Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 495

"Is it What did she do to you Song an narrowed her eyes, eyes already have a dangerous color, it is obvious that she has begun to calculate in mind.

Night Mo deep but lazy to explain to her, but took the mobile phone directly back to bed, did not want to speak to her.

When his temper came up, it was impossible for him to explain it to himself again.

Song an didn't force him either. He simply found a chair and sat down. He didn't say anything at night. Song an didn't force him to say anything. He just waited there.

Anyway, she has returned to Beicheng, and there is plenty of time to spend with him here.

If he doesn't say anything for a day, she will spend a day with him here.

Will there be the day he said?

Xiao Su saw that these two people began to fight psychological warfare again and resisted the impulse of rolling white eyes.

As soon as they fight psychological warfare, the bitter thing is they, OK? Both of them have a strong aura. As a result, the temperature around them has been lowered.

So Xiao Su decided to be a good man, and he stepped forward.

"That Auntie song, why don't we go out? I'll tell you the whole story. "

Although he didn't know all the things and was not present that day, he didn't have to go to the scene to know what happened.

"You can do it!" Song an nods and gets up to follow Xiao Su out.

Can night Mo deep in the heart hold back cruel, how can you agree? So he sneered, "where are you going?"

In a short word, Sheng Sheng stopped Xiao Su and song an.

"Yeshao, aunt song has come from Suzhou city. If you don't want to say it, let me talk about it."

Night Mo deep raise eyes, sharp eyes such as sword as sharp: "when is my business your turn to make decisions for me?"

Xiao Su: "it's OK, I'm not involved! I'll go out

He doesn't want to stay here. He's got a temper, OK?

With that, Xiao Su shook off his hand and left the ward quickly.

Song an:

What's the situation, but the night is not deep enough to let Xiao Su tell her, then she will wait.

In this way, the ward fell into a strange silence. Yemoshen had been playing with his mobile phone there. Maybe the screen was cracked too badly, so he was very upset and suddenly called out: "Xiao Su!"

In fact, Xiao Su didn't leave, just went outside the door.

So night Mo deep call his time, he can't as if did not hear, immediately came in.

"Little night?"

"Cell phone! Take it and fix it now. " "That night, I had no choice but to give my mobile phone to him

"Give it back to me in 30 minutes."

Xiao Su: "it's No problem! "

After Xiao Su left, there was silence again in the ward. Song an had calmed down her emotions, and just now she had managed what Mrs. Lin told her.

"Xiao Su is not here now. Let's talk about it. The Lin family called me to say that you bullied the little girl. Although I don't know what is the cause of such a serious conflict between you, the other party is a girl after all. If you take her to court, what will she do? Besides, she is still the treasure of the Lin family


Hearing this description, night Mo Shen's eyes appear a touch of irony.

"So what?"

She almost hurt her own woman. He has to settle the account with her.

Although the injury has now hit his back, what if?

Think of here, night Mo deep eyes is endless cold, that pair of merciless appearance really surprised song an, she can't help but ask: "you say it directly, Lin Qingqing in the end how you, let you hate her so?"

When she asked, the night was silent.

Song an was so angry with him that Xiao Su left again. She didn't know what happened.

When they were breathing, the ward station was suddenly pushed away.

Hear the sound, the night is not deep then frown.

Didn't he ask Xiao Su to repair his mobile phone? Why did you just go out and come back?

As a result, when he looked up, he was stunned and his pupils shrank.

When song an hears the sound, he naturally looks at the source of the sound. When he sees the person pushing the ward away, song an's face is completely expressionless, and the whole person stands up with a brush.

How is she???

Han Muzi originally came here at night, but recently there was no Lin Qingqing. She slept well. After she went back, she felt that she had to thank ye Moshen for this, so she cooked some nutritious porridge and prepared to deliver it.

But she never thought that when she opened the door of the ward, what she saw was

Song an.

Ye Mo Shen's little aunt, the woman who was good to her before.

Just nowThe air was silent for several seconds, and Han Muzi responded. Song an pulled his lips: "Auntie song, hello."

Aunt song

That's a polite address.

Song an also responded, her lips moved, as if to step forward.

A figure reacts faster than her, directly to block in front of Han Muzi, "you go back first."

His voice is cold and strong. Han Muzi looks at the night in front of him, looks at song an's shocked expression, then smiles and whispers, "I won't go back."

Night Mo deep listen, can't believe to look back at her.

Han Muzi, like an innocent man, walked directly past him to the front of the table, then put the heat preservation bucket there, turned to look at song'an: "I haven't seen aunt song for many years. Aunt song is still as young as before."

Song an looks at her with complicated eyes and doesn't reply.

Five years

This woman disappeared for five years. Song an thought that she would not appear again. Unexpectedly, she went back to Suzhou City, and this woman appeared here.

What the hell is going on here?

And why is she in the night room?

Seeing her face full of doubts to even their own words have not returned, Han Muzi and a faint smile: "it seems that Mr. night did not tell Aunt song the development of the matter."

"What happened?" Song an finally reacts. At this time, all her attention is focused on Han Muzi. Naturally, she walks towards her.

"Can you tell me?"

Han Muzi stopped for a moment and asked her to speak?

Before Han Muzi opened his mouth, he was not willing to say the reason to song an. At this time, he said coldly: "don't ask questions first. You can come to see the wound on my back and then ask."

Back injury?

Song an pursed her lips and then walked toward the night.

She went around to the back of Mo Shen at night. Han Muzi looked at him quietly and unconsciously turned to his cold eyes. When he looked at himself, he was full of emotion.

Obviously, he didn't want to explain to his aunt, but now he

Is it for yourself?