Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 462

Probably because she said that, so the other side was a little embarrassed.

Uncle shyly smile, "the fare is not in the way. I'm going to deliver the goods to the supermarket in the city. I don't have a lot to pull you. Get on the bus."

Han Muzi smile, "thank you, uncle."

Then she went around to the other side and opened the door to get in.

In the car that followed, Qishao and his friend sat in the car with a face full of confusion.

"What's the situation? If you don't take your car, the woman actually goes to take a big truck? Is that not a mockery of you

"Shit!" I was so angry that I hit the steering wheel.

The truck in front of Han Muzi left soon after sitting on it. The car drove all the way to the city. When Han Muzi wanted to pay uncle the fare after arriving at the supermarket, the honest and honest uncle was not willing to collect it.

"Just on the way. Don't be so polite."

Han Muzi finally put 200 yuan in uncle's bag, then sincerely thanks him and left the supermarket.

The supermarket is not far from her company, so you can go back to the company by taxi.

After Han Muzi returned to the company, he went directly to the office, and then shut himself in the office. The whole person was in a muddle.

Her mind was full of what Yemo Shen had said to her.

For five years, she thought she had nothing to do with him, but now he told her that they were not divorced at all.

In law, she was his wife.

Knock -

the door of the office was knocked several times. Han Muzi looked up and saw that the door was half opened. Xiaoyan put his head in half and looked at her carefully.

Probably know that she went to see the night is not deep, so Xiaoyan dare not rush in like usual.

"Come in." Han Muzi convergence of their emotions, and then smile at Xiaoyan.

Xiao Yan dare to open the door and walk in. She looks at Han Muzi's face and the mood of her eyes as she walks. She is very curious.

Han Muzi looked at her appearance and sighed helplessly: "don't be curious, I didn't compound with him, and it's impossible to get back together."

Hearing this, Xiao Yan's face changed and walked quickly to her.

"Why? Don't you still love him? "

"Love doesn't have to be together."

Xiao Yan scratched his head: "I don't understand."

"Then you'd better not understand. If you know too much about this kind of thing, the worse it is. Well, that's what you want me to do? "

"No!" Xiaoyan immediately shook his head, then took out the mobile phone, "you see microblog hot search."

Han Muzi doubts will be small Yan handed over the mobile phone, and then seriously to see the above content.

"Do you see it?" Xiaoyan points into the second hot search, while giving her Science Popularization: "I just saw it just now by brushing the microblog. On the night of the press conference, Mo held you deeply, was photographed by the paparazzi, and then posted to the Internet. Now everyone is guessing who this woman is."

Han Muzi: "it's just

Sure enough, she knew that the night would bring her trouble.

"Now you're just guessing, but the reviews have been frantically trying to figure out who you are."

Han Muzi pursed her lips and imagined the scene of that night, "this matter, don't worry about it."

"Muzi, no matter what happens? I'm afraid that people will dig you out. You will not have a peaceful day. "

"Probably not for the time being. I hid well that night and didn't show up." Han Muzi shook his head.

"All right." After Xiao Yan finished, she saw another hot search, and then said angrily, "by the way, I'll tell you one thing. If this is not a night deep event, it is estimated that Zhao Yiru is the first hot search. She is really shameless. She has found many marketing numbers to send her news, saying that Han Qing, the boss of Han's group, is pursuing her. She also pretends to be a mysterious person to send customized brand skirts. Now, I don't know how many people envy her. "

Hear this, Han Muzi some suddenly: "my brother should not do this kind of thing."

"I also think, so this Zhao Yiru is rubbing against the heat of Han Qing, I can't bear it!"

Han Muzi looked at her in a funny way: "what do you want to do? Tell my brother? There's a female star who's borrowing his name

Xiao Yan glared, "how could I tell him? Don't that God hate me? By the way... " Xiaoyan suddenly realized something. She looked at Han Muzi with a smile: "Muzi, good Muzi..."

The more she calls, the more charming she becomes. Han Muzi has goose bumps.

"Muzi, you're his sister. You'd better tell him about it." Xiao Yan simply bent down and held Han Muzi's arm, and cried pitifully, "you don't want anyone to commit crimes in the name of your brother, do you?""It's just the heat. It's not evil."

"Muzi, it's not a crime. When she rubs at the heat of your Han family, we'll give her face. Maybe we'll call her the big and young grandmother of the Han family. She's our enemy. Last time, we destroyed our works. If we let her rub the heat of our Han family, wouldn't it be..."

"All right, all right, I see." Han Muzi is said to be helpless by Xiaoyan, can only respond to the next.

"I'll talk to my brother later."

"Muzi, it's very kind of you!" Xiao Yan bent down, gave Han Muzi a Moda, and then ran out quickly. Then she suddenly stopped and said, "why don't you go to the company to find Han Qing now? Anyway, it's still an hour before work. I'll pick up millet beans later."


"Yes, today, many reporters have gone to the Han's group building. I watched the video on the Internet. Many reporters wanted to cover this matter, which is to prove it. But your brother refused to interview. No one dares to provoke him."

Hearing this, Han Muzi understood her meaning.

She Xiaoyan hoped that Han Qing could take advantage of this reporter's opportunity to deny the incident and slap Zhao Yiru in the face.

"I see."

After Xiao Yan left, the smile on Han Muzi's face gradually faded down. Go to find Han Qing? Just go. It happens that she has something to ask him.

So Han Muzi went out again soon.

There is an advantage of being a boss. You don't have to be restrained when you want to do something.

When Han Muzi arrived at Han's group, she found that there were indeed many paparazzi squatting around Han's group, holding a camera to discuss. Although she and Han Qing are brothers, she is the first time to come to the company for so many years.

Han Muzi thought it would take a lot of effort to go up, so when she was ready to call Han Qing directly after entering, the front desk girl suddenly ran over.

"Excuse me, is that Miss Muzi?"

Hearing this, Han Muzi was surprised: "do you know me?"

"Mr. Han specially ordered that if you come, you can take the special elevator to find him."