Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 490

Turning around, Han Muzi Sheng a bowl of porridge in front of him.

"Your dinner."

Night Mo Shen was empty stomach waiting for her to do things, the result is only a bowl of porridge sometimes some depression: "that is it?"

Han Muzi smiled falsely: "otherwise? You are so hurt now that you can only eat these light food, and you can eat congee very well. "

Listen to words, night is not deep but can not help frown: "last night you clearly bring more than white porridge."

"Yesterday was yesterday, today is today, how can we be confused?" After that, hanmuzi sat down in the chair next to him, and the action looked very pleasant.

Night Mo deep looked at her, then looked at the bowl of porridge a glance, and then helpless in the heart smile.

It seems that the woman really gave him only porridge.

"Is this porridge made by yourself?" He asked.

Han Muzi hum: "no, I bought it casually on the side of the road."

How could it be? Night is not deep nor can not see, roadside random buy porridge, rice and porridge taste can not be like this, this woman is deliberately stubborn with him.


Because of the kiss?

Oh, night deep lips with smile, holding a bowl in one hand to send porridge to his mouth, although it is porridge, but he drinks all kinds of taste.

At least, the woman was cooking for him and she sent it by herself.

This is enough.

Han Muzi sat beside, and at night, she had finished drinking porridge without saying anything, and when a drop of it was not left, she was a little suspicious of life.

Because for herself, she can't drink porridge, she has to have other things to help.

For example, small dishes or other things, but night is not deep

Night deep was thin, and this time, the injury, let him look thinner, and she let him drink porridge at this time.

He said nothing, and he finished all the porridge. Suddenly, hanmuzi felt that he was over.

She was injured by others,

when I thought about it, Han Muzi stood up with a slight cough: "would you like to eat fruit? I just bought it. "

She bought some fruit in the supermarket.

"Now?" Night not deep squint eyes, hanmuzi just realized that he just finished porridge, now really not suitable, and fruit is cool, best or eat in the daytime.

She looked away with some chagrin, and did not talk to the night.

The ward was trapped in the quiet strange, hanmuzi also did not know what to say to him, night deep was there quietly lying.

She looked back at him and found that the night was so high and deep that she looked like a child at the moment, and it looked very poor.

Han Muzi sipped his lips and closed his eyes.

She can't be soft and can't hurt him because he's hurt.

He volunteered, right

That's it.

Han Muzi sat for a while, then went to close the door of the ward, and after cleaning up, she found a small bed and lay down there to rest. Anyway, she thought that night had the chair, and she would lie down there and sleep tonight.

And she just needs to be a bed here and leave early tomorrow morning.

Who knows that just after lying down, he hears the deep breath of night.

"Stupid woman."

Hanmuzi: "......"

Who is the stupid woman calling?

"You don't sleep with me this evening?" Night deep asked another.

Han Muzi turned her head and looked at the direction of night: "what do you say? Who slept with you? "

"You." Seeing her eyes, the lips of the night were deep and raised a beautiful arc. "Didn't you lend me your legs last night? Tonight... "

"Don't think about it. I've been numb all day and I can hardly walk. You won't be hurt on your back. Would you like me to follow you and become disabled? " Korean Muzi fast flying tunnel.

Night is not deep eye smile does not fade: "how? Just pillow your legs. You can't get numb for a while, and that's not going to work? "

"I don't want to. I want to sleep here today." Han Muzi pointed to his little bed, and pointed to the cushion in front of him: "besides, you have found someone to get you this, which is more convenient than using my legs."

At night, I looked at the chair in front of me, and suddenly I felt uncomfortable.

But when she thought carefully, she would like to come here to stay with the bed is good, what else does he ask to do?

Besides, she did have a numb leg last night. Let her have a good rest tonight.

The ward was quiet.

Han Muzi saw that he didn't speak, thinking he should be the default, so he lay down and closed his eyes.

Maybe I slept much in the day. At this time, I didn't have much sleep. I was very conscious in my head. The more sober I was, the more I could think about the nightmare I had in the afternoon.Han Muzi turned over, just facing the direction of the ward door.

The next second, she suddenly froze.

Because there was obviously a man standing at the door of the ward.

And the man

Two pairs of eyes in the air, Han Muzi only feel cold.

Brush -

the man saw her eyes and soon disappeared at the door of the ward.

Han Muzi was lying there, like a corpse, one second, two seconds, three seconds

Han Muzi suddenly turned over and sat up from the bed and walked quickly to the direction outside the door.

Hands just opened the door of the ward, behind him came the night Mo deep asked: "why do you go?"

Hearing the sound, Han Muzi turned back and found that Mo Shen was sitting there, staring at her.

Han Muzi: "did you see it?"

"What?" Night Mo deep eyes light, revealing the color of puzzled.

"You don't see it?" Han Muzi frowned, ignored the night, Mo Shen went out, the results see that the hospital corridor is empty, no one.

Is she wrong?

Otherwise, how could the other party run so fast?

But Just now that pair of eyes with resentment, clearly is

Han Muzi thought of the dream in the afternoon and felt cold all over his body.

Is that her? It should be her, right? She's in this hospital now?

Think of here, Han Muzi wants to go out again, behind him comes the voice of night Mo Shen again: "what on earth are you looking at?"

The voice is a little close, Han Muzi turned around to find that the night Mo Shen got out of bed and walked towards him.

Realizing that walking will affect the wound, Han Muzi had to say: "you quickly sit back, there is no matter for you."

Ye Mo Shen's eyebrows were very tight, because she noticed that her face was very pale, as if she had encountered something that could not be solved.

"What do you see?" Ye Mo looked into her eyes and asked earnestly.

Han Muzi: "it's just

She was stunned for a moment, then slowly said, "Lin Qingqing."

Hearing Lin Qingqing's name, Mo Shen's eyes became a little deeper. Then he stepped forward and stretched out his hand to pull Han Muzi into the ward. He went out and looked around.