Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 444

"It's OK." Xiao Su answered.

"Nothing?" Xiao Yan chuckled: "you can't go to the Sanbao hall without anything. You can see from your expression that you are looking for trouble. Why? We have already offered liquidated damages. Don't you want to let us go? Don't think it's us who are pestering your family at that time! "

Xiao Su: "it's I just don't mean

"You just want to stay home a little, OK? So put all the pots on our women's heads, right? Xiao Su, I looked up to you before. I didn't expect you now Maybe I was blind before. Anyway, I'm the same as Mu Zi. We've broken the contract now. If you need anything, go to our lawyer directly. Don't appear in front of our company building. "

With that, Xiaoyan turned around and entered the building, leaving Xiao Su standing alone in the wind.

For a long time, he lowered his head and laughed bitterly He really said the wrong thing that day.

In fact, he didn't want to be angry with the woman for many years That's what they said.

Now that you have left, why do you want to come back?

Well, now Even if they came back, they didn't come back for the sake of Yemo Shen. Looking at the recent events, they didn't pay much attention to their family night. What they have been doing is being amorous all the time.

It's a pity that Xiao Su did not dare to say these words in front of Mo Shen at night.


uncle Nan quickly sent Han Muzi to the destination. Because it was agreed in advance, Han Muzi was very comfortable when she went in. The management took her to the monitoring room.

"Look at these, Miss Han."

"Thank you." Han Muzi sincerely thanks the humanity and then stands there looking at the surveillance video carefully. Seeing a suspicious figure, he says in a voice: "back ten seconds, that lens will play again."

The operator did what she said. Han Muzi saw a man wearing a hat and wrapping himself tightly. He thought that he should be a man.

"Can I see videos from other areas?" Although I'm sorry, Han Muzi still asked for a sentence.

The man frowned as soon as he heard it.

"Miss Han, I'm afraid not."

Han Muzi blinked.

"Sorry, we tried our best."

The other party did not agree, Han Muzi also did not force to ask, can only smile: "it doesn't matter, you have helped me a lot, this time thank you, I invite you to dinner another day."

"No, no, you don't have to be so polite. We'd like to give Mr. Han a face."

Out of the monitoring room, Han Muzi and the man walked in the corridor, suddenly a figure rushed over. "Here comes the young master."

As soon as the manager heard this, he immediately changed his face: "little, how did the owner come?"

Because last time the young boss came, he scolded them for their work. We all know that this man is an unreasonable and vigorous man who has suffered losses, so he is very afraid when he hears about it.

"Miss Han, I..."

Just then, a tall figure appeared in the corridor.

All the people present were stunned, including Han Muzi.

She looked at the tall figure with some doubts. She had been thinking about who their little boss was, but she didn't expect it was

The tall and handsome man quickly walked to her with straight and tight legs. His thin lips pressed into a straight line, and his cold eyes fell on her face.

Others were terrified.

"Less, less owner."

Han Mu Ziwei frowned, and then whispered: "it seems that you have something important to deal with, then I will excuse you first."

Finish saying that, Han Muzi thanks to the administrative staff, then take a step to prepare to leave.

But don't want to, in the night Mo Shen side of the time, he suddenly stretched out an arm, pressed to the side of the wall, but also blocked her way.

Han Muzi:

Don't move deeply at night, keep the original posture.

His face was gloomy, and he was clearly angry.

The staff thought that he was angry because of Han Muzi's intrusion, so they quickly explained for her: "little boss, this is Han's group side..."

"Do you want to talk?" The night Mo deep cold glare at him, the tone is stern.

The man fell silent.

Han Muzi simply stood in place, to see what night Moshen wanted to do.

She looked up at his side.

"What can I do for you?"

On hearing this, the staff immediately turned pale.

Their young boss is a cold faced hell, but she actually talks to him like this?

What if something happens later? He promised Mr. Han. What happened to this woman here at that time? Would he be hated by the Han family and kicked out of the work place at the same time?Thinking of this, the staff immediately trembled and explained: "it's none of my business, my little boss. She had to come in by herself. I was forced."

Han Muzi: "it's just

She frowned slightly and looked at the staff member. He was pale with fear and looked like he was about to pee his pants. After thinking about it, she sighed in her heart and did not argue for herself.

The other Party promised to help her, now seen by the boss, he wants to shirk to himself, which is normal.

She has no right to blame him.

Think of here, Han Muzi simply low smile, and then look to the night Mo Shen.

"Yes, I came in myself, and then? May I go now? "

"What do you say?" Night Mo Shen's eyes finally turn to fall on her face, eyes sharp stare at her.

Two people looked at each other, Han Muzi's lips suddenly moved, and then said: "since you have nothing to say, then I'll go first."

Finish saying, she reaches out directly to clap open night Mo Shen's hand, prepare to leave here.

As a result, the night Mo Shen but can not help but buckle her wrist, pulling her to the front.

Han Muzi's face changed: "what are you doing? Let go of me

"The night is not deep!"

The staff looked at the scene in horror. What happened? That woman actually called their little boss's name directly?

Is Do they know each other?

At the thought that Han Muzi may have a deep understanding with Ye Mo, the staff are really scared to pee their pants. Then he just slandered that woman in front of the young boss. Will his future work be lost?

At the thought of this, the staff rushed to catch up.

"Young master, listen to my explanation!"

"The night is deep. Are you here to look for me? If it's not, please let me go. If it is, please let go of me. I've already terminated my contract with you. If you have anything, you can talk to my lawyer directly! "