Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 491

Lin Qingqing?

The corridor was empty. There was no one at all.

Han Muzi bit his lower lip, looking at the back of the night Mo Shen's head in a daze.

He doesn't believe in himself, does he?

Is thinking, night Mo Shen no longer say what, but into the ward, and then backhand will the ward door to close, pull Han Muzi to go in.

Han Muzi is a little annoyed. What is his silence?

She wanted to get rid of his hand, but she gave up thinking of the wound on his back. She could only bear her temper and asked, "what do you say? Don't you believe me

Hearing this, ye Mo took a deep look at her and said with a low smile, "how can I not believe you? Even if I don't believe anyone, I won't believe you. "

At that time, she asked him to see herself and listen to her explanation. Why didn't he?

The liar almost blurted out this sentence, and finally Han Muzi still resisted.

She found that she was really tolerant now and was about to become a ninja turtle.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi turned around and no longer looked at the night's deep eyes, but said in a cold voice: "then why did you pull me in? If she's really here, maybe I can find her

"When you find it?" Don't ask me in the night.

"What?" Han Muzi widened his eyes, as if he did not expect that he would ask.

"I'm asking you, what happens when you find it? It's midnight now. Do you think she'll come here for no reason? Didn't that day's lesson wake you up? Or... " Ye Moshen said word by word: "that day, I blocked sulfuric acid for you, so you were safe and sound, so you could not foresee the danger at all, and felt that you could freely appear in front of her. Don't you think she'll throw you again? "

At the end of the day, the tone of the night was cold.

Han Muzi couldn't believe his eyes widened: "what do you mean by this? Are you accusing me? "

The night is deep, can not buy no, did not speak.

Han Muzi seemed to feel funny. After a long time, he said, "then why do you think things have become this way?"

He had no expression and remained silent.

Han Muzi looked at him determinedly: "if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be entangled by such a terrible woman. You'd better make a good date with her. Why do you come to provoke me? If it was not because you provoked me, Lin Qingqing would not have thought that I had seduced you, and then against me, who are you angry with now? "

“…… I don't like her. Why should I have a good blind date with her? "

"You don't like her. How many times have you dated her? Are you kidding me Han Muzi was a little infuriated and said something irrational.

Yemoshen was probably also angry with her, or maybe he wanted to explain to her. Suddenly, he clasped her wrist and said in a cold voice, "then why did I make blind dates with her several times? Don't you know the reason? If I remember correctly, you were there all those times? "

Han Muzi: "it's just

She was stunned for a long time and then shook off the hands of Yemo Shen.

"I didn't know it. If I knew you were there, I wouldn't have gone."

"Is it?" Ye Mo Shen sneered: "but you don't know, you also went, and now you are still taking care of me in my ward. Muzi, don't you think things are not going as you want them to be? "

This makes Han Muzi's face change successfully.

He is right, things have not been in accordance with the development of Han Muzi, even has been deviated from the track she wanted, in an incredible direction.

This is a terrible thing.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi turned around and said in a cold voice, "it's none of my business. No matter how the development is, if you make a blind date with her, you just need to make a good blind date with her. I'm..."

Her words have not finished, was night Mo Shen rudely interrupted: "I like you, how to make a good blind date with her?"

Han Muzi's heart was smothered.

This man, he's talking nonsense. What?

Is angry, the back suddenly a warm, unexpectedly is the night Mo deep from behind to embrace her.

Han Mu purple Leng in situ, "what are you doing?"

"Don't push me on."

"Even if you don't want it, don't push me out."

His tone is full of sadness. For a moment, Han Muzi felt some gratitude and resentment?

But he was not his own.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi whispered: "you first let me go."

"Then you promise, you won't push me to anyone else."

Han Muzi said This is the end of the matter. Stop. Don't mention this topic again. And, I really saw Lin Qingqing just now. I think she is very dangerous now. I need to make a phone call. "

Hearing the seriousness and solemnity in her voice, ye Moshen slowly released her, but before releasing her, ye Mo Shen's thin lips deliberately kissed her back neck.Han Muzi could not help shrinking his neck because of the soft and cold feeling, and then he was far away from him before he reacted.

She also looked at the door of the ward before taking out her mobile phone, and then hid in the bathroom.

I saw all these little actions at night.

It seems that this woman is really scared, and Lin Qingqing's words are indeed dangerous.

Think of here, night Mo Shen also took out a mobile phone to call Xiao su.

In the bathroom, Han Muzi dialed Xiaoyan's mobile phone number.

Xiaoyan there has been no answer, this let Han Muzi's heart become flustered up, how does this small Yan go about? Why didn't you answer her phone?

So Han Muzi can only dial her mobile phone number again and again.

Finally, in the fifth time when the other party answered, heard the familiar voice, Han Muzi almost exclaimed.

"What's the matter with you? Why don't you answer the phone until now? What happened? "

"Eh?" Just now, I didn't feel nervous about taking a bath

"Have you returned to the Han family?"

"Well, if you ask me to bring millet beans back, we will come back."

"What about millet beans?"

"Go to sleep."

"Go and see if he is safe and sound?"

"Don't worry. I knew you were worried, so Xiaomi Dou came to my room to sleep tonight. Besides, with so many people in the Han family guarding her, Lin Qingqing did not dare to come here to commit crimes. Xiaomi Dou is very safe beside me. If you don't believe me, you have to trust your brother, right? "

The latter sentence comforted Han Muzi. She felt that Xiaoyan was quite right and nodded: "well, take good care of him, by the way On the other side of the school, ask for leave for the time being. I'm worried that when he was alone at school, Lin Qingqing would do him a disservice. "

"School? I don't think so, right? It's an aristocratic school. No strangers will be allowed in. "

"Is that so?" Don't know why, Han Muzi always feel that the heart is not too comfortable.

In the end, I just hung up.