Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 501

"Mommy! Xiaomi Dou miss you so much Xiaomi Dou hugs Han Muzi's arm and rubs her face vigorously. She is not intimate.

Han Muzi was rubbed several arms by the little guy, and his heart was in a mess.

"I told you to come back tomorrow? Why did you come in the middle of the night? " Han Muzi squatted down and kneaded Xiaomi Dou's soft cheek. He felt that the handle was very good, so he reached out and kneaded it.

Xiaomi Dou's delicate facial features are slowly changing under the trampling of Han Muzi, but he is not a bit angry. Instead, his eyes are shining with surprise. He holds Han Muzi's wrist with one hand and says, "Mommy, kiss me!"

Han Muzi bowed her head and gave Xiaomi Dou a kiss on her cheek. Xiaomi Dou finally got what she wanted and put her short hand around her neck.

"Can Xiaomi Dou live with mommy all the time?"

This let Han Muzi Leng for a moment, then nodded: "of course, we mother and son will always be together, Mommy will protect you."

"Hum." Unexpectedly, Xiaomi Dou suddenly hummed, "when Xiaomi Dou grows up, she can protect her mother. If something happens to her, don't send her away all the time. Xiaomi Dou wants to stay with her."

Han Muzi: "it's just

This words like a small adult general, let Han Muzi immediately some tears in her eyes, she reached out and stroked the back of Xiaomi Dou's head, "my Xiaomi Dou has grown up, and Mommy knows it."

"But Mommy doesn't believe in Xiaomi Dou all the time, huh?"

Xiao Yan couldn't help crying and laughing. She could only make a voice for Han Muzi: "do you believe that you are useful? When the bad guys really come, you are so small that your mother can't help herself, and then she has to take care of you. It's not that Aunt Xiaoyan wants to attack you, it's you who are too young now and will only be a drag. If you don't want to be a drag on your mother, eat more and grow tall. When you are taller than your mother and aunt Xiaoyan, we can believe that you are really capable of protecting others! "

Although Xiaoyan's words are striking, they are the truth, so Han Muzi did not refute it.

Moreover, she also knows that her son is not so glass hearted and vulnerable.

Sure enough, Xiaomi Dou was disdainful after listening to it and snorted: "Auntie Xiaoyan will hit people. I don't know who has been begging me not to tell my uncle about her!"

When she heard this, Xiaodou would not smile.

"Just your skin, right? Every day I know to tease me with your uncle! "

"Mommy!" Xiaomi Dou suddenly pours into Han Muzi's arms, hugs her tightly and asks for help.

Han Muzi smiles and blocks Xiaoyan's attack, and then whispers: "where are you and my brother developing?"

Xiao Yan's face suddenly burst Red: "Mu purple, what are you talking about nonsense?"

Xiaomi Dou immediately complained: "Mommy, I saw aunt Xiaoyan's uncle!"

Hearing this, Han Muzi was shocked, "what did you say?"

"Ah, ah, ah!" Xiaoyan, however, seemed to have been trampled on the tail and cried out: "Xiaomi Dou, you are nonsense! I didn't! "

"There it is!" Xiaomi Dou hem: "that day I saw upstairs, you kiss uncle."

Han Muzi looks at Xiaoyan and finds that her eyes and face are already shy. Obviously, she is said to be in the heart. If she doesn't kiss Han Qing, Xiaomi Dou won't say so, and Xiaoyan won't jump.

This can only prove that Xiaoyan really kisses Han Qing.

At the thought of Han Qing's calm face, he was secretly kiss by Xiaoyan. What expression should he have?

Han Muzi is curious and looks at Xiaoyan with his chin in his hand.

"Can you explain the process?"

"How do you do it, for example?"

"What is my brother's expression

Xiaoyan:.... "

Han Muzi: "Xiaoyan, come on the spot!"

"I won't talk to you anymore!" Xiao Yan simply turned and left the room. Han Muzi saw that her face was so red that she had to bleed. She could only smile and didn't catch up with her.

"Mommy, don't you believe in Xiaomi Dou? Xiaomi Dou saw it that day. "

When Xiaoyan left, Xiaomi Dou raised her head and asked.

Han Muzi reached out and nodded his little nose: "how can mommy not believe you? Does Xiaomi Dou like aunt Xiaoyan? What do you think of her being your aunt

Xiaomi Dou blinked, suddenly happy.

"After aunt Xiaoyan became Xiaomi Dou's aunt, could she often make something for me to eat?"

This pair of food appearance lets Han Muzi can't help laughing, nodding: "yes, oh."

"Xiaomi Dou wrote it down. I'll change my mouth from tomorrow."

"What's the change?"

"After I saw aunt Xiaoyan, I called her aunt."

Han Muzi rubbed Xiaomi Dou's head and didn't answer with a smile.After hiding in the room, Xiao Yan's face was so hot that she was about to explode. She put her hand over her cheek and walked around her room, shouting in a frenzy.

Originally she stealthily attacked this matter, she has been very difficult to live by herself, finally waited for her to fade down, unexpectedly was carried up by Xiaomi Dou.

At the thought of how Han Muzi would make fun of herself when she knew this, Xiaoyan felt that her face was lost.

That is mu Zi's brother!

How could she be so disgraced? How can you control yourself so much?

And She wanted to kiss again later, though I ran away in vain.


Xiao Yan bit her index finger, and her expression was a little reminiscent.

God's lips are so soft.

After that day, she could only kiss it in her dream, and Han Qing in the dream will respond, and It's also very attractive, very strong.

But how can it be in reality?

Xiaoyan began to worry again. She fell on the bed in a big font and buried her face in the pillow.

Dingdong -

the mobile phone rings. Xiaoyan opens the mobile phone and finds that it is a wechat message sent by Han Muzi. After seeing the above content, Xiaoyan's face starts to turn red.

She poked the words with hate.

You don't laugh at me there, hum! }

{how can I laugh at you? How thoughtful I am to care about the emotional problems of my brother and my good friends? }

{hum! You'd better care about your night! }

there was a silence at the other end, and Xiaoyan realized that she had said something she shouldn't have said, so she quickly typed again.

I don't mean that. Just don't laugh at me all the time. }

{you admit it? }

Xiaoyan's eyes were wide open, and she was actually Yin.

She snorted, thought for a moment, and simply explained it directly.

Yes, yes, I did. How about that? Don't you always know that your brother is my God. I didn't hold back that day. }

{Tut, yes, it depends on your performance. }

when Mu Zi's sister-in-law? Xiao Yan held her cheek and began to imagine her marriage to Han Qing.