Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 504

"He, why did he come?"

"Who?" Mrs. Lin didn't know who she was talking about, so she asked.

But Lin Qingqing hugged her and buried her face. "Mom, I don't want to see him at this time. I'm so embarrassed and ugly. How can he see me now? He didn't like me in the first place, and now he will be more disappointed to see me like this. "

Her voice is very small, only Lin mother can see, after all, is her own daughter, Lin Qingqing said the words on this, how could she not understand?

It turns out that Lin Qingqing said that night is not deep.

Because Lin Qingqing has lost weight and is not dressed up and has been staying in the detention center for two days, yemoshen has come to see her now. As a girl, her image has collapsed in front of her beloved.

If it was before, Lin's mother would certainly help Lin Qingqing tide over the difficulties.

But now, compared with her face, her reputation and life are the most important. So Mrs. Lin didn't care so much. She took Lin Qingqing's hand and whispered, "my dear child, don't care if he is here. My mother is here to save you. If you did something wrong before, you should apologize to others today and admit your mistakes seriously Don't do it again, you know? "

After hearing this, Lin Qingqing, who was buried in Lin's mother's arms, trembled fiercely. Then she raised her head and asked in a low voice, "Mom, what are you talking about?"

"Make a good apology, you know?" Lin's mother stared at her and warned in a low voice: "Mom, it took a lot of effort to ask for an opportunity. If you don't apologize properly, this opportunity will be gone."

"A chance to come? Did you beg the woman Lin Qingqing's emotion was suddenly excited, and her eyes were burning with hatred. She was shocked. She gritted her teeth and squeezed her wrist. She lowered her voice and said, "you have heard Lin Qingqing clearly. You must apologize to them seriously today, and you have destroyed it sincerely. In a moment, you can't see this kind of emotion in your eyes. It's your fault

Her fault?

What's wrong with her? Lin Qingqing doesn't feel that she has a problem. If she is wrong, it is that she didn't pour sulfuric acid on Han Muzi's face quickly and accurately, and let her still stand here safe and sound.

"I won't apologize." "It's not my fault, it's not my fault, it's her who robbed me first," Lin said

"Silly child, what are you talking about?" Mrs. Lin's eyes widened, and an ominous premonition rose in her heart. Her daughter was rebellious and still unwilling to apologize: "do you know that if you don't apologize today, you may be locked up here for a long time!"


As soon as he heard that he was going to be locked up in such a place, Lin Qingqing felt a little frightened.

But let her apologize to the woman who robbed her man? How could she do it?

"You can choose either to apologize or stay here without apologizing. Mom believes you know which one to choose."

Speaking of this, Lin's mother let Lin Qingqing go and decided to let her make her own choice.

After she stood up, she looked at Han Muzi with a smile and said in a low voice: "I have already made an agreement with her. She has suffered a lot in recent days here, and she knows that she is wrong and has already thought about it."

Han Muzi took a look at Lin's mother and felt that she had done it with good intentions.

In front of maternal love, Han Muzi still respects her very much, so he nods to her and smiles.

Lin's mother felt a little softhearted for a moment. Looking at Han Muzi's appearance, she should forgive her daughter? As long as you forgive, you can say anything.

But Lin Qingqing has been sitting on the ground and is unwilling to get up. She doesn't want to see her embarrassed appearance at the moment. She is so ugly.

Although she didn't look in the mirror these days, she didn't have to look at it at all. She knew how ugly she was. If she hadn't bathed for a few days, her hair must have been disordered, and her makeup that day must have been spent.

What's more, her body is so bad and smelly that she can't

"No, I don't want it." Lin Qingqing howled bitterly. She held her head and said in agony: "I don't want to see him. I don't want to see him! Mom, you let him out, get out

Lin Qingqing looks like a sudden madness, Han Muzi don't know what happened, but she is to see whether Lin Qingqing repents, so she stands beside her calmly.

Suddenly, Lin Qingqing seems to think of something, suddenly raised his head, eyes like a cold arrow to Han Muzi.

That look, with infinite anger and resentment.

Everyone was surprised, and song an looked at her in disbelief.

It's hard to imagine that in such a young girl, you can see such bitter eyes.

Lin's mother said, "what are you doing? Don't apologize to Miss Han and Mr. Ye soon

"I don't want to apologize! Why should I apologize? " Lin Qingqing roared: "Mom, I thought you were here to help me, but why did you force me to apologize to her? What's wrong with me? "Mrs. Lin took a cool breath, and her face turned white in that instant. Her body seemed to be fixed and stood there motionless.

Han Muzi was originally expressionless. After hearing Lin Qingqing's words, her eyes changed a little, and then unconsciously looked at Lin's mother standing on one side.

It's really a pity for her.

"It was her who was wrong!" Lin Qingqing pointed to Han Muzi and gritted his teeth: "it was I who made a blind date with ye Moshen first. She is just a designer. Why rob my blind date in front of me? What can't I compare to her? What's the point?? Is it because she's better at seducing men than I am? "

Pa -

Lin's mother was probably very angry, and suddenly rushed to Lin Qingqing and slapped her hard on the face.

"What are you talking about? Apologize to me! What's the tutor of Lin family? After so many years of teaching, do you learn these things? If he doesn't like you, he doesn't like you

"Apologize to me quickly. If you don't apologize today, mom won't care about you anymore!"

"Mom!" Lin Qingqing's eyes are red with anger. She can't get angry at her mother, but she stares at Han Muzi with hatred.

Her eyes were too venomous to ignore. He frowned, and his breath suddenly became cold. He just wanted to reach out to pull Han Muzi behind him, but Han Muzi's action was quick. He stepped forward and directly stood in the place not far from Lin Qingqing.

She looked at her indifferently, and the expression on her face was quite different from that of Lin Qingqing.

"I don't explain because I don't think it's necessary. But if you think I robbed your man now, I'll tell you the truth