Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 468

New home.

At the thought that there would be a house of her own in Beicheng, Han Muzi's heart was warm.

The original owner told her that the key had only been given to the nanny before and had to come back. However, for the sake of safety, she was advised to change a lock.

So Han Muzi looked at the fingerprint lock online, and then casually found a trusted brand to buy a password fingerprint lock. Because it was in the same city, the installation master called her in the afternoon and asked her to install it when she had time.

Xiaoyan volunteered to let her go, so Han Muzi gave her a half day off.

Because yemoshen's list has not been completed, but Han Muzi does not want to continue, but if it continues to drag on like this, then she means that she and ye Moshen will take longer.

It's better to finish earlier.

So Han Muzi closed the office and designed works.

Not long after drawing, the mobile phone rang. It was Xiaoyan who called her.

Generally speaking, Han Muzi won't answer the phone at this time, but Xiaoyan went to install the door lock, if nothing should not call her.

"What's the matter?" Han Muzi asked after answering the phone.

Xiaoyan said nervously at the other end: "Muzi, you should go on Weibo quickly, your identity has been picked out!"

Hearing this sentence, Han Muzi's heart jumped, "what?"

She didn't respond for a long time. She could only hear Xiaoyan saying at the other end: "I just brushed my microblog when I was bored on the way here, and then I found out that they picked out your photos. Now everyone knows that the mysterious woman that ye Moshen held at the press conference was you."

Han Muzi said Didn't I get someone to get rid of all that information? "

"I don't know. I just painted it. Otherwise, I won't go today, and I'll check this matter first..."

"No Han Muzi opened her mouth calmly in her eyes: "you go to deal with your affairs first. I will see to it."

"Well, you must come to me when you need it. We can change the lock another day."


After hanging up the phone, Han Muzi took a look at her mobile microblog.

As expected, he was picked out of his identity.

In fact, after Lin Xinghuo told her that day, she knew that her identity would be picked out sooner or later, so she used public relations to delete those information.

But who knows, these have no effect on them at all.

If they want to pick you up, they will pick you up no matter whether they have your information or not.

Han Muzi saw that her picture had been pasted up. It was the figure of her back when she was walking in the corridor that night, showing a side face. Behind was the scene capture. She sat with yemoshen, while she was watching the performance on the stage, and yemoshen was watching her.

If the photo is picked out, will it be far away from the identity? Han Muzi is a designer and her English name has been picked out.

And her true identity in Beicheng.

Han Muzi, the daughter of Han family.

The excellent background and the past are presented all at once.

The comments at the bottom are quite vocal.

{sleeping trough, I'll tell you how the mysterious information about this woman was lost by the public relations overnight. It turns out that there is such a powerful background Although I don't know what kind of woman she is, in terms of appearance, these two people really match. }

{I stand on this pair of CP! But Han Muzi is not Han Qing's sister? Zhao Yiru actually said that her skirt was sent by Han Qing. Who knows, she was slapped in the face before long. This high-profile temperament is really different from Miss Han's low-key and unwilling to show her feelings. }

{it's not in Beicheng, but Beicheng is said to be a very powerful city. Of course, the influential figures in Beicheng have also heard of it. I feel that this little sister is very happy. Deep night, husband! I am lovelorn today!!! }

{is she the only one who thinks she's cute? I really don't want to see people. Why go to the press conference? They are all held up by people. They are big and square, but they are hiding. They are not stars. }

{there is something new. This woman returned to China not long ago and opened a design company on XX road. }

seeing this, Han Muzi changed her eyes and realized that her life might really be greatly affected.

Her real person was picked out, and the company was picked out so quickly. Would it even be Xiaomi Dou?

Thinking of this, Han Muzi's face turned white for a moment, and she bit her lower lip.

She doesn't care what others say about her, but if Xiaomi Dou is led out, she will have to pay attention to it.

Is thinking, Han Muzi back out to brush again, but found that the micro blog interface directly collapsed.

What's going on?

Han Muzi blinked and brushed again, and found that the interface was still broken.

Without much hesitation, she got up and went out of the office to the employee floor, and then asked cold month to lend her her her mobile phone.The staff office is very free and they also have microblog.

They were surprised when they were brushing this microblog, and the interface broke down before they could sigh.

Now I saw Han Muzi coming here, and I shut down the web page consciously in the cold moon.


"Let me borrow my cell phone."

Cold moon did not hesitate to hand over the mobile phone, Han Muzi swept the microblog app, searched, found that she is the same situation.

It's not her cell phone that's wrong? Is it a system?

Thinking about this, she looked around the crowd: "do you have a micro blog on your mobile phone?"



Several people stood up and handed her their cell phones.

Li Junfeng raised his lips and said, "if you want to see information about you, then don't look at it. The system has collapsed."

"The system is down?" Han Muzi frowned with some surprise. No wonder she was gone when she brush the page. It turned out that the system collapsed. Thinking about it, she turned to ask Li Junfeng, "if the system crashes, how long does it usually take to fix it?"

"This is what they have to do with their internal staff." Li Junfeng pulled his lips, and never dared to talk about flirting with hanmuzi.

He likes beautiful women best, but he can't speak a flirtatious word when he meets such excellent women as Han Muzi.

Good people, always look up to their heads.

How do you stand at the bottom and speak flirtatious words to the man standing high?

Han Muzi didn't know Li Junfeng's ideas, but he was relieved. He tried to ask in a cold month, "do you want to see your things? This matter seems to be very noisy. I think the comments and forwards are directly broken. No one has published this yet. Would you like to deal with it urgently? "

"Of course." It seems that they all know, and hanmuzi has not covered it any more.

"Need help?" The cold month asked.