Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 485

Night Mo deep hand action, and then he raised his eyes, eyes fell on her face, thin lips slightly up.

"No problem. I've been sleeping with you all night. It's nothing to help you with this."

Han Muzi: "it's just She froze for a few seconds, then pulled his hand away: "it's not about the size of the thing, it's about your wound."

Finish saying, she already stood up: "OK, my leg is OK, can stand up, you hurry to sit well."

When she was ready to go to the bathroom, she walked a little bit. After all, her legs had just recovered, so she didn't walk very smoothly. However, Han Muzi still entered the bathroom in someone's sight.

When she came out of the bathroom again, she found that there was an extra person in the ward. It was Xiao su.

See him, Han Muzi Leng for a moment, and then took a paper towel to dry their hands, while walking.

"So early?" She asked quite naturally, even Xiao Su had some reaction, can only lightly nod.

"You go back to rest today, and come back in the evening." Night Mo deep looking at Han Muzi said.

Hearing this, Han Muzi's feet stopped and his eyes fell on his face: "come back at night?"

Night Mo deep purses thin lip, slightly wrung eyebrow: "you do not want?"


What's wrong with her? But she thought she would take care of him 24 hours a day. Unexpectedly, he asked Xiao Su to come and change shifts with her.

He has a conscience.

"I'll come back in the evening and bring you some food. I'll go back to have a rest today."

She's been sleeping in a chair all night, and now she's got a sore back, and she'll have to go back to the company to take care of things.

"Well, I'll wait for you in the evening."

When Han Muzi was about to leave, she heard the words of Yemo Shen and felt strangely ambiguous. She took a look at Xiao Su and found that he was also looking at her.

Her face was hot, and Han Muzi left the hospital soon.

Of course, when she left, she did not forget to take away the thermos that she had brought last night.

After waiting for someone to leave, Xiao Su's face became cold.

"Ye Shao, you are really too aggressive this time. How can you explain to Aunt song when you are injured like this?"

"Who said he would tell her?" Night Mo Shen said pointlessly. After Han Muzi left, he subconsciously wanted to lie back, but as soon as his back was touched, he immediately sat up with pain, and his face was still expressionless, and now he became grinning.

It's not like last night, lying there can cry with Han Muzi.

"If you don't explain to Aunt song, what can I do when Aunt song asks?" Xiao Su's face and eyes were melancholy: "yeshao, this is not an ordinary injury, and aunt song is a doctor She can tell at a glance. If aunt song knows that you are trying to save Miss Han's injury, she must... "

"What's your name, Miss Han?" The night Mo deep but abruptly interrupted his words, frowning displeasantly: "call little grandma."

Xiao Su: "it's There are few nights. "

"What?" Night Mo deep thin lips hook up a cold arc: "I was injured, said the words have no weight?"

Xiao Su immediately lowered his eyes and said sadly, "that's not true, but Yeshao was so hurt that I felt that he would still

"It's up to you to teach me how to do it?" Did not wait for him to say later, the night Mo Shen coldly interrupted his words.

"Little night, it's been five years, you..."

"Get out of here." Night Mo Shen suddenly got angry and said a word.

Xiao Su:

He had to shut up and leave the ward.

Selfish, he does not want ye Moshen and Han Muzi to repeat the same mistakes. Five years ago, he knows better than anyone else what kind of status Han Muzi has for ye Moshen.

However, now see night Mo deep wound into such, Xiao Su still feel very unbearable.

Yes, he thinks Han Muzi is good.

But ye Moshen is his boss who has been with him for so many years. He can also be regarded as a brother.

Ye Moshen was injured like this this this time. If something happens again next time, will yeshao take his life into it?

This is not necessarily.


Xiao Su can't help sighing in his heart, and then take out his mobile phone and resist the impulse to call aunt song.


the company

although Han Muzi suffered from backache, she did not go home directly, but went to the company to check the situation.

The company's employees have heard about what happened yesterday. Although there was no scene, lengyueyue asked Xiaoyan about the situation, and lengyueyue went back to tell everyone. Everyone was worried about their prospective boss.

So when Han Muzi arrived at the company, a group of people gathered around.

"Miss Muzi, I heard that someone came to our company to make trouble yesterday. Are you ok? Why didn't you call on us at that time? There were so many of us that we wouldn't let them do anything to hurt Miss Muzi. ""Yes, these people are too arrogant. That is to say, you don't want to bully you."

Han Muzi looks at these designers who surround in front of him, very surprised.

Before that, they both rejected themselves, but now I care about myself in front of myself.

Her heart suddenly some warm, smile a way: "I'm ok, the matter has been solved almost."

"What can I do for you? I heard that the troublemaker is still our client. What's going on? "

"Hello Lengyueyue stood up in the middle, her hands around her chest and complained: "I tell you, this is not to let you gossip, OK? Didn't see Mu purple, her face is very bad? Go back and let Muzi spend a good time alone. "

"Yueyue, we just care about Miss Muzi. What do you mean? Do you want to own miss Muzi

"Damn it!" Lengyueyue looked at Zhang Yu incredulously: "are you poisonous? She's a woman, and I'm a woman too. What do I own? "

Han Muzi looked at the noise. After staying in the hospital all night, she only felt headache.

"Stop fighting. I want to have a rest."

After that, he turned to the elevator.

The others looked at each other for a moment, then dispersed.

Cold month stood in situ Leng Leng Leng, thought or fast step with Han Muzi's step. Since the last time I saw her at the press conference, Leng Yueyue felt that she was a lot closer to her.

And such an excellent person is the object of her cold moon worship.

Can with oneself worship person many blind date, cold month month natural can't let this kind of opportunity.

"Muzi, wait for me." Cold month quickly catch up with Han Muzi and enter the elevator with her.

Han Muzi stood next to her and made room for her. Leng Yueyue was satisfied with a smile: "by the way, Muzi, did you not get hurt yesterday?"