Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 440

This is the first time.

Xiaomi Dou asked her father for the first time.

Since he was very young, he was very sensible. Maybe Xiaoyan was enlightening him behind his back, so Xiaomi Dou never asked Han Muzi about this.

Like other children's words, if you see other people's complete family, he may ask naively: Mom, where is my father? Why don't I have a dad?

But Xiaomi Dou can't, he has always been very clever, clever to a certain extent, so let Han Muzi special heartache.

But he never spoke, Han Muzi felt that he didn't need it, so she tried to give all her love to Xiaomi Dou.

But now it seems that his silence doesn't mean he doesn't want it, it's just understanding her.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi reaches out and holds Xiaomi Dou's small body into his arms.

"Sorry, it's mommy who ignored your feelings."

Xiaomi Dou was held in her arms by Han Muzi, blinking a pair of eyes, and then hugging Han Muzi's neck with a smile, she said, "no, Mommy, you just need to help Xiaomi Dou find another father."

Thinking of this, Xiaomi Dou is also afraid of Han Muzi's misunderstanding, so he added: "the one we met in the restaurant before seems to be quite good."

Listen, Han Muzi.


She loosened Xiaomi Dou and wondered, "which restaurant? When did it happen? "

Xiaomi Dou was stunned for a moment, then realized that there was a loophole in his words, so he quickly made up for it: "Mommy, the restaurant I met two days ago. Didn't the group of uncles say that there is a big man upstairs?"

Finish saying, millet bean eye eye is shining: "big person ah, when time is not can give mommy to support?"

Han Muzi: "it's just

Is Xiaomi Dou talking about him?

When I think of Han Zi's back, I suddenly feel something.

By chance or by chance? Why hasn't Xiaomi Dou met the man, but he would say he wants to find him.

And that man, it's the night.

All of a sudden, Xiaomi Dou in front of me and ye Mo's deep face in my mind began to overlap, and then turned into a shape.

Looking at it, Han Muzi is a bit bewildered.

What is the relationship between these two people? At that time, is not the night Lenghan with her in the car? But why Xiaomi Dou is similar to Mo Shen at night, but not cold at night.

Another possibility is that Han Muzi dare not think about it.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi closed his eyes and took a deep breath: "Xiaomi Dou originally likes big people?"

Xiaomi Dou smiles: "Mommy, is this OK?"

Han Muzi was a little confused in his heart, but he didn't directly brush the child's meaning. He just said in a soft voice: "what Xiaomi Dou said to Mommy, Mommy remembered."

"Thank you, Mommy."

After two mother and daughter chirped awkwardly for a long time, Han Muzi just remembered what and asked Xiaomi Dou.

"By the way, do you know what happened to your aunt Xiaoyan? When I came back, I saw her... " Han Muzi originally just casually asked, who knows millet beans suddenly came a sentence: "Mommy, millet beans tell you a secret Oh."

"What's the secret?" Han Muzi put her ears together and Xiaomi Dou whispered: "today I saw aunt Xiaoyan's uncle!"

Han Muzi: "it's just

What? Did she hear me wrong?

"You say you - what do you see?" Han Muzi was stunned for a long time before suddenly reacting to what Xiaomi Dou said. Xiaoyan actually Kiss Han Qing? It's impossible to think about it? When did Xiaoyan become so bold?

"Mummy, it's true."

Han Muzi immediately reacted. No wonder she was looking for Xiaoyan just now. She was flushed. Did she kiss Han Qing? It's no wonder that Han Qing is out of his mind.

It seems that She has never seen Han Qing like this. Is it true that the iron tree is going to bloom this time?

Han Muzi's eyes turned for a long time, and suddenly raised the corners of her lips. When Xiaoyan was her sister-in-law, she seemed to be really good.

She and Xiaoyan had a good relationship. After experiencing Han Xueyou's affairs, she probably experienced more. Therefore, Han Muzi thinks that she should be quite accurate in judging people. Xiaoyan and Han Xueyou are totally different people.

Xiaoyan is very loyal, no matter what difficulties will block her in front of her. When she is sick, Xiaoyan seems to feel worse than her. When she gave birth to a child, Xiaoyan was also nervous and cried out, just like another self.

She is in love with her, care about her.

Sometimes Han Muzi doesn't know why she has such good luck. After losing Han Xueyou, she has a little Yan to accompany her and help her so much.

Xiaoyan himself said that she probably owed her in her last life, so she would help her so much in this life.

Sometimes when joking, she will say that she is not without a purpose to be nice to her. She is for Han Qing and to be her sister-in-law.So the two people smile into a piece, Han Muzi will give her cheer, let her strive to be his sister-in-law.

But for so many years, Xiaoyan has been quiet, including when Su Jiu confessed with Han Qing, Xiaoyan lost for a short time, and then resurrected with blood.

"Xiaomi Dou, do you like aunt Xiaoyan?" Han Muzi smile: "if, let her be your aunt, how do you feel?"

Xiaomi Dou blinked, "OK, if Xiaoyan is my aunt, then She will be able to make me something to eat

Listen, Han Muzi some speechless, reached out and poked his small head: "you, remember to eat all day long!"

"Hee hee, Mommy Aunt Xiaoyan's cooking is delicious. You also like it... "

The mother and son were tired of being crooked for a long time.

When I was in the quiet, I was waiting for my bed to be opened.

The heart is pounding, Han Muzi thought of Xiaomi Dou's words with her, and dropped her eyes.

The little guy would say that, that means He really wanted to find dad.

Why? I've never spoken before, but now I say it all of a sudden?

Is it because I went to school these two days?

It seems that when she sends Xiaomi Dou to school tomorrow, she has to ask her teacher whether Xiaomi Dou is abnormal in school.

The next day, Han Muzi sent Xiaomi Dou to the school gate and did not leave in a hurry, but went to see the teacher.

The students who can go to school here are either rich or expensive. Naturally, none of the teachers dare to offend them. Seeing Han Muzi, he is very polite and friendly: "Miss Han?"

"Sorry to disturb you. Who is Han Yishu's teacher

"It's me. What's the matter?" The teacher was so asked by her, suddenly a little nervous, and then looked at the position of millet beans.

Listen, Han Muzi smile: "you don't be nervous, I just want to ask her these two days in the school have any strange place?"