Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 497

Han Muzi was stunned for a moment.

"What do you mean?"

She thought about it, probably understood the meaning of the night, and then said with a smile: "it's normal to blame me, after all, I also blame myself."

Listen, night Mo deep squint eyes: "blame yourself?"

Han Muzi lowered her eyes.

Yeah, she's been blaming herself.

Ye Moshen was injured, and she also had a responsibility, if it was not for himself, he would not have suffered so much. She blamed herself. Why did she go to find Lin Qingqing at the beginning? Although she had an appointment, she didn't have time. Why did she go straight to find her?

If she had not gone to the restaurant, would she not have been in the dark?

Thinking of this, Han Muzi said with a bitter smile: "if I had not gone to that restaurant, maybe not so many things would have happened. Maybe you and Miss Lin are also..."

It's a good result.

"No if!" The night Mo deep cold voice interrupts her words, he purses thin lip: "you still don't understand now?"


"Five years, five years, why didn't I get divorced?"

Han Muzi: "it's just

At the moment, Mo Shen's eyes are deep and bright, just like hundreds of millions of stars shining in the night sky.

His words, indeed, pierced her heart.

But Five years ago, he clearly

Thinking of this, Han Muzi stepped back a few steps and said obstinately: "it's better not to talk about this matter. Let's deal with the current problems first."

And run away from

In the future, don't mention the deep smile

This is the end of the matter.

After song an went back, she directly called Xiao Su to inquire about the process. She learned something and knew that it was Lin Qingqing who hurt others first. She immediately got angry and called Lin's mother directly.

Lin's mother didn't expect her phone call to come so quickly. While she was distressed by her daughter's tears, she said happily, "An'an, is there any progress? What does Mo Shen say there? My daughter Qingqing can come out? "

Song an didn't speak. Lin's mother felt something was wrong, so she called out again, "An'an?"

For a long time, song an's indifferent voice came from there.

"We've known each other for a long time, haven't we?"

Lin Mu Leng Leng Leng, and then nodded: "yes, yes."

"Then you should know that I hate gossip the most."

Song an's merciless voice made Lin's mother flustered. She guessed that song an already knew the truth, so she could only quickly explain: "it's not what you think. I don't know your character after so long?"? I don't dare to gossip in front of you. It's just that this time it's really complicated. I didn't show up. The information was transmitted to me by others. If what I said to you was wrong, it must be someone else's mistake. I apologize to you. However, Qingqing is innocent. Her original intention is not to hurt Mo Shen So I think... "

"So do you think she can get rid of all responsibility?"


"Maybe I've been Buddhists for two years, so you start to think I'm a fool, aren't you? At the beginning, I saw that Qingqing had a good character, so I thought that the fat and water would not flow into the field, but now it seems that I have lost sight of it. Lin Qingqing is not only bad in character, but also vicious. "

"Ann, ANN, how can you say that? Qingqing, she is a good child. She has always been good at both learning and character, and you also... "

"A girl who wants to throw sulfuric acid on other people's faces, dare you say she is a good child? You're right. She didn't mean to hurt, but she meant to hurt others. She wants to hurt a girl like her. She wants to ruin someone else's face. "

Mrs. Lin:

"Are you going to argue for her now?"

Mrs. Lin: "Ann, she is my daughter after all. Even if She has done something heinous, but I am her mother after all! I can't You can't be so desperate. Qingqing has never suffered from any hardships since childhood. She has always been brought by me to watch her grow up. She has always been the star of the moon. I think it may be that the girl did something too much to her, or said something too much. What's more, it's a matter of young people. Why do you want to participate? "

"Good." Song an sniffed at the speech and said, "if I don't participate, let them solve it by themselves. It's none of my business for her to be sent in."

"No, Ann. I've come to you to deal with this."

"Well, I don't think you want me to deal with it, but let me make decisions for your daughter? But how can you forget that Mo Shen is my nephew and you are Qingqing's mother. Do you want to protect her

What she said was extremely severe, and she immediately stunned Lin's mother.After a long time, Mrs. Lin responded and said, "song'an! You didn't say that on the phone before. Even if my daughter has committed heinous things, she can be forgiven. Your family Mo Shen already has a girlfriend, you return him and Qing Qing matchmaking. If you didn't figure it out, it wouldn't have happened. Qingqing is a girl. It's normal for her to get angry when she encounters this kind of thing! Angry will certainly do some irrational things, children are wrong, must let her go to death? "

Song an:

All of a sudden, she felt that the night was really a headache.

If he refused Lin Qingqing normally, it would not have happened, but This time it's complicated.

Perhaps, Lin Qingqing simply misunderstood.

Or, the night is not deep enough to tell people clearly?

Thinking of this, song an has a headache.

"An'an, I don't blame you, but Qingqing, I have trained her for so many years, I can't watch her so useless. If she really goes in, how can you make her behave in the future? She'll be upset Please help me. After this incident, I will take Qingqing to the door to apologize to you and apologize, OK? "

After Lin Mu's tone softened, song an couldn't help feeling softer.

Although throwing sulfuric acid is a very hateful thing, it also commits the crime of story injury, which can be sentenced according to the law.

But After all, she introduced Lin Qingqing to Mo Shen.

Things have developed to this point, she song an is duty bound.

"I see. I'll discuss it with Mo Shen as soon as possible."

"Ann, this matter really please, as long as you can help Qingqing, I will do what I say."

Song an hung up the phone in a complicated mood, then held the mobile phone in silence.

She doesn't have to go to yemoshen. She wants to release Lin Qingqing and go straight to the woman Can.