you with a bitter smile

"That's what you want to tell me when you call everyone away?" Han Muzi sat down in front of her.

Lin Qingqing's eyes are still sad: "why is the husband so unfair? I thought I met a good man, and finally had a chance to influence him. As long as I have been working hard, one day he will be mine. But But you came out. At first I thought you approached him through me, but later I realized that you were his ex-wife

Han Muzi was stunned by the name of ex-wife, and then she reacted.

Although she and ye Moshen are still married, but Externally, she has been away for five years. In other people's eyes, she is indeed his ex-wife.

"Now that you have left, why do you want to come back?"