Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 503

"Would you like to hear it?" Han Muzi was a little surprised. He didn't want to change his mind yesterday. Why did he ask her about her idea today?

Night Mo deep single hand around her waist, intimate way: "talk about it."


Han Muzi wants to push him away, but his hand is firmly fixed on her waist like a chain. At last, she can only bear it and say, "I can give you a chance, but I asked to see her in court. "

If ye Moshen is willing to give her a chance, she should see what Lin Qingqing thinks now and whether the detention of these days has made her change her mind?

Or is she still as stubborn as ever? A growing resentment against her?

Hearing the opportunity, Lin's mother almost burst into tears and excitedly went forward to hold Han Muzi's hand.

"Thank you, really thank you. You are a good man. As long as Qingqing can come out this time, I will make her apologize to you and thank you for it."

Song an looked speechless on one side. Last night, Mo Shen was so firm. As a result, he was convinced by Han Muzi?

I want to Do you do this in front of Lin Qingqing's mother?

After thinking about it, song an shakes his head and throws away the confused ideas in his mind.

Han Muzi originally thought, look at Lin Qingqing's attitude, she will decide how to do.

Although ye Moshen doesn't know what she thinks in her heart, she respects her idea very much. She does what she says, and the whole process follows her advice.

This pair of obedience to the appearance of the night Mo Shen, do as good as flow, but the two people next to see startled, each has his own ideas.

Song an feels that his nephew was really pinched to death by Han Muzi. Of course This is really in her expectation, she had no choice but to shake her head in her heart, and then slowly raised a smile.

Lin Qingqing's mother was shocked.

When we met for the first time, night Moshen was very cold. Before meeting, she could only see him on TV or in the newspaper. Without meeting, she could feel the strength of this man's aura and the sharp cold of his eyes. So when Lin Qingqing was on a blind date, his face was black, and his mother thought it was normal.

She felt that this was the man, and she was looking forward to the day when her daughter conquered him.

But Now I see him doing what he says to another woman.

And this woman is not her own daughter.

It is false to say no jealousy.

But is it useful for her to be jealous now? She is a person who has come to know that if a man's heart is on you, it is really on you. You don't have to worry about it. He will come close to you, please you and please you.

But if his heart is not in you, even if you are exhausted, he will not look at you more.

Not to mention a man like Yemo Shen.

Lose to others, is her daughter is not as good as others, Lin mother recognized!

Now she as long as her daughter can come out safely, think of here, Lin mother and nervously rubbed her hands, looking at Han Muzi, I hope this girl is a kind-hearted person.

"You want to come with us?" Hearing that ye Moshen said that he wanted to start together, Han Muzi couldn't help frowning, and even song an on one side leaned over: "no, you're still injured. It doesn't matter if you walk around in the ward. If you go out with us, there will be too much strain in the process."

Mu Li, you can't agree with us to stay in the ward

"No way." The night Mo deep purses thin lip, facial expression indifference way: "originally appeared in court today, I want to go, not many this moment."

Hearing the court, Lin Qingqing's mother turned pale. She was an outsider, so it was not good to express her opinions. Of course, she didn't want to go with her selfishness. After all Night Mo deep do not go, she can also ask Han Muzi, women are always easy to be soft hearted.

Song an: "can't you listen to my aunt's advice? You're still hurt. "

"Walking is not a problem," Mo said in a cold voice

Song an can only look at Han Muzi in the end.

In fact, Han Muzi has no way. She can't shake the character of yemoshen. She can only look at yemoshen. Her idea is the same as song an, and she doesn't want ye Moshen to go with them.

"Don't try to persuade me." Yemo Shen only said four words to her.

Han Muzi thought for a moment and then said, "let's go. First go to see Miss Lin, and then make a decision."

Song an:

Is this not to be advised? Forget it, she was worried about something. Anyway, at most, Mo Shen made her wound hurt so much that she couldn't hold on and fell down. She would ask someone to carry him back to the hospital.

It's no big deal. It won't die anyway.

He doesn't care. What does she care about when she is a little aunt?

The decision was made, and the party went straight to see Lin Qingqing.

Lin Qingqing has suffered a lot in the detention center these days. There is no day and night here. It can't be compared with the room in her home. There is no big bathtub and beautiful clothes. She has been reflecting here for many days and can't eat any food.At first, she upset the food and didn't want to eat it. She thought it was not human food.

But since you have made a mistake, how can someone offer you a lot of money? It's not your family. Everything has to accommodate you.

So in the end, Lin Qingqing was so hungry that he didn't dare to knock it over again. He was full of grievances and resentment.

She's waiting. She has to go out.

The reason why she became like this is because of Han Muzi, that cheap woman!

If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have fallen to this point.

Hearing the news that someone visited her, Lin Qingqing was so happy that she burst into tears. Her mother must have come to find her and save her!

Lin Qingqing went out with hope, but what he saw was that they were visiting the house.

Because she hasn't been sentenced directly, she can see them directly.

"Green!" When Lin's mother saw Lin Qingqing, her eyes immediately shed tears, and then she walked quickly towards her.

"Mom!" Lin Qingqing's eyes red, directly into Lin's mother's arms, and then can't help crying: "Mom, Wuwu, you can finally come, Qingqing here wronged to death."

The two hugged each other and cried. Lin's mother touched Lin Qingqing's head. She was heartbroken. "Don't worry. Mom won't forget you. Isn't she coming to see you? What about? Why are you so thin? "

When Lin Qingqing raises his head and wants to accuse Han Muzi, he sees her standing by her side at night.

It was the person she adored in her heart. He saw his appearance as a vice person but not a ghost. Lin Qingqing immediately felt that he had no face to see people. She suddenly reached out to cover her face and was frightened to rush to Lin's mother's arms.