Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 492

After hanging up the phone, Han Muzi came out of the bathroom and found that yemoshen had returned to her position and sat down. When she came out, his deep eyes still fell on her face, staring at her all the time.

This sight is so hot that Han Muzi is upset.

It seems that this person really does not know what disaster he has caused. Why should he go on a blind date with a woman.

Even if he and the woman are together, Han Muzi won't have any objection.

But why did he come again to provoke himself.

Now, it feels dangerous to meet such a lunatic.

Normal people are afraid of people who go to extremes like Lin Qingqing. What she poured on you today is sulfuric acid. Who knows if she will wave a fruit knife next time?

Han Muzi doesn't want to die, she doesn't want to get hurt, of course She didn't want people around her to get hurt.

Because this is impossible to happen in her cognition!

But things have come to such an uncontrollable state.

Han Muzi raised his hand to look at the time and decided to have a good talk with ye Moshen.

She took the initiative to walk towards the night and sat down in front of him.

"The night is deep. Let's talk."

Her tone is rarely so pleasant, but at night Mo Shen has an ominous premonition. She purses her thin lips and says unhappily, "if you want to push me to others, there is nothing to talk about between us."

Finish saying also twist head back to Han Muzi.

Han Muzi said When did I say that? "

"What do you want to talk to me about?"

"Talk about you and Lin Qingqing."

Night Mo deep frown: "still say not push me?"

Han Muzi: "I just want to tell you that I am the object of her hatred now. Although you are injured, I have not. So she will continue to think of various ways. I can be sure that the person I saw just now is her, and she must come to this hospital

Hearing this, ye Moshen finally heard a trace of meaning from her words, "when did you become so afraid of death?"

Han Muzi's thoughts are interrupted by the words of night Moshen. She turns her head and looks at night Moshen. There is no irony in his eyes, but the words are so hurtful.

"I'm not afraid of death, I'm just because..."

I'm afraid that it will affect people around me, especially Xiaomi Dou.

She is now her most intimate person, if let Lin Qingqing know the existence of Xiaomi Dou, it would be a terrible thing.

Therefore, she must let ye Moshen deal with the matter of Lin Qingqing.

"For what?" The night Mo deep closely followed a question.

Because of what?

She can't tell him the reason, Han Muzi simply turned his head, "no why, you just take it as I'm greedy for life and death. And I'm afraid of pain. I don't want someone to throw sulfuric acid on me. I don't want to be stabbed. It's so simple. "

Words just finished, Han Muzi felt the night Mo deeply moved, and then her hand was led by him.

Night Mo Shen's big palm wrapped her hand, and whispered, "I won't let you suffer any harm, whether I'm afraid of death or not."

"The night is not deep..."

"I'm afraid it's all in your way? Think about it, I can't let her hurt you again

"How do you do it?" Han Muzi frowned: "the police have been looking for her, but she is now..."

"Oh." Night Mo deep low smile: "then help the police, find her."

Listen, Han Muzi's heart is finally put down, as long as the night Mo Shen is willing to start, then Lin Qingqing can be caught.

Let's wait until she's caught.


as soon as ye Moshen made a move, Lin Qingqing quickly fell into the net and was taken to the police station by the police.

When I heard that she was carrying a knife with her.

Hearing this news, Han Muzi felt his back was chilly.

She did not give up.

Because Lin Qingqing lost his net, the police had to confront Han Muzi and ye Moshen about the situation at that time, and there was also a witness.

Xiao Yan, who had been waiting for Lin Qingqing to be arrested, had already packed up the evidence. As soon as Lin Qingqing was arrested, he provided the evidence directly.

They had surveillance video in their lounge, so everything that happened in the lounge that day was photographed.

This is the most direct evidence, and Xiaoyan also found those celebrities who made trouble in the past that day to testify. Because the evidence is conclusive, Lin Qingqing is directly detained, but if he wants to be convicted, he has to go to court.

Without waiting for Han Muzi to act here, night Mo Shen there found her the best lawyer in Beicheng. And

looking at Mo Shen at night, I hope that Lin Qingqing can increase the penalty.She also has no objection, if she loves Lin Qingqing at this time, then she is really mentally retarded.

After all, those sulfuric acid was really poured on the night, why didn't Lin Qingqing be soft hearted at that time? So To be soft to the enemy is cruelty to yourself.

Lin Qingqing is in custody.

Han Muzi's heart is finally put down, and the night deep injury is also slowly recovering in the passing of time.

His wound is so serious that he has to be repaired, otherwise

But the doctor said, even if it was a repair operation, his back will leave a very long ugly scar.

On this point, Han Muzi is particularly guilty.

Scar is different from other things. It will follow you until you get old and die.

"If you really love it, you can stay by my side and accompany me all the time. It's like atonement."

Night Mo deep joking voice from behind, Han Muzi Leng for a while, and then frown show eyebrow, fiercely stare at night Mo deep one eye.

"What? No? " Night Mo deep pick pick eyebrows.

"The court will open in a few days. Do you want to make her punishment more severe when you find such a good lawyer?"

"So what?" Mention of Lin Qingqing, night Mo deep, the warmth of the eyes disappeared clean, replaced by endless cold, even the smile on the lips with a few smears of ruthlessness: "delusion to hurt my beloved woman, you have to pay the price."

Beloved woman

Han Muzi was frightened by this sentence.

Realizing that her heart beat faster, Han Muzi thought she didn't hear this sentence. Instead, she asked, "she's your blind date, and she's a lovely young girl. Do you really have the heart?"

Ye Mo Shen stares at her seriously: "other people are not important to me except you."

Han Muzi said What about the person who introduced you to the blind date? "

As soon as the words were spoken, Han Muzi successfully saw that night Mo was stunned. With a faint smile, she turned her head and said, "it turns out that I guess it's good. You don't like her, but you went on a blind date. There is only one reason why you can make a blind date. That's the person who lets you go. You can't refuse. Let me guess. It's the doctor song who I met, right? "