Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 473

It is probably that her family is not enough, so Han Qing called to let her add a lot of things, because the original owner did not come here to live, although the decoration is good, but many places still lack some things.

For example, there are some hanging decorations on the wall.

Some of the decorations on the table, Han Qing thought about her, Xiaomi Dou also joined everyone's cleaning action, each of them all living the same.

I am excited when I am busy, and I have a lot of talk and laugh.

But when I was idle, I found that I was tired and couldn't move. Xiaomi bean and Xiaoyan simply slept together. They fell on the sofa without image.

The servants were more restrained, although tired, they sat on the side, even if the face was tired, they dared not have any complaints and actions.

"Today, we are hard. There is a room upstairs. You should take a rest first. I will invite you to go out for dinner when you have a rest."

The three people were moved, but they still put their hands: "Miss Muzi is not needed. We are very dirty. If we go up and rest, we will get your quilt dirty. We will sit here."

Han Muzi smiled: "you helped me so much today. What can I do without rest? It's better to get upstairs. The room is enough. "

Several people still push off, how not willing to go up. Finally Han Qing had to say, "I asked Uncle nan to send her back to wash and rest, and then give them three days off, so you won't feel guilty?"

Hanmuzi: "......"

Her big brother really knows her mind.

A few people listen, face shows a happy color, three days holiday but many people want to come or not to come, but some embarrassed.

"Then let uncle Nan take you back first, and I'll invite you to dinner the other day."

"Thank you miss Muzi. Let's go first." A few girls moved to see her, and then followed Uncle Nan out with her.

After waiting for someone to leave, Han Qing can not help but reach out and knock on her head: "in fact, they should do all of these, you don't have to be so guilty and evil."

Hearing that, Han Muzi was stunned for a while, and then said, "nothing is for granted. Although Han family has paid for them to come, they will have no problem if they do their own job. But I call them to clean them up, which is different."

"What is the difference between cleaning in Korea and helping you here?"

"Different mood." Han Muzi looked up at Han Qing: "at least for me, they are not my money to hire."

Han Qingdun, understood her meaning, and said nothing more.

"Brother, you can go and have a rest, too. I'll go upstairs and have a look."

Han Muzi finished and turned to the second floor.

Double room is good, stairs are rotary, in the middle is a great crystal chandelier, although delicate but not luxurious, looking at it is gratifying.

Han Muzi went around again, and felt that the house was really right. She took a bath and then changed her clothes and poured it on the bed.

Actually, she was very tired and tired, so she lay down and fell asleep.

Until the vibration of the mobile phone woke her up, she was probably very tired. So she didn't go to see who was calling when she answered the phone, put it directly to her ear, and then gave a sentence powerfully.

Night deep hear this tired again with the confused voice after can not help frown, what is the matter with this woman?

"You were a thief last night?"

A cold, low, magnetic voice suddenly sounded in her ear, hanmuzi was startled, but some confused. She took her mobile phone to her eyes and found it was the name of Mo Shen at night.

"What can I do?"

Still not to mention the effort, hanmuzi felt that the front of the eyes are black, long time not so tired, after waking up she felt all kinds of soft and trembling.

"24 hours for me, I want to see the design today."

Hanmuzi: "I am not sure that I can do it Sorry, it's not included on weekends. "

Night not Shen raised eyebrows and raised his lips: "when signing the contract, I didn't say weekend was not included. Is this your temporary change?"

"Yes." Hanmuzi nodded directly, knowing that the man was not divorced from himself and stuck to himself like a dog plaster. Hanmuzi suddenly didn't want to see him as a client. Anyway, he was so dead and not angry. Then she would be more bad about him. If he was angry and wanted to break the contract, it would be better.

If she is not angry, she has been so to him, he does not mind, then she does not matter.

"This is what I added temporarily. Do you have any opinion?"

Night is not deep: "......"

He was quiet for a while, and I can't imagine that hanmuzi suddenly changed her tactics. Before that, she really used to be a customer, but recently she was really afraid of him, and she spoke politely and didn't put him in his eyes at all.

Think of here, night not deep thin lip to hook up a evil charm arc: "wife adult gives orders, how dare I have opinion?"Caught off guard by a wife's adult, Han Muzi's sleepers were all startled away, she was stunned for a moment, and then the mobile phone bar dropped to the pillow side.

Because the room is too quiet, so after the mobile phone fell down, it was probably heard by Yemo Shen, and then she heard his magnetic laughter.

This asshole

Han Muzi reacts to come over and picks up the mobile phone again: "night is not deep, you give me normal point, we will divorce sooner or later, you take that sentence back to me."

"Who said that?" The night Mo deep low smile, the tone is permeated with a will to get: "five years have not been away from success, do you think it will be possible in the future?"

Han Muzi: "it's just

"If you are bored, please go to the company to do more useful things, or to help some poor people. Don't disturb my dream." Finish saying, Han Muzi doesn't give the other side the opportunity of reaction at all, hang up the phone directly.

Listening to the beep coming from the mobile phone, the night Mo Shen was stunned for a moment and then said: "stupid woman, the temper is really getting bigger and bigger..."

Not long after that, he murmured to himself.

"Who is used to it..."

Han Muzi threw the mobile phone aside, then closed her eyes and planned to continue to sleep. Unfortunately, at this moment, her heart had been stirred up by the words and voices of the night. She couldn't calm down.

She lay for a while with her eyes closed and sat up again.

Although she doesn't treat him as a client now, she doesn't have to be a client like before. She just drives him away and lets him go.

However, it is not at all easier than before.

Thinking of here, Han Muzi sighed, and did not know when to get rid of her.

At the thought of divorce, she really has nothing to do at present.

I thought she had grown up a lot in the past five years, but the man's moral conduct has also advanced in the past five years, especially in this respect.