Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 46

Night not deep smile bloodthirsty.


Xiao Su's expression is a little strange, "the night is little, really want to solve from the source?"

"You think I'm kidding you?" Night Mo deep vision coolly swept him one eye, Xiao Su immediately got a back of goose bumps: "I know."

Then he dragged Lu out.

"The night is deep! You are a disabled person sitting in a wheelchair. If you dare to move my second son, you will be disabled

Xiao Su only listened to the orders of yemoshen, and did not worry about him moving out of the name of yelaozi. He was still defiant and dragged him out.

Shen Qiao on one side was so frightened that he couldn't help but walk towards the night. Mo Shen approached two steps: "that..."

"You will die if you plead for him!"

Shen Qiao to the lip of words all swallow back.

The whole body of Mo Shen at night seems to be covered with a layer of black smoke, which makes his whole person look very violent and not easy to be provoked. But if he doesn't say so, Lu ordinary may really be affected by that.

Thinking of this, Shen Qiao pushed his wheelchair forward and whispered, "he has been taught a lesson. Let him go."

The night Mo deep does not speak, the anger in the eye looks like a storm circle, is slowly expanding.

"If you really abolish him, the old man's side It's not easy to explain, so... "

"Stupid woman, didn't you ask for him?" Night Mo Shen clasped her white wrist and looked at her coldly.

Shen Qiao stopped for a moment and then moved his lips: "I'm not pleading for him I'm just afraid that the relationship between you and the old man will deteriorate... "

Listen, the night is not deep, squint eyes.

"Worry about me?"

Shen Qiao nodded stupidly.

For her, Tan Lu Bing does not have the same look of unnecessary emotion.

Pause for a moment, night Mo deep hand back, "push me back."

"But Xiao Su's side..."

"It's not your business."

Shen Qiao wants to say something more, but night Mo Shen moves his wheelchair away. Obviously, if Shen Qiao doesn't follow up, he doesn't care about her. There is no way, even if Shen Qiao is in a hurry, he can't let ye Moshen leave alone. After all, it's outside. Ye Moshen doesn't follow him, so it's inconvenient for him to be alone.

Thinking of this, Shen Qiao quickly followed up.

She pushed the wheelchair that was deep in the night and was about to leave, but the waiter came forward trembling: "this young lady, please wait a moment."

Shen Qiao had to stop: "what's the matter?"

"You Damage the property in the store, you have to Compensation. " After seeing the fight, the waiters were afraid of them.

The night Mo deep face does not change color, cold voice way: "the shop name is written down, tomorrow will have to send the new."

Shen Qiao nodded and quickly wrote down the name of the store.

The waiter saw that the night was not deep, the atmosphere was strong, and they did not dare to say anything. They could only watch them leave.

Shen Qiao pushed yemoshen out of the coffee shop and walked along the small stone road. He said, "yeshao, you are too disorderly. The old man's side..."

"What about the old man on the left and the old man on the right? What good did he give you to read him like that

Listen to words, Shen Qiao's step a meal, bite the lower lip indignantly way: "you don't look down on people! I'm really worried about the deterioration of your relationship

"Is that your business? Don't forget, it's a family affair of the night house. It can't be managed by an outsider. "


Shen Qiao face color changed a few minutes, the blood color on the lips also slowly faded.

Yeah, how did she forget? This is the household chores of the night house. Even if their parents and grandchildren really turn against each other, it doesn't matter to her Shen Qiao.

The woman that ye Moshen wants to marry is Shen Yue, not her Shen Qiao.

As far as ye Jia is concerned, she is an outsider and will leave in half a year.

It's really self indulgent of her to worry so much.

With this in mind, Shen Qiao did not speak again.

For a moment, there was silence between them.

When passers-by on the street see them will politely give way, Shen Qiao push night Moshen walk very smoothly.

Passing a service shop, night Mo Shen suddenly said: "stop."

Shen Qiao had to stop, "what's the matter?"

Night Mo deep side head look inside, "buy clothes."

Hearing this, Shen Qiao couldn't help wringing her delicate eyebrows. "Now when are you going to buy clothes?"

"Push me in."

Shen Qiao is not angry, biting his teeth or pushing the night Mo Shen into the clothing store.

After glancing around, Shen Qiao found that this was a women's clothing store. He was a big man. What did he do here? Buy clothes for your lover?

Shen Qiao suddenly remembered that he had heard that he was looking for someone. Relying on a woman's sixth sense, the man It should be a woman.He wants to buy Women's clothes. Did you find the man?

"Hello, welcome to our shop."

The waiter came forward quickly to say hello.

Night Mo deep purses thin lip, facial expression indifference way: "the clothes in the shop, suit her to pack."

Depressed Shen Qiao raised his head suddenly after hearing this, and looked at the night with consternation.

"Give it to me?"

Actually, she bought her clothes. She thought

Night Mo deep eyelids did not lift, cold and strong gas field people retreat three feet.

The waiter looked at Shen Qiao hesitantly and hesitated to see what she was wearing. But after looking at the night, Mo Shen decided to listen to the man, so she quickly turned around, and then went to pack clothes.

Shen Qiao saw that there was really a hurry to live up, just know flustered: "wait a minute, don't..." When she wanted to catch up and ask the waiter not to pack, she was grabbed by the wrist and pulled her back.

"What are you doing?"

"I don't need so many clothes..."

"It doesn't cost you money."

"I don't want you to spend money for me!" Shen Qiao zhengse way, bite the lower lip, obstinately staring at the night Mo Shen.

He had already looked down on her. If she accepted the clothes he bought for herself, wouldn't she be more humble in his eyes? Thinking of this, Shen Qiao firmly said: "although I am poor, I don't need others to spend money for me. I will buy clothes myself, and I don't need you to help me!"

"Is it?" Night Mo deep sneer, eyes fell on her white face: "work a few days was deducted a month's wages, what do you buy?"


Shen Qiao thought for a long time, speechless, can only turn his head and clench his fist: "anyway, I will find a way, do not need you to help me!"

"Don't you need my help? Ah, why did you react so fiercely when Lu usually said that I was disabled and could not be humane? You went to him to apologize, didn't you? "

Shen Qiao straightened his back in an instant.

Yes, she did go to Lu ordinary to apologize, but this change is too big, she did not expect that Lu ordinary would say such words, she was also in a moment of impatience.

"I didn't think so much at that time. What's the relationship between the two?"