Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 472

"But I'm still young..." Xiaomi Dou face aggrieved, "and I only have mother pain."

Listen, Han Muzi's smile on the face is stiff.

On this topic again, she rubbed Xiaomi Dou's head and whispered, "wait a minute, give mommy a little time, and Mommy will find your dad for you."

"It's a deal, Mommy."

The mobile phone shakes for a while, Han Muzi takes a look, it is the message that night Mo sends deeply.

"Mommy, your cell phone is ringing." Xiaomi Dou gave a hint, and then thoughtfully wanted to get up to take her mobile phone. Han Muzi's face changed slightly and quickly grasped his small arm: "Xiaomi Dou, it's not early. You should go to bed quickly, and children can't go to bed too late."

"Oh, that's good!" Xiaomi Dou just nodded, and then lay down on her side, obediently closed her eyes, brewing sleepiness.

After a while, his breath gradually became even. Han Muzi finally breathed a sigh of relief, and then quietly took the mobile phone over, and then turned the hand flower to silence. After making sure that it would not disturb Xiaomi Dou, she opened the message.

It's a wechat message from Yemo Shen.

{the matter has been solved. How can I thank you? }

seeing this message, Han Muzi is full of question marks. Is there something wrong with this person? It's settled. You want to thank her? If it wasn't for him, would so much have happened?

Han Muzi couldn't help but roll a white eye in the air, and then stabbed word by word.

If it wasn't for your amazing behavior, I would not have been skinned at all, and even the company would not have been exposed. I would have known whether I would have been personally attacked or my life was in danger. }

just after the message was sent out, it came back in seconds.

My woman, who dares to move? }


When Han Muzi saw this sentence, her heart missed half a beat, but she soon felt speechless again,

she did not want to pay attention to him, so she simply put her mobile phone aside.

Then she went to brush her teeth and wash her face. When she came back to go to bed, she saw that the screen was on. At night, she sent a wechat.

I'll send someone to protect you. You won't be hurt. }

hearing that he said that he should send someone to protect his own safety, Han Muzi felt that he was not so heartless, but still did not want to pay attention to him. She turned off her mobile phone and went to bed.

In the early morning of the next day, Han Muzi arrived at the company and was ready to be challenged by Lin Qingqing.

It's just strange that she waited all morning, but Lin Qingqing didn't show up.

According to the law, she was so arrogant yesterday. She should appear on time today. How could she not be seen at noon?

Han Muzi couldn't suppress her curiosity and sent a message to Lin Xinghuo.

Lin Xinghuo is an actress. In addition to filming, she has to run all kinds of endorsements every day, so she is very busy. When she is free, she may be so tired that she will fall asleep as soon as her eyes are closed. Moreover, Lin Xinghuo is still a kind of indifferent temperament, so she often falls asleep when she makes up.

For example, she has just finished a play and is so tired that she lies down on the sofa and goes to sleep.

Chen Fei directly went up and patted her face: "can't sleep, get up and take off makeup and sleep again."

"Get out of here Lin Xinghuo punches and kicks Chen Fei, and says: "I want to sleep. I'm tired of taking off any makeup..."

Chen Fei had no choice but to wink at the assistant, and then the assistant quickly sent the makeup remover and cotton. Chen Fei sat beside and patiently unloaded Lin Xinghuo's makeup.

"Is today the last one?" Lin Xinghuo asked wearily.

Chen Fei looked at her tired look. After removing her eye makeup, the dark circles around her eyes were clearly visible. He was really distressed, but he could not help it. He accepted all the endorsements and said, "you can sleep for five hours at ease, and there is an activity to attend in the evening."

Hearing this, Lin Xinghuo pretended not to reply.

Beep -

the mobile phone rings twice, which is the wechat prompt tone.

Of course, she won't take it. Chen Fei takes out her mobile phone and takes a look at it while helping her take off her make-up.

"Your cousin said today's family dinner, and asked if you would go back."

"Refuse." Lin Xinghuo said in a cold voice: "didn't you see that I'm tired into a dog?"

Chen Fei politely answers for Lin Xinghuo, then exits to see another message.

"Oh, this second message was sent by your goddess. Guess she sent it..."

What hasn't been said yet? Just now Lin Xinghuo, who was just like a dead fish, sat up straight up and grabbed Chen Fei's mobile phone. He looked at the mobile phone and returned the message happily.

she held mobile phone appearance, so that Chen Fei can not help but make complaints about her.

"If I didn't know you, you would really make me think you were not normal sexual orientation."

Listen to words, Lin Xinghuo ha ha ha ground sneered two, white his one eye: "you know what, Mu purple is my idol! Do you understand it

Then she happily returned the message to Han Muzi.Ding Dong -

it was half an hour after Han Muzi received the news from Lin Xinghuo. Lin Xinghuo first made a cry expression, saying that he had not seen the information in filming before, so he has only replied now.

After Han Muzi replied that it didn't matter, Lin Xinghuo told her that Lin Qingqing went back to the family dinner today and might stay at home all day.

After that, Lin Xinghuo felt that something was wrong. She simply asked Han Muzi whether Lin Qingqing was going to trouble her.

Lin Xinghuo is a bit absent-minded, but when she should be rational, she is a wise person with a heart like wisdom. This kind of thing can't be concealed from her, so she smiles and admits.

I knew that I had told you that she was not a good person. Did she go to trouble with you? I'll tell you, goddess, you should be careful. I think she is a bit insidious. You should think of a good coping strategy. }

seeing this, Han Muzi even suspects that Lin Qingqing is not Lin Xinghuo's cousin. Otherwise, why would she turn to herself?

However, if you go to a family dinner, it means that she doesn't have to be harassed by her today?

As it happens, she also wants to spend the weekend quietly.

Then what's the matter? We'll solve it next week!

Think of here, Han Muzi then let Lin Xinghuo have a good rest, and then cut off the conversation between the two people.

There is really no news from her on the Internet. Even if there are netizens who can send it, it seems that there are monitoring everywhere. As long as you send a message, it will be blocked immediately and you can't discuss it if you want to discuss it.

Yemoshen's power is still very strong.

In the network.

Han Muzi safely finished the day's work and went home.

Soon came the weekend.

Because they wanted to move to a new house, several people got up early in the morning and asked two or three servants to clean the house together. The house was said to be big or not, but it was really not small. When cleaning up, no four or five people were expected to be very tired.

Han Qing drove them by himself, and uncle Nan also drove one.

An empty new home, so become lively.