Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 454

Xiaoyan and lengyueyue sat there and saw this scene. They were so scared that they looked pale and widened their eyes in disbelief.

It happened too suddenly. Han Muzi didn't calculate that her shoe root would suddenly break at this time, and there was nothing to grasp around her. Her body fell uncontrollably to her side.

She even thought that she didn't know if she would knock her head, so she could only subconsciously reach out to protect her face and head.

However, as soon as the hand was moved, it was firmly fastened.

The next second, she fell into the night deep arms.

“……” Xiaoyan and lengyueyue are shocked, but their faces are stunned and their expressions seem to be suspended.

Han Muzi thought that she would fall head and blood, who knows if there was any pain, but fell into a warm arms, belonging to the strong masculine atmosphere of yemoshen, spared no effort to wrap her in. The hand that ye Moshen clasped her wrist changed into pinching her waist. He pinched her chin with one hand and forced her to raise her head.

"Are you all right?" His voice was impatient, his face pale, and he looked frightened.

Han Muzi's lingering palpitation did not disappear. His heart suddenly moved and shook his head subconsciously.

"I, I'm fine."

Night Mo deep looking at a long time, suddenly stretched out his hand to hold her into his arms.


Just at this time, for the lighting effect of the stage, the lights in the auditorium were turned off again, and there was a darkness all around.

It's very quiet everywhere. When Han Muzi is quiet, he can only hear his own heartbeat, and he can hear the other party's heartbeat.

She was held tightly in her arms by the night Mo Shen, and the temperature on his body continuously passed over and soon surrounded her. The night Mo Shen hugs her more and more tightly, the strength is big to nearly crush her bone.

But I don't know why, Han Muzi didn't push him away.

And at this moment, she suddenly felt the tension of yemoshen to her.

Just when he caught himself, his pale face showed that he was nervous about himself.

The music sounds, is that kind of special quiet Ding Dong sound, a sound to knock playing, such as hit in Han Muzi's heart.

The person holding her did not move for a moment, and then lowered his head for a long time. Thin lips seemed to give a kiss to her hair.

This clear sense of touch makes Han Muzi's senses become clear in an instant. She suddenly returns to her mind and finds herself in the arms of Mo Shen at night. Thinking of what he said to herself before, she has to break open his embrace and come out of his arms.

"Thank you, Mr. night."

Han Muzi finds her seat and sits down. Then she finds that her heel is broken.

What's going on? Is the quality of the shoes you bought this time so bad?

Thinking of this, Han Muzi pursed her lips and thought about what she would do when the shoe root was broken. The deep voice of the night passed by in the ear.

"It's no use just saying thank you."

Warm breath has been blown to the ear, Han Muzi in the dark slightly frowned Xiu Mei.

She bit her lower lip, pretending not to have heard the night.

After that, the activities on the stage began, and the audience was still in darkness. Everyone sat in silence. Xiao Yan and lengyueyue on the side of Han Muzi's body were probably scared, so they kept quiet all the time.

If Han Muzi didn't know that they were sitting beside them, she might have thought that she was the only one who came to the scene!

As time went by, the prelude performance on stage had ended, and the scene fell into silence again. Han Muzi estimated the time in his heart. At this time, Lin Xinghuo and Zhao Yiru were going to play.

The brand arranged for them to play together, so there will be a good show later.

Han Muzi couldn't help but take a look at Xiaoyan's direction.

Today, she came to see Zhao Yiru make a fool of herself, but the news she got was that the skirt was bought in full and sent to Zhao Yiru's hand. Although the twists and turns in this one, Han Muzi doesn't know what's going on.

But Xiao Yan may be really disappointed tonight.

With the sound of background music, Zhao Yiru and Lin Xinghuo slowly appeared in the middle of the stage, one side.

In order to match the starlight skirt on Lin Xinghuo's body, the brand side gave Lin Xinghuo the most special style stars this year, and Zhao Yiru was in accordance with the original agreement.

With the shouting of fans in the audience, the atmosphere of the scene was pushed to the highest point.

The appearance of Zhao Yiru and Lin Xinghuo is more and more obvious in the light. Han Muzi sees the skirt on Zhao Yiru's body, which is like the sea color, which is completely different from the starry blue on Lin Xinghuo's body.

But it has the same effect.

At this time, there was a huge vibration from the side.

It was Xiaoyan who stood up directly from the audience. She was excited to look at Zhao Yiru's skirt. Her eyes were shining. How could this happen?"Who? Why do you stand up all of a sudden After someone complained, Han Muzi quickly pulled Xiaoyan down.

After Xiaoyan sat down, full of grievances, she grabbed Han Muzi's arm with her backhand, and was angry to gnash her teeth: "Mu Zi, what's going on? That dress... "

Han Muzi had heard from Lin Xinghuo for a long time, so he was very calm and said in a low voice: "the matter has come to this point. Even if there is any doubt, we will talk about it after the end."

Xiao Yan was not angry, but after listening to Han Muzi said so, she had to press back the indignant mood in her heart, but she had no mood to sit down at all.

Han Muzi naturally knows that she is angry now, but things have developed into this situation, and there is no way to change anything. She can only whisper: "don't be angry, we will talk about anything later."

All the way to the end, lights were lit up around because there was an interview session.

Reporters from major media asked questions to two people on the stage, and then took pictures for five minutes.

Taking advantage of the mess of people, Xiaoyan said angrily: "what's going on? That skirt was bought, wasn't it? Why is it on her? What the hell is going on here? Purple

Han Muzi thought of those words that Lin Xinghuo said to herself, so she passed it on to Xiaoyan.

"That's what happened. I don't know anything else."

"Shit! It's impossible? The skirt was bought by Han Qing. Did Han Qing give it to Zhao Yiru? Shit! How could he have such a bad eye? She gave her skirt to Zhao Yiru? "

Han Muzi said It's not him. It's a bit complicated. Let's have a look first

Although Xiaoyan was very angry, she didn't ask any more questions when she said so. She just thought gloomily that if Han Qing gave Zhao Yiru her skirt, then She should not regard him as a God in the future.

The male god can't do such a bad thing!

By this time, the question asking session on the stage has begun.

It may be that some people want to do something, and actually ask Zhao Yiru an explosive question.

"Miss Zhao, I heard that you will attend today's new product launch because you like this jewelry brand. But if you like this jewelry brand so much, why do you have to wear a high imitation dress?"