Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 451

At this time, the backstage dressing room.

"What's the matter? Why can't my dress be delivered all of a sudden? What the hell do you do? Didn't you agree to send it at this time today? "

A group of people were scolded by Zhao Yiru and dare not answer back. They could only stand there with their heads down.

"Are you dead? Or deaf? Dumb? Talk, what's going on? "

"I don't know, but I didn't know it was sent today

"But what?"

"But the dress was suddenly bought, so

"Bought it? What do you mean Zhao Yiru's eyes widened: "isn't that dress I ordered? Why was it bought? "

"Yi Rujie, when you asked us to order the dress, you only ordered it verbally, but didn't pay the real money, so..."

Hearing this, Zhao Yiru angrily patted her hand on the table top: "just because I didn't pay the real money, so I didn't send it to me? It is really unreasonable, I Zhao Yi, such as a hot Huadan in the entertainment industry, can't I owe this money? You call me and ask the person in charge to come and see me. "

"Miss Zhao, stop yelling."

A man's voice suddenly rang. A man in a blue suit walked in with a smooth step. He was the person in charge of the brand side with one hand in his pocket.

"You? Chen Yi! You're just in time. Explain to me what's going on! Why didn't I get the dress I ordered today? Do you know the press conference will start soon? "

Chen also picked his eyebrows and said, "did other people make it clear to you just now? You didn't give the real money, but we didn't promise to send it to you. "

Listen to words, Zhao Yi such as anger big hair, stand up.

"What do you mean by that? Don't I owe you money? I asked you to give it to you, but you didn't. where is that dress now

"It's been bought with a lot of money, the whole money." Chen also said with a smile.

Zhao Yiru's agent also came forward.

"Chen Yi, it's too much for you to do so. Since you couldn't give it away at that time, why didn't you tell us in advance that our family couldn't even afford a skirt?"

"Is it?" Chen also picked her eyebrows and looked innocent: "Miss Zhao is not willing to pay 20% of the deposit. It's hard to make people believe that you will pay the whole amount. After all, these products are the first time, if there is any accident and we want to sell them again, it will be totally worthless. Besides, I remember that our staff told you that if you don't pay the deposit, there is no way to guarantee that this dress will be delivered to you. "

Zhao Yiru said So you're not responsible now? "

"What responsibility do we have to take for what we say? Ms. Zhao, don't rely on her identity as a flower to press talents

Zhao Yiru was so angry that her face turned blue and she wanted to go forward, but she was stopped by her agent.

After a hundred million people a helpless look: "then how to do now? You didn't inform us in advance. We Zhao Yiru didn't prepare clothes for her to wear on the court? "

"This is your business, it has nothing to do with us. I'm just here to inform Miss Zhao. It's your fault. Our company will not accept any bad comments. "

"You Zhao Yiru was so angry that he gnashed his teeth: "you are not afraid that I will shake your company out."

"If Miss Zhao is a smart person, she won't do this. It's not a rational thing to offend big brands. Your behavior will only let other big brands shut you out."

The two sides left soon after the confrontation.

After those people left, Zhao Yiru was so angry that his face turned white: "what should I do now? Do you want me to wear this to the press conference? Damn Chen Yi, he dares to shake my face! "

A group of people did not dare to say anything. The agent frowned and tried to find a way: "only now, we can only go to other brands to see if we can..."

"Is this Miss Zhao Yiru's dressing room?" A girl's voice came out of the door.

"Who is it?"

The two women took a step forward and presented her with a specially wrapped gift box.

"Miss Zhao Yiru, a gentleman asked us to give it to you."

"What?" Zhao Yiru is angry, so there is no good mood, when asking questions, eyebrows are picked up.

Zhao Yiru's agent was a little strange. He went to open the box, and his face changed slightly: "this is..."

"My God, isn't this the dress of Chen Yi's family? What's going on? How could it be here? "

"Is it Is the man who bought the dress just to give it to us like sister Yi

Zhao Yiru was still very angry at the beginning, but she was also confused by them. She came to have a look and found that the dress in the box was the one she had chosen before.How could this happen?

"My God, it's so generous and romantic that I bought it directly and gave it to Yiru sister. It must be in pursuit of Yiru?"

"Yi Rujie is so happy that there is a man who makes such a great effort to surprise her."

Zhao Yiru was said to be a little bit floating and couldn't help but pick up the corners of his lips with pride: "that's not true. There are many people chasing me, Zhao Yiru."

She looked up at the two girls in front of her: "what's your husband's name?"

The two men shook their heads: "Miss Zhao, our husband only ordered the dress to be delivered. We left first."

After two people also did not answer Zhao Yiru's question, directly left.

"Well, don't go. At least tell me who it is."

Zhao Yiru's agent: "it's still a nameless one. Do you know who sent you?"

"How could I know?" Zhao Yi such as the bracelet in the chest, not proud: "so many people chasing me, maybe one of them?"

However, this man is still quite her heart, in the past, the men who chased her all wanted to show how rich they were in front of her, but none of them directly bought the dresses designed by major domestic brands and then sent them to her at this time.

Although in front of a startle, but after the joy and pride is straight to the sky.

The envious eyes of those around her made her float.

"It's better not to be dazzled, change clothes quickly, and then make up to get ready for the stage."

"Yes, like sister Yi, hurry to make up. The press conference will start soon."

"Well, Chen Yi, that villain, dare to come to me and be proud of him when I turn back."

Zhao Yiru looked at the dress in the box, and the corners of her lips were hooked. She really had a beauty, that is, she could do whatever she wanted.

It's a pity that she didn't know that the higher a person was praised, the worse he would fall.