Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 438

This look makes Han Muzi's heart suffocate, but soon she reacts, pulls up the clothes and prepares to leave.

The deep voice of the night came from behind.

"When you've used it, do you discard it?"

Han Muzi step a meal, bit his back teeth, she stopped without looking back, the voice is clear.

"Mr. night, I ask you to understand one thing. It's not that I use you, but you pester me. That's why I don't want to cooperate with you. You're right. I just don't like you and hate you. I don't want to take another look. If Mr. Ye is a smart man, he won't appear in front of me in the future. I hope that in the future Each has nothing to do with it. Be a good stranger. "


Ye Mo looks at the woman with a straight back.

When she said this, her voice was full of firmness. It was obvious that she was serious, not joking with him.

So, for five years, she has been so disgusted with herself.

Originally did not have any splendor the eye son in this moment thoroughly dim down, the night Mo deep did not open mouth again, just looked at her to sneer: "stranger?"

Han Muzi thought that he heard clearly, so he didn't stay any longer and left the f parking lot.

After that, she took a taxi by the side of the road and went directly back to Han's home.

Han family

"Auntie Xiaoyan, will Mommy come back today?" Xiaomi Dou took Xiaoyan's hand and asked eagerly.

Xiaomi Dou is actually very dependent on Han Muzi, because he has been following Han Muzi from childhood to adulthood. Han Muzi will take him with him wherever he goes, and then find someone to watch Xiaomi dou for her and pick up Xiaomi Dou as soon as the work is over.

But these two days, Xiaomi Dou has not seen Han Muzi, so the child's heart suddenly very believe this mother up.

"Don't worry, she told me. She will be back in a moment. Don't worry." Xiaoyan pinched Xiaomi Dou's soft cheek: "I didn't expect it. I can't see it at ordinary times. You are so dependent on your mother. You are a little man. Are you really shameless?"

Xiaoyan originally wanted to take the opportunity to make fun of him. Who let this little guy hate her often?

Can not expect millet bean Mou son a turn, suddenly opened a way: "Xiaoyan aunt, although I am a little boy Han, but I am still a soul has not mature baby."

Xiaoyan: "poof - you want to laugh me to death? The soul has not yet mature baby? Do you mean to say so? "

Xiaomi Dou is a little depressed, hum a, directly shake off Xiaoyan's hand, and then gallop toward the inside.

Han Qingzheng came over, Xiaomi Dou simply went over and hugged his thigh. She said, "uncle, I saw your picture in aunt Xiaoyan's mobile phone just now."


A word is like a bolt from the blue, directly split Xiaoyan will not move, the whole person is stunned in situ.

She looked at Han Qing in front of her in amazement, and then looked at the cunning of Xiaomi Dou's eyes. The whole person was not good.

Is this revenge too fast?

This is not millet bean, this is a little devil!


When Han Qing's eyes came over, Xiaoyan was suddenly made a big red face. She explained in a quick voice: "Han, Mr. Han! It's not what Xiaomi Dou said. I didn't save your photos. "

"Aunt Xiaoyan nonsense, you not only save uncle's photos, but also a lot of them!"

Xiaoyan grinned at Xiaomi Dou, the threat in his eyes was very obvious.

I beg you not to say it, and go on, she is really in front of the male god is hard to protect face.


In fact, Han Qing doesn't care much about this matter, but Xiaomi Dou seems to have a good feeling with Xiaoyan and deliberately wants to tease her.

His uncle has no other skills, but he can cooperate.

So Han Qing's eyes fell on Xiao Yan's face, and then asked in a voice.

"A lot of them? What kind of picture? "

Xiaoyan felt that the whole body's blood was going to flow backwards. The God really cared about it. She thought she could muddle through this time. But even if the God asked, so what? She will never give in and never say!

"Mr. Han, you really misunderstood me. I didn't save your photo. Xiaomi Dou misunderstood it because there was your photo on it when I watched the news, so the children thought it was me."

Well, that's a good reason.

Do you believe it now? Won't you embarrass her again?

"Look, uncle."

Xiaomi Dou suddenly took a mobile phone, opened the album inside, and then picked out a few photos.

Han Qing looks down at the photo in the mobile phone, which is actually a picture of her own life.

And, the whole album is him.

Xiaoyan looked at the mobile phone. At first, she still had some doubts. She bit her index finger and muttered: "how can this mobile phone look so familiar?"After staring at it carefully for a while, Xiaoyan suddenly reacts. Isn't that her mobile phone?

She quickly reached out to touch the mobile phone in her pocket, but found that her pocket had been empty for a long time!

Ah! This bastard Xiaomi Dou, how did he get his mobile phone and hasn't been discovered?


When Xiaoyan was angry, Han Qing's eyes suddenly glanced at her and fell on her face.

The expression on Xiao Yan's face disappeared. Instead, she was nervous and at a loss.

Her small hands hanging on both sides couldn't help but grasp the corner of her clothes. What should I do? Han Qing knows that her mobile phone has his photo hidden. Does he think he has any idea about him?

If you let him know that he has other thoughts on him, will he hate himself?

Think of here, Xiaoyan droops her eyes, tangled about how to speak.

Xiaodou stealthily realizes his goal and then runs away.

Han Qing still holds that mobile phone, and then looks up at the woman standing not far away.

She is very petite, now standing there, holding her clothes by the corner, looks like a lost rabbit.

Originally, it was just Xiaomi Dou's mischief. If Xiaoyan was embarrassed, it would be really bad.

Thinking of this, Han Qing then stepped forward and handed her the mobile phone: "yours."

Xiao Yan lowered her head and looked at the hands with distinct joints in front of her, but she began to tremble in her heart.

After her Are you going to be disgusted?

Since she was to be disgusted, why didn't she take the opportunity to make her mind clear?

Thinking of this, Xiaoyan bit his lower lip and took a deep breath. Suddenly, she raised her head and looked at Han Qing seriously.

After that, the broken jar broke his mouth and said, "since you have seen it, I will not hide it from you. Han Qing, I like you!"

Han Qing Leng for a moment, looking at the face in front of this simple girl, he realized that there is something wrong.