Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 479

The night is not deep cold eyes, so that the nurse can not help shaking a moment, doubt just whether they were wrong.

But a careful look, found that night Mo Shen tightly held the hand of the woman, she immediately reacted.

This hurt with a girlfriend, not stealing music is strange.

So the nurse turned to deal with other things as if she knew nothing.

Until the hospital, night deep was pushed into the emergency room, because his back wound was too serious, so it had to be dealt with in the emergency room.

And the emergency room hanmuzi can not enter, so after the night, he had to let go of her hand.

Black eyes stared at her, and said, "wait for me."

Han Muzi did not promise him, he had been promoted to the emergency room.


The door of the emergency room was closed.

Han Muzi stood for a while, and slowly turned to go outside.

At this time, the company must be in a mess, and Lin Qingqing's affairs will be dealt with. At night, Mo Shen has already arrived at the hospital. Let the doctor handle the wound for him first.

It's no use staying here.

So Han Muzi quickly returned to the company, the police have come, Xiaoyan is communicating with them. Han Muzi arrived, and he also saw the scene with the police about the communication.

"Miss Han, we know about the situation, but we still need to ask you to go to the police station to make a record with the injured. If the injured is too serious, we can also wait for the injured to wake up and talk about it. As for the murderer you said was deliberately injuring, we'll go and track it up. "

Han Muzi had no expression on her face. "The video is evidence, but I still apply for someone to look her up now. She has sulfuric acid in her hand, and I am afraid she will hurt people again."

In this way, it shows that Lin Qingqing is a more dangerous existence, the police look at each other, and nod knowingly.

"OK, we know."

"It's hard."

After Han Muzi went to the police station to make a record, when he came out, he saw Han Qing and Xiaoyan. Xiaoyan stood by Han Qing and said: "it's too big, so I think I'll tell your brother if I want to go."

Hanmuzi: "......"

She may be trained again for a headache.

Indeed, Han Qing looked at her with a deep cold look: "is it because of him?"

Han Muzi: "brother."

"Don't go back to him. You said you would handle it yourself. Now you are looking for the peach blossom debt he provoked, and you are almost splashed with sulfuric acid."

"It's not me who was spilled sulfuric acid, it's himself, he's in the hospital now."

"That's what he deserves." Han Qing said politely: "he naturally pays off the debts he has caused, but what about you? You don't know anything. Muzi, don't go back to him. "

Han Muzi thought, blinked and said, "brother, he is in the hospital now, and he is seriously injured."

"That's his business." Han Qing said with a sharp voice, suddenly a clasp her hand: "follow me home."

"Brother!" Han Muzi changed his face: "I can't go back with you now."

Han Qing pulls her out, and he turns back at this, and looks with the power: "what? Do you want to see him in the hospital? "


"You!" Han Qing squinted dangerously, "do you know what you are doing now? That man... "

"I don't care what you think now, but he is because I am injured. I can't just leave him in the hospital and be a person It can't be so unjust. " After that, hanmuzi shook Han Qing's hand hard. "Brother, I know you care about me, but I am not a child anymore. Even if you want to make up for my childhood debt, you have done enough in these years. What you want to think about now is your own business, and mine, I can handle it myself. "

"Almost splashed with sulfuric acid, which is what you call treatable?" Han Qing, though she has thrown away her hand, is still like a big mountain in front of her, motionless.

Xiaoyan is watching the sudden tension atmosphere, and the whole people are anxious,

what to do?

She just thought Han Qing would be better to come out to solve it. But she didn't expect the relationship between her brothers and sisters to deteriorate!

"You, you don't have to quarrel. Calm down a little." Xiaoyan can only say a word weakly.

However, the two of them didn't hear a word at all.

"I have my way of treatment, and I don't spill it now. Even if I'm really spilt with sulfuric acid, it's my own way of treatment!" Han Muzi was so stubborn with his brother for the first time.

Han Qing did not speak, black eyes looked at her for a long time, and finally left a sentence to you, and then went forward.

"Mr Han!" Xiaoyan called, want to follow up, but not worry about hanmuzi, so can only look at both ends.However, Han Muzi's expression on her face is still very calm. She looks at the tangled Xiaoyan and makes a decision for her.

"I'm going to see him in the hospital. You can go back with my brother first."

"But Muzi, can you do it alone? I'm a little worried about you... " Xiao Yan bit her lower lip and hesitated.

Han Muzi smile: "nothing can't do, the injured person is not me, go quickly."

Finally, Xiaoyan bit her lower lip, and then let Han Muzi take care of herself, and then she chased Han Qing away.

Seeing this scene, Han Muzi was relieved.

After all, if Yan had to go to the hospital with her when she was younger, she might have to go there. And Han Qing is angry, let Xiaoyan go back with him, there may be a person to speak for her.

Want to finish, Han Muzi then collected the mood of the body, and then got on the car.

The hospital

it has been several hours since Han Muzi came back to deal with the affairs. The door of the emergency room has also been opened. Han Muzi went to the front desk to ask which ward he was sent to.

After the nurse told her the room number, Han Muzi asked the room number to find him.

In the cold ward, there is only one person at night.

When he came to the door, Han Muzi saw him sitting there indifferently.

Half of his facial features were hidden in the light, which seemed to be gloomy?

Han Muzi pursed her lips and walked in with a slight cough.

Hear the voice, night Mo deep eyelashes slightly quiver, and then look up to her, finally the line of sight is fixed on her thin body.

"Didn't I tell you not to leave?"

Han Muzi: "it's just

This man is really stingy. He still remembers this at this time.

She can only go forward and explain: "the company is too chaotic, and Lin Qingqing hurt people, I have to go to the police station to make a record, so..."

"These are more important than me?"

Like a gamble, night Mo Shen suddenly asked.

Han Muzi Leng in situ.