Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 470

Although she hit the posture looks cruel and heavy, but the thing is still too light, did not hit Han Muzi's body, just fell to her feet.

Han Muzi looked down at the paper that was thrown to the ground.

That's the design she asked Xiaoyan to send to Lin Qingqing.

At that time, I spent a long time not eating, drinking and painting.

After a long silence, Han Muzi bent down to pick up the work, and asked calmly, "what is Miss Lin dissatisfied with? You can bring it up and I'll fix it for you? "

Hearing this, Lin Qingqing sneered: "modify? You can also fool me with such design works. Even if you modify them, what can you do? "

Compared with Lin Qingqing's ferocious face, Han Muzi's expression is very light. She smiles and whispers: "Miss Lin can change it into what she wants."

"I'm afraid not?" Lin Qingqing put his hands around his chest and stepped on high-heeled shoes and walked to Han Muzi with disdain on his face: "after all, people like you care about other people's things. Maybe the works you designed are all copied? Even if such clothes are designed, I dare not wear them on me. Otherwise, it will be stigmatized. "

Han Muzi: "it's just

Her face suddenly cooled down, raised her eyes and looked at her fiercely.

Lin Qingqing was stunned by this sharp sight, and a touch of fear rose from the bottom of his heart.

"Miss Lin, do you know that I can sue you for slander just now?"

Lin Qingqing raises eyebrows: "slander? Sue me? Am I wrong? Don't you rob others

Han Muzi was sure that she came here for the sake of the night. However, her insidious ridicule made others feel uncomfortable. She put away the design works and laughed at Lin Qingqing: "Miss Lin, tell me about it. Who did I rob? What did you rob? "

Hearing this, Lin Qingqing choked and couldn't answer a word.

"You said I robbed other people's things, but I can't think of what I robbed. Maybe I need Miss Lin to solve my doubts."

After a few seconds of silence, Lin Qingqing suddenly said angrily, "Han Muzi, you don't pretend there any more! Dare you say you didn't rob me? "

The more angry Lin Qingqing is, the more indifferent Han muchI is.

She looked at Lin Qingqing superficially, as if she did not take her words to heart and did not admit it, which made Lin Qingqing more and more angry.

"As I have said, Miss Lin thinks that I have robbed other people's things. Then you can tell us that we are theoretical and can not accept such accusations. What's more, Miss Lin used to be full of praise for this design work, but now she's angry with me for an empty thing. It's not quite in line with your status as the first lady of the Lin family? "

"Are you putting your identity on me now? Do you want to threaten me? "

"Of course, Miss Starfire will introduce you to the company, and I will treat you well. But in the same way, respect is mutual. If Ms. Lin has any questions about my works, she can ask them to me instead of throwing them on the ground. This is a very low quality behavior. What's more, Miss Lin said that I robbed other people's belongings. She'd better tell me what I'd robbed. Let's have a theory. "

She said it in no hurry or slow manner, neither humble nor overbearing, and she seemed to have great accomplishment.

Lin Qingqing was originally the daughter of a wealthy family. She was trained very well, but this time she was really angry, so she lost her temper and became like this.

She knew that she shouldn't be like this, but when she saw Han Muzi's beautiful face and her careless eyes, she actually showed a cold and charming style.

Thinking of this, she bit her teeth and said, "well, since you are so shameless and unwilling to admit that you have done these ugly things, I will tell you. Before the blind date, you deliberately appeared at that time. Did you know that I was on a blind date with yemoshen? "

Hearing this, Han Mu Ziwei frowned and said, "if I knew you were on a blind date that day, then I won't go there, I'll just be close. What's more, Miss Lin, we had an appointment that day. You said that I knew you were going to have a blind date with Yemo. Did I have the ability to predict? "

Lin Qingqing's face changed!

Of course, she didn't say so. That day, she did make an appointment with Han Muzi to look at the design plan in the afternoon, but she suddenly went on a blind date that day, and she was so excited that she forgot about it.

Thinking of this, she bit her lower lip to defend herself: "so what? Even if you don't know that day, why do you always appear behind you? You are just plotting against him. Now you are happy. I didn't expect you to be such a person. Clearly I am your client, but you are robbing the client's boyfriend! "

"Boyfriends?" Han Muzi repeated this sentence, looking at Lin Qingqing with deep meaning in his eyes.

Lin Qingqing was suddenly a little guilty when she looked at her eyes. When she and ye Moshen were dating, ye Moshen was not satisfied with her all the time. She had no idea at all. However, Lin Qingqing felt that such a man was the happiest woman in the world.What's more, the old king of diamonds like Yemo Shen, who regards women as nothing, how can she be indifferent?

It can be said that most women want to be the most special one.

Among these women, Lin Qingqing is one of them.

She thinks she has a lot of charm, but Ye Moshen actually held her in his arms at the press conference, and the kind of eyes on his face seemed to tell everyone.

This is the woman he never had a night. No one is allowed to move!

Mingming!! She is the woman he should hold in his arms, but But was in front of this called Han Muzi woman to seize the opportunity.

"Miss Lin, if I remember correctly, you only said you were dating him, but not your boyfriend?"

"So what? He is my blind date, sooner or later he will be my boyfriend, but what are you doing? You took him

"Miss Lin." Han Muzi stares at her seriously: "are you an adult? I think some things should not be taught by me. If it is yours, no one can take it away. He's not yours. He's just your blind date. You said I robbed him. Did I take the initiative to talk to him? Or did I seduce him? I remember correctly. I'll see you later. It's Miss Lin who invited me to come. "

Speaking of this, Han Mu's purple red lips slightly cocked up, showing a touch of irony.

"I'm afraid that Miss Lin thought he was interested in my design works, so she pulled me over specially? It's a pity that you misunderstand him. "

The idea of the bottom of my heart was so vividly stripped out. Lin Qingqing didn't expect that she would say what she thought so quickly and accurately. For a moment, her face was blue and white, and it was beautiful in a moment.