Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 471

"You, this is your guess! You rob other people's relatives, you are so arrogant, the design of the work is so rubbish! "

Han Muzi's face was cold. "I have already made it clear that I didn't rob your relative. He is not your boyfriend. There is no problem of robbing or not. Let's go back to the truth. Miss Lin is not satisfied with my design works. Let's discuss it

Lin Qingqing is not satisfied with her works, she is satisfied with her works died.

But when she saw the night, she felt disgusted and dead!

Thinking about this, Lin Qingqing sneered: "the work you designed is too different from what I said before. Please redraw it."

She is just trying to make Han Muzi difficult.

"Redraw?" Han Muzi smiled: "Miss Lin has to tell me what you want?"

"Gorgeous! How gorgeous! How to come! " Lin Qingqing said a word directly.

"OK." Han Muzi nodded: "since Miss Lin has made the requirements clear, then I will design it according to what you said."

"I'll have it tomorrow morning."

Lin Qingqing added a sentence, hanmuzi was stunned, and stared at her subconsciously.

It is probably to see her dilemma, Lin Qingqing is not proud, hands ring in front of her breast proud to look at her.

"How about it? Can't you? "

Han Muzi stared at her for a while, nodding, "of course, Miss Lin can come back tomorrow morning."

"OK." Lin Qingqing takes up his bag and sneers: "then I am looking forward to Miss Han's performance tomorrow."

After finishing, she went outside Han Muzi and walked to hanmuzi. When she stopped, she looked at her and said, "I advise you that you are a company, and you should think about your own situation and rob other people's men before doing anything, but it will pay a price."

Then she hit hanmuzi on the shoulder, and then walked out like a big cock who won the war.

Han Muzi stood in place, holding the design in his hand.

After Lin Qingqing went out, the cold moon and Xiaoyan who hid outside secretly came in.

"By the way, the green forest is poisonous! She really means you rob her boyfriend? It's just a relative. How can she become her boyfriend? She still wants to face no? "

Xiaoyan heart straight mouth fast, come in directly open scold.

Cold moon is watching Han Muzi's expression, some depressed: "I heard your conversation just now, I think she has problems, she may be fantasy night is her future husband. A man like a little night, it should be a lot of women who want to marry him. "

Han Muzi sipped her lips and didn't answer.

"Muzi, she is too much. She said that she would design the drawing tomorrow morning and only gave a gorgeous one. How do you know if she will continue to look for things tomorrow?"

Han Muzi smiled: "yes."

"Then you promised her!"

"Can't promise, what can I do?" Hanmuzi went to the desk and sat down, calm.

Xiaoyan looked at her calm appearance, worried about her, and came around her: "you don't want to be so good? She bullied you like this, and you're still holding your breath. "

Cold month also came over, "if it is me, I will not help but give her a direct slap, narcissism to the extreme even, fortunately means to anger you. And it's not your wish to happen. She should go to the night and don't be too deep

"No, you can't help me. I'll go to her now and make sense!" The little face rolled his sleeves, and turned to look for her dry frame.

"Come back!"

Han Muzi called her in cold voice.

Xiaoyan stopped and turned back and complained: "Muzi, do you want to stop me?"

Han Muzi stood up and sighed, "what is the use of you going to find her theory? She is our client now. Do you forget the key to treat the customer? Besides, the bell will need to be tied. It will only be frosty to go to her. "

Listen to the words, cold month also feel that she said the reason, and nodded.

"Although I am very angry, but I think Muzi analysis is right, still don't go." She turned to Han Muzi: "what are you going to do? She wants to design works tomorrow morning. You don't want to give her pictures without eating or drinking like that last time? "

Han Muzi shook his head. "No painting."

"No painting?" The cold moon glared at her eyes.

"No, it's still going to be painted, but Just deal with it. "

Anyway, whatever kind of work she draws, it will be rubbish for Lin Qingqing. She will throw her works on the floor without hesitation even if she takes the winning works out and puts them in front of her.

Because she had taken a different mood for her in it.Night is not deep

Han Mu purple eyes gradually become heavy, this bastard.

After approaching myself, nothing was done, but it caused a lot of trouble for myself.

Han Muzi felt a headache when he thought that something like this happened later.

How can she get rid of this man like a dog plaster?

Why did he change so much five years ago and five years later? She would like him to be as proud and dignified as before, and not to put her in her eyes.

But now

The man was shameless to the point where she threatened that she would not delete his wechat.

Headache and headache!!

After the door lock is replaced, it can be cleaned, and it takes time to move things.

It's the weekend the day after tomorrow. Hanmuzi plans to clean up and move it back then.

She and Xiaomi Dou just returned home for a short time, so there was not so much, and the furniture in the house was complete. If we want to pass, it would be enough to bring the luggage at most.

So Han Muzi casually drew a picture that night and climbed to bed and slept. Xiaomi Dou was lying on her side with comic books. Han Muzi realized that he was lying down, and he frowned slightly and said, "Xiaomi Dou, when lying, he can't read books, it's bad for her eyes."

Listen to the words, Xiaomi Dou quickly put the comic book to one side: "Mommy, just forgot! Mommy, don't get angry. "

Han Muzi looked at him helplessly, and reached out and pinched his nose: "naughty ghost, we will pack up things and move to the new house in two days. Then you will have to sleep in a room yourself."

"Well." Xiaomi beans are depressed and a little aggrieved: "but Xiaomi Dou wants to be with Mommy, can you not sleep alone? Millet beans are afraid of the black! "

"Afraid of the dark? You are all five years old and afraid of black, and you are a man. "

Xiaomi Dou holds her arm, but he doesn't follow: "Mommy and Mommy..."

"Good, I always sleep when I grow up. I can't always rely on mommy."