Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 453

As soon as she made a sound, Lin Xinghuo was really as if she had been hit by a hole and kept her original action still. It was only because she was halfway up, but now she was stuck like a shell. It looked funny.

Others wanted to laugh, but Han Muzi walked over with a serious face.

She looked around, and then took a few wet paper towels to pull up Lin Xinghuo's hand, and wiped the greasy smell on her hands with wet paper towels. After Lin Xinghuo saw her action, she was very flustered.

The dress given to her by the goddess is a precious work of the goddess.

But she was so elated that she forgot. Suddenly Lin felt guilty. Even though the posture was uncomfortable, she kept it.

Until Han Muzi will retreat a few steps, light voice way: "good."

Lin Xinghuo put his hand down, and Chen Fei came quickly: "you said you didn't want to eat, but you didn't listen."

Lin Xinghuo looked at Han Muzi with a guilty face: "I'm sorry, Shelly, I didn't mean to. You won't be angry with me, will you? I'm just happy to see you here, so I just want to meet you

"No Han Muzi shook her head faintly: "I didn't know you when I designed this skirt, so I didn't know your size. I just didn't think it was the same size as you, but If you eat it again, you may burst your skirt

Listen to words, Lin Xinghuo's face changed, and quickly toward the surrounding humanity.

"Who brought it to me? I didn't even say I'm going to eat this food. Don't you take all these things out

She tossed the pot out anxiously and then went to pull Han Muzi's hand with a smile.

Han Muzi, however, stepped back to avoid her approach. The smile on Lin Xinghuo's face froze: "Shelly?"

"You have to pay attention to your skirt. Stay well before you go on stage. Don't get caught." Han Muzi wears a zipper today, which is her reason to avoid Lin Xinghuo.

"Well, I promise you won't do it again. I'll sit and wait until I go on the court." Lin Xinghuo said, cleverly ran to the sofa to sit, and those things on the table were quickly removed, and soon the room became empty.

Chen Fei looks at this scene, can't help coughing, did not expect the spark this girl actually so listen to Han Muzi's words.

Obviously, she is the idol of many people, but who knows that the idol is also someone else's fan sister.

It's really unexpected.


Han Muzi checked the dress for her, and after confirming that there was no problem, he said, "OK, wait here for a while, you will be on the stage in a moment, and you can perform well."

Hearing this, Lin Xinghuo nodded forcefully: "don't worry, I'm sure I won't lose your face. By the way, do you know Zhao Yiru? The woman didn't know what kind of bad luck it was, but someone bought KL and gave it to her. "

Han Muzi's action on the hand, can't help but look at Lin Xinghuo.

"What do you say?"

"Are you surprised that she could have such a bad luck?" Lin Xinghuo shrugged her shoulders in silence: "she actually has a problem in our entertainment industry. Relying on her identity as a Huadan, she never pays a deposit when ordering a dress. She only promises verbally, but her conduct is not good, but small brands dare not offend her. But what brand is KL? That's a big international brand. Naturally, she won't give her half face. So when someone paid for the whole money, she naturally went out. We thought Zhao Yiru would be a big loser this time. But who knows that she was bought by a man and then gave it to Zhao Yiru. I almost vomited blood when I knew about it. "

Speaking of this, Lin Xinghuo was indignant: "on her kind of breast big mindless woman, why is this? Besides, that dress is so beautiful that it should be put on her. The man is blind

She spoke hard and angry.

But Han Muzi was puzzled.

What the hell is going on here?

Clearly Xiaoyan told her that she had asked Han Qing to buy the dress, but why did the saying of sending the dress appear?

Is it Han Qing who sent Zhao Yiru's dress?


It's impossible.

According to Han Qing's character, he can't do such a boring thing.

Moreover, in his eyes, only his sister is the most important. If Xiaoyan tells Han Qing that this skirt adapts to her, Han Qing will never give it to others.

But now what? That dress In whose hands? And transferred it to Zhao Yiru?

What Xiaoyan has done, will you be disappointed?

Thinking of this, Han Muzi suddenly stood up.

"I've been here long enough. I have to go back."

Hearing this, Lin Xinghuo blinked: "so fast? I thought you could stay here with me for a while. OK, Feige, you can send her back"No more." Han Muzi shook his head: "I'm not a road fool, I know how to go back, you refuel tonight."

"Don't worry! I will try my best to kill Zhao Yiru in seconds

After saying goodbye to Lin Xinghuo, Han Muzi walked back. When she entered the press conference, she found that the lighting on the scene was not as dark as before. She had turned off the lights in the audience just for the effect.

So now she has been able to see things to go forward, Han Muzi toward their own position direction, in the near time of her step stop.

Just beside her empty position, on the left are two girls she knew, Xiaoyan and Lengyue.

But on the right, it was a tall and slender man.

And this man No one else.

It is Han Muzi who thinks that the most unlikely person will appear here - night is not deep!!

How the hell is he here? And sitting on her side?

Han Muzi stood there, stunned.

What the hell is going on here?

Was that why she felt familiar with each other's outlines in the dark?

"What are you doing? Stand here in the way of our eyes? "

After that, someone suddenly complained and pulled Han Muzi's mind back. She had to go ahead bravely. To get to her position, she had to pass in front of the night.

Now that she had seen who he was, she thought that the night would move her feet when she passed by, but she did not expect him to move.

Han Muzi tolerated and forbeared, and could only whisper: "Mr. night, is it convenient to move your feet?"

Night Mo deep pick eyebrow to look at her, did not open mouth, just move a little, Han Muzi strides to walk toward inside.

And sitting inside Xiaoyan is looking at this scene nervously.

God knows when the light is on, she is shocked to see that ye Moshen is also here. She thinks that he is haunted and wants to send a message to Han Muzi. However, as soon as the mobile phone is taken out, she feels a sharp sight. Xiaoyan has to put the mobile phone back.

Han Muzi originally thought that he could go smoothly, but who knew that the shoe root suddenly broke, and her body was out of control to the side.