Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 488

"Mommy, are you going to the hospital to take care of the patients? Why The bean half slanted his head, a dull look.

Just now, he broke the lie, and hanmuzi would not lie in front of him, so he would not have to cheat him again.

"Because that person saved Mommy. If it wasn't that person, the one who was lying in the hospital now is your mommy. As a person, he saved Mommy. So Mommy wants to take care of him in the hospital. Can you understand what Mommy means? " Han Muzi patiently explained to him that the eyes of Xiaomi bean are like clean glass beads, without any impurities.

After hearing Han Muzi said, he nodded: "Oh, then I'll go with mommy."

Listen to the words, Han Muzi face changes, take off the mouth and say: "No."

"Why Mommy, if that person is the rescue person of Mommy, and Xiaomi Dou is the baby of Mommy, then the baby should go to the hospital with mommy to treat the duck!"

Hanmuzi: "......"

She suddenly found herself speechless by Xiaomi Dou, and could only find other reasons to keep him off.

"No, the hospital is not a place for anyone to go. There are many patients, there are many bacteria, you are a child, so the resistance is too low, and it will be easy to get sick if you go there. "

Xiaomi Dou: "really?"

"Well, I don't believe you ask aunt Yan."

"That's true." Xiaoyan nodded: "the hospital is not a good place. If you are ill, you can go, if you are not ill, you still don't want to go. Besides, you are so small that your mother will take care of you after you go. Where else can I take care of the benefactor? If Xiaomi bean really thanks that person for your mommy, you can wait for someone to have dinner with your mom after they are discharged... "

Speaking of this, Xiaoyan suddenly settled down, she was surprised to lose her words, looked at hanmuzi embarrassed, and then quickly transferred the topic.

"Then, it's not early. It's going to be dark soon. You can go home with me, Xiaomi Dou."

Xiaomi Dou: "Oh, that Mommy I went home with aunt Xiaoyan first. "

"Well." Han Muzi felt the head of Xiaomi bean, some reluctant to hold his small body: "sleep well at night, wait for mommy to take you to the playground after two sky."

"Then Mommy said what to do. Last time you said Xiaomi Dou took Xiaomi beans to the playground for her birthday, it was still a good thing to realize."

Hanmuzi: "......"

"Well, let's go." Xiaoyan said that she would not be able to scoop up the millet beans and hug them in her arms and go outside the door. She was afraid that he would be haunted by hanmuzi for half a day.

She still knows Han Muzi, knows her difficulties now, so she will handle things perfectly for her.

After waiting for someone to leave, hanmuzi quickly entered the kitchen and cooked things. The small food materials were ready, so she fired directly. After she had prepared everything, the outside day was completely dark.

Han Muzi with the holding the heat preservation bucket to go out, the mobile phone rang.

It was actually a call from Mo Shen at night.

She turns up Xiumei. What does this person want to do when he calls her?

She picked up, "hello?"

"You're not coming yet?"

Han Muzi looked at the holding bucket in his hand, and he was not very angry and said, "I want to make you eat, very time is good?"

"Oh," the original displeasure tone heard that she was preparing for him to eat, and the mood in the voice was a little bit more elated, then he whispered: "it is dark, it may not be very safe, I asked Xiao Su to pick you up, where are you?"

Xiao Su is willing to come and pick up herself? Hanmuzi dismissed the idea of going to the parking lot.

After all, there are no people in the parking lot at this time, and there is a bit of black there, and there may be dangerous people lurking there.

But she can not tell night Mo Shen where he lives. If he knows, next time she runs to him, what can he do with Xiaomi Dou?

For a while, hanmuzi had some tangled about whether to tell him his address.

"What is it?" When the clear male voice rings from the mobile phone again, Han Muzi has only returned to God.

She thought about it. There was a large supermarket nearby, so she went there and waited.

Thinking about this, hanmuzi said the name of the supermarket.

"You're in the supermarket?" And that night is like feeling, asked a more.

Han Muzi cough and try to cover up: "I just want to go to the supermarket to buy something. He comes here from the hospital for the right time, and it will not be wasted."

"Sneer." Night don't laugh deeply: "this woman When has it become so time conscious? "

"Don't come over so much. I'll take a taxi myself!" Han Muzi is a little angry.

"Oh, you are annoyed to say you? So you want people to stop coming? Throw me in the hospital alone? "

Hanmuzi: "......"She really said that he is a patient now, and he is really respected for everything!

Han Muzi silently for a while, opposite night actually took soft first: "he soon arrived, mobile phone to keep in touch."

"I see."

After hanging up the phone, hanmuzi took the key and went out.

Probably because that dream, when going out, the outside quiet, even when taking the elevator did not meet a person, so hanmuzi's heart has been hairy.

When going to the gate of the community, we need to pass a path, where there are street lights, but there is still a little bit of black.

Han Muzi walked quietly, with a pair of beautiful eyes watching the surrounding.

Afraid of suddenly escaping from the dark.


The grass moved, hanmuzi immediately scared the whole body sweat all up, and then the body as if the point fixed standing there.

She looked at the grass that had just acted.

After a while, a stray cat came out of it. He was carrying a kitten in his mouth. When he saw hanmuzi, he stepped back a few steps and hid back in the grass.

Seeing this scene, Han Muzi's heart was finally released.

It turns out to be a cat, but Look at the cat. Is it moving its nest for its kitten?

Han Muzi couldn't help walking past, the closer she came, she heard the call of the little milk cat, and saw her close by the cat's mother cat, and screamed from her throat with vigilance. Wei.

"Don't be afraid, I'm not malicious." Han Muzi stopped and suddenly thought of what, she opened the heat preservation bucket, and then took the top layer out.

She steamed fish today, originally wanted to eat it for the night, now The cat is cheap.

"Here you are..." Han Muzi put the fish in front of the cat.

The cat smelled the smell, and the eyes were bright. The Korean Muzi looked at it, but she was afraid to go up.

Han Muzi looked around, which was quiet, and no one would disturb her. She pushed the plate into the corner, let the grass block these, and then she got up and left.