Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 474

Han Muzi, who was officially moved to live, slept all night and got up. Xiaoyan's walking posture became weird.

"By! If there were no toilets, I don't think I could go down to the toilet. " Small Yan knead his sore leg, a face of desire to cry without tears: "not clean a morning? Is that my leg like this? It's too out of the air, isn't it? "

She complained as she pointed to her legs.

Han Muzi is not good to go.

They usually exercise very little, when they suddenly do work, they will cause muscle strain or excessive fatigue.

Han Muzi is not very good. Fortunately, it is Sunday. If it is Monday, she feels that she can't go to work in high heels.

"By the way, Lin Qingqing didn't come yesterday. She must have accumulated a big stomach of fire on Monday to find us in trouble."

Thinking of Lin Qingqing, Han Muzi pursed her red lips and didn't answer.

"You don't want to be with me at night, but he keeps pestering you. Lin Qingqing likes him again. Then he targets you because of him, Muzi You have to think about a way. Lin Qingqing is our client now, and it can't be done all the time. You can't deal with it every time you did last time? "

"I'm thinking about it too." Han Muzi hung her eyes, and she thought that the bell keeper was still needed to unlock the event.

This is the peach blossom debt that night Mo Shen goes to get along with each other. What does it have to do with her?

I find her trouble, I don't know. It's really a headache.

When he thought he had no divorce with himself, he went to meet other women, and hanmuzi felt very uncomfortable. Hehe, fortunately, he said to himself that they had no divorce at all.

What kind of parents did he go to without divorce?

Han Muzi did not know his anger had risen unconsciously.

"What do you think?" Xiaoyan came up and asked a very important question, "in fact, when you were in the restaurant, you intentionally opened me, let me take the millet beans first, is it worried that he saw the millet beans?"

Hanmuzi: "......"

She was a little pale.

She was really scared.

Xiaoyan smashed her mouth: "he is not dead to you now, do you know that Xiaomi Dou is his child?"

Han Muzi listened to the words, and suddenly surprised: "his child?"

"Yes, it looks so much like that, and it can be seen at a glance that it is his child." Xiaoyan nodded heartlessly.

These words surprised Han Muzi. She bit her lower lip and her thoughts became confused. If Xiaomi Dou was his child, the strange man in the car

Memories of some fragmented, with past emotions to her to smash, hanmuzi suddenly felt that he was overwhelmed by those emotions, can only quickly pull out of them.

"Don't mention that. I don't want him to know the existence of children. If there is something like the last time, Xiaoyan You must help me! "

When it comes to the end, hanmuzi looks at Xiaoyan Dao carefully.

The eyes are very sincere.

Although Xiaoyan did not understand why she wanted to do so, but good friends never need to ask what, just need to do it, she nodded, agreed.

Night deep face is very thick, the next day to call her, say some of the no, like young men and women just in love, often do this boring thing.

Han Muzi feels bored, but night is not deep but seems to be in it.

"Night is not deep, if you are really idle boring, then I have one thing to entrust you to do."

"What, you said."

Han Muzi does not have any feelings and tunnel: "I hope that night can not be deeply managed to manage their own peach blossom debt."

Listen to the words, night not deep stupefied, what he thought after a moment, thin lips happily tick up: "Oh? You're jealous? "

Han Muzi sneered: "I really think enough for less nights. Maybe these peach blossom makes you happy. It doesn't matter how much peach blossom dew or red face you want to find, but please don't worry about me."

After that, the head was silent for a while, and then he asked in a low tone, "she's in trouble with you?"

Who is she, naturally, needless to say.

But Han Muzi felt extremely ironic, so he said: "I don't know who she means in your mouth?"

"You don't have to say that to stab me." Don't raise your lips deep in the night: "otherwise It just makes me feel like you care about me, Muzi. "

Hanmuzi: "......"

When he called her, the voice was deliberately lowered a little, and then became magnetic, like a slow pulling cello, and then hit your heart.

Han Muzi felt that his heart was hit hard, and there was some starlight in front of him.

Then she quickly returned to God, and bit her lower lip hard, and then said coldly, "in a word, I don't want to clean up these mess for you that have nothing to do with me."After that, she would cut the night deep phone.

Then she looked at the phone a little angry, the little face in the next holding face, a depressed face.

"I found that you have been getting more and more angry since you met him."

Hanmuzi: "I am not sure that I can do it I didn't mean it. "

"Control yourself." Xiaoyan is serious and authentic.

Han Muzi reached out to touch his forehead, very facial expression, she said: "I try to do it, I now meet him, can not help but want to be angry."

Little Yan holding her cheek and thinking, "is it vinegar?"

Han Muzi jumped his eyelids hard. "How can it be?"

"Why are you so angry and have been talking to him several times, and deliberately emphasizing it, it seems that you care about it."

“…… Xiaoyan, do you want this to be solved by myself? "

Xiaoyan shook her head with great force.

"Then let him solve it himself, after all, it is his own trouble."

"So he added so much trouble to me, I didn't stab him a few words, it was hard to get rid of my heart, not vinegar, understand?"

Xiaoyan was stupidly, nodding as if she knew nothing.

"I see!"

Although Xiaoyan said she understood, Han Muzi still felt that it was not so. What she said was as if she was hiding herself. Her mouth moved, but at last she couldn't say a word.

Forget it. She is a good friend anyway. She thinks what she likes.

Han Muzi went upstairs with his mobile phone.

On the other side, Mo Shen sat and meditated for a long time after hanging up the phone. He thought that hanmuzi might be in trouble recently. She found her wechat to send information.

When Lin Qingqing received the news from Mo Shen at night, the whole people were excited and intolerable.

Do you ask her if she is free tomorrow? Lin Qingqing held back for a while, and then returned to the bar.

"I'm going to practice the piano tomorrow, but I can ask for leave and come out. What's the matter?"