Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 469

"Help?" Han Muzi hesitated, "you......"

"You don't want to look down on us." Cold moon patted Han Muzi on the shoulder, then looked at Wang an on the side of the body: "Wang An is a computer expert, can help to see."

Listen to the words, Han Muzi looked at Wang An.

Goddess is a computer expert. Wang An is happy to see her eyes with love and pink bubbles. She nodded and patted her chest immediately. "I can feel relieved that she is all wrapped in me. I will invade the other party's system and see it!"

After that, he sat down in front of the computer, and everyone came together.

Han Muzi is a little confused, pursing the red lips to see Wang an operate. And what about the cold moon? It seems that she has seen through her ideas, and explains softly: "how can ordinary computer masters not invade other people's systems, but Wang An is different, and they do this in their family You can't say it! "

Han Muzi also thinks that how a system can be said to be invaded and invaded by others is also a violation of law. In fact, he doesn't recommend it, but hackers are not good at checking this kind of thing.

A group of people were bored waiting, Wang an suddenly accelerated the speed of the keyboard operation, suddenly ah a sound, the people were scared.

"What's wrong?" Asked a little nervously in the cold month.

"This system It was black. "

"What?" Han Muzi was surprised: "is it black?"

"Yes," Wang an nodded, and his face was serious: "and the other side is more skillful and especially powerful than me. I think it may be a headache for them for several days."

Hanmuzi: "......"

So, what kind of a cow? Who is the black one?

"Can you find out who is black?" The cold moon asked her questions again.

Wang An's operation was fast again. After a moment, he shook his head: "no, the other side is an expert, I can't do it."

Cold moon: "Wang An, you are this technology?"

Being looked down by the goddess, Wang an felt that the whole person was not good, but he had no way to do it now. He was depressed in his heart. He must practice his own technology after returning.

Han Muzi returned to the office quietly.

This time, she was not photographed or even the company would be picked up if he didn't do that.

The more I think about it, Han Muzi directly takes out his cell phone and calls to scold him for not having a deep night.

But I think, I think, it is not sure that he will think about anything when I call him. I think about it. Hanmuzi finally opens wechat, because I added her wechat to the conference site at night, and strongly asked her not to blackmail him.

Hanmuzi directly found the business card of night Mo Shen, and then sent a message to the past.

It is just to accuse him of his evil, and then say that the online rampage now has her personal data picked up, let him watch and do it.

This time is working time, the message sent to hanmuzi also did not expect night Mo to return to his news.

So soon after the message was sent, she replied. She was all ignorant and looked at the message that she was abandoned and took the message of Mo Shen.

There are only three words left to me, but they give others a kind of stability power in the invisible way.

Give it to him, he means, will he have the right to deal with it? How to deal with it?

Thinking, the mobile phone in her hand again shake, hanmuzi looked down at the information, the corner of the mouth can not help but convulsion.

This time, the number of words is more than the previous one, but the content is extremely naive.

{don't blackmail me! }He said this sentence in front of her several times. Somehow, the anger just came out had been quite gone. Now, night is very different from that of the past.

She had never thought that the news had been sent by him before.

If it wasn't for him to say it in his face

She did not return to the night of the deep information, anyway he said to give him to solve, then she quietly wait to see how he was solved.

She didn't want the fire to burn to her at last, to the peas.

She didn't return the news. She was still at night. She called directly.

Hanmuzi: "I am not sure that I can do it You have something to do? "

"You blackmailed me?"

Han Muzi: "I blackmail you can send you information?"

"Then why don't you return the message?" The voice of night was a little bit of a complaint.

"I have seen the information. It's not normal to return?"

"It's normal? If I don't see you back then will you be in a hurry? "

Han Muzi: "what does this have to do with me?"

Night deep deep a smile, the voice sounds low intoxicated person: "of course, because I care you reply not reply."

Hanmuzi: "......"She felt a heat on her face, but she was very angry. She said directly that I was very busy and didn't have time to play with you. Then she cut off the phone.

Night Mo deep listen to the busy voice from the mobile phone, just heard her voice, as if you can see her angry appearance, unconsciously, night Mo Shen then hook up the corner of the lip.

It's OK. Take your time.

Anyway, there is no other man around her now except him.


the trouble came very quickly. Ye Moshen said that he would deal with it. The next day, he never saw any news about her. The marketing numbers were quiet like chickens. Although there were still netizens asking, the marketing number was not moving, and the netizens naturally had no place.

But the trouble on the Internet is solved, it doesn't mean you can breathe a sigh of relief.

When Han Muzi came to work, she heard that Lin Qingqing was waiting for her in the office.

So early?

Han Muzi couldn't help but pick eyebrows. As expected, the latest troubles always come together?

Thinking of this, Han Muzi walked to the office, and Xiaoyan pulled her arm: "be careful, she looks very smelly, I don't know who offended her."

Xiaoyan doesn't know that Lin Qingqing and ye Moshen have a blind date, so it's normal for her to think like this.

The cold moon month did not know, and her hands were around her chest: "poisonous? You've been provoked to come to our company and make a bad face? "

These two people do not know the inside story, Han Muzi did not intend to explain to them at this time, had to light way: "I go to have a look first."

"Be careful, then." Xiaoyan or uneasily told a word.

Han Muzi pushed open the door of the office and saw Lin Qingqing sitting on the sofa. As soon as she went in, she felt that the atmosphere was not right. Because the other party was a client, Han Muzi still had a very polite smile.

"Miss Lin, why are you so early today? Next time if you come, you can call me in advance, so as not to wait here too long."

Hearing the sound, Lin Qingqing looked at her with sarcasm and anger in her eyes. Before she could react, Lin Qingqing directly threw the information in her hand at her.

"Is that what you sent me? Can it be called a design? "