Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 478

Xiaoyan called an ambulance after the phone, a turn to see Lin Qingqing still standing there, she suddenly thought of what, hurriedly called the police call, said that there was someone intentionally take sulfuric acid injured people.

After hanging up the phone, Xiaoyan stared at Lin Qingqing with hatred and said, "you vicious woman, speak and do it. You have sulfuric acid, your heart and blood are black?"

Lin Qingqing has been trapped in his own hurt night deep fantasy, so for a long time did not respond to.

"I've called the police. You'll tell them when the police come!"

"Alarm..." Lin Qingqing slowly returned to God. "No, we can't call the police I can't go to the police station, I can't! " She is Miss Lin family Qianjin. She has a good reputation. If she enters the police station, she will not be destroyed?

Thinking of this, Lin Qingqing suddenly got up and stumbled out and walked out. Xiaoyan saw her running and went up and grabbed her: "where are you going? Do you think you can run away? "

"Let me go!" Lin Qingqing was anxious to get rid of her. At this time, she thought that she could not be caught by the police, she could not lose her face and Lin Qingqing, who was eager to escape, was greatly forced to escape, so she was freed at once.

When Xiaoyan still wants to chase up, she suddenly thinks what can only be folded back: "Muzi, Lin Qingqing ran, what to do? Do you want someone to get her back? "

Han Muzi in the bathroom, Wen Yan, frowned up the show eyebrows, and asked people to chase her back at this time? The most important thing is to deal with the deep wounds of the night.

Thinking about this, hanmuzi said coldly: "don't worry about her. You come in and help me."

"Oh, OK." Xiaoyan reached for the door to push, but she didn't push it. "How can't she push it? You open the door. "

Hanmuzi has been concentrating on the back of night Mo Shen rushed to the water, smell words in the heart is still strange, she just came in when did not lock the door? How can't it be pushed?

Thinking of this, hanmuzi looked up and looked at it. When he wanted to go to see the door lock, he found that he reached out to the door at night.


"Don't drive." The voice of the night is in the agony of repression.

Han Muzi frowned and said, "why? I need a little more help. "

Although he was already suffering so hard, he still didn't hum out at night, and the dark eyes were still staring at her with focus: "you think I will let other women see me like this except you?"

Hanmuzi: "......"

The heart beat, Han Muzi almost wanted to slap him up in the slap. "When are you still thinking about this, is your life important or face important."

She was too angry to have a little red eyes.

Looking at her appearance, night not deeply resist the pain of those bone phagocytosis in the back, eyes focused on her, thin lips slightly open.

"You matter."

Han Muzi jumped in his heart, "you..."

This person, at this time actually still has the thought to say this, Han Muzi is angry by him, glared at him fiercely!

This eye saw the night deep eyes but with an unexpected petticulate, his pale thin lip tick, "fortunately I came, those things if splashed on you, the consequences are not conceivable."

Hanmuzi: "I am not sure that I can do it Can you shut up? What you should worry about now is your own injury! "

What's the matter with this man? Obviously, he was injured in his back. He was still talking to himself about these affectation!

What a damn nuisance!

Han Muzi no longer took care of him, and went around to the back and continued to wash for him. Xiaoyan was still outside and asked. She had to say, "wait outside. I will come here. When the ambulance comes up, we will go out again."

"Well." Xiaoyan actually listened to hanmuzi, she told me so, so she did it, so she went downstairs and waited for an ambulance soon.

Only the water in the bathroom was flowing, and the breath of the two people was covered by the sound of water. Hanmuzi stood behind the dark night to wash water for him. She had no way. She could only do this before the ambulance came.

A heart, chaos can not be like, now hanmuzi only hope, ambulance quickly.

But the night is not deep, hurt so heavy, but not a word.

She was almost unbearable in her heart.

Finally, Han Muzi heard the siren of the ambulance. It was like the sound of heaven.

The ambulance is here? Hanmuzi raised his head, and excited light came out of his eyes.

"Afraid?" Never speak night deep suddenly asked.

Han Muzi looked at his back head spoon, "what?"

He turned around and faced her, and hanmuzi changed: "you turn back, I will continue to wash for you."

Night Mo deep face is very ugly, lips are white, forehead is covered with cold sweat, can see how painful the injury is.

Seeing him like this, hanmuzi would rather go to see his wound.He did not say a word, but also looked at himself motionless, "afraid I die?"

Han Muzi's heart leaped and went directly behind him. He continued to face the cold water on his back. He said in a cruel voice: "you don't talk nonsense there. It's hard for you to die because of these injuries."

"It seems that you are not afraid." Night Mo deep low smile.

Han Muzi frowned warily, "what do you mean?"


Soon, the ambulance stretcher went upstairs and went directly to the door of the bathroom. After hearing the sound, Han Muzi quickly opened the door and took yemoshen out for emergency treatment.

After emergency treatment, night Moshen went to the ambulance. After all, he was injured like this. Han Muzi couldn't bear to leave him alone, so he went to the ambulance together.

After getting on the ambulance, night Mo Shen's hand has been holding her tightly.

Meanwhile, when Han Muzi wants to break free, night Moshen increases her strength. She doesn't have a chance to pull her hand back.

Han Muzi looked at this man's pale side face and muttered in his heart.

All of them have been hurt like this. How can we have such great strength? Besides, the wound is so deep that he still exerts such great force. What if it becomes more serious? Thinking of the way he just tried to cover himself, Han Muzi's heart softened.

Forget it. If he wants to hold on to it.

She won't lose a piece of meat anyway.

So Han Muzi gave up the struggle and gave his little hand to him.

Night Mo deep holding that pair of soft and boneless hands, soft and soft with cotton candy, so many years, for the first time, feel a lot of heart enriched.

Although the back injury can be seen bone, but This woman is by her side.

Pale thin lips slightly upturned, night Mo Shen actually feel very happy.

"What are you happy about when you are all hurt like this?" After seeing his strange smile, the nurse couldn't help asking.

Han Muzi listens to the speech, hastily toward the night Mo deep look past, the result he is cold a face, what expression also does not have.