Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 436

Back in the office, Han Muzi sat down and felt a little heavy in his head.

It was probably the sequela of yesterday's fainting. She stretched out her hand and pressed the acupoints on the back of her head. Only this time Her stomach trouble seems to be more serious than before, and she still feels very painful.

Is it because of that man?

Han Muzi sat for a while, and Xiaoyan came in.

She came over with information and directly pulled a chair and sat down beside Han Muzi.

"I have calculated that according to our contract, no matter which party breaks the contract, we have to pay three times the penalty for breach of contract. If it is a single piece, it may not cost so much money, but Mr. Ye scared the list of our company, so I'm afraid we'll have to pay more than we expected. "

Han Mu purple Mo for a while, direct way: "need to pay how much?"

Xiaoyan looked at her, coughed gently, and then said, "I'll probably calculate that when the liquidated damages are paid, we'll only have tens of thousands of yuan left ~"

with that, Xiaoyan also made a sad look, holding his cheek: "I knew that, when he came at the beginning, we should directly beat him out, Wuwu Now it's all right. It's going to be ruined. "

Are there tens of thousands of dollars left after payment? Han Muzi raised her lips and said, "it's OK. I don't think it's enough."

Hearing this, Xiaoyan was shocked to stare at her eyes: "are you not mistaken? You said it was OK after paying so much money. I thought... "

"Is there anything more gratifying than being able to get rid of him?" Han Muzi light smile, look to small Yan way: "well, you go to prepare, contact lawyer, and then see how to deal with this matter."

"Well, I'll contact the lawyer first."


because they had to pay the penalty, Han Muzi and Xiaoyan did not go to see the house again.

In fact, as long as she is willing, she can go and ask Han Qing for help.

But in Han Muzi's opinion, her brother has done a lot of things for her. Before, she accepted it silently because she felt that since her brother wanted to make up for it, if she refused, Han Qing would feel more guilty. Instead of making him uneasy, let him always make up for himself.

However, this does not mean that she is the kind of person who takes the initiative to stretch out her hand. She is afraid that she will become a disabled person if she receives the favor for a long time.

So even if the whole Han family is behind him, Han Muzi has been working hard for so many years.

She also doesn't like to put the surname Han on her head to seek other job opportunities. She depends on herself. For example, this time, she won't go to Han Qing. She just wants to rely on her own efforts to make money slowly before buying a house.

I can't. depending on her present job, it's feasible to go to the bank for a loan and pay down first.

Yesterday afternoon, MuQing sent her a draft of the painting and asked her to have a look at the picture.

Lin Qingqing was soon asked to come to the company in person when he was free.

Not long after receiving this message, Xiaoyan opened the door of the office and came in.

"Muzi, good news."

"What?" Han Muzi looked up at her.

"Lin Xinghuo's skirt has been finished. Now it has been sent to our company. I have put it in the exhibition hall on the sixth floor."

Listen to words, Han Mu purple eyebrow eye Shu spread a lot, finally there is a thing worthy of joy.

She raised her lips: "I go up to have a look, you call Lin Xinghuo and inform her."

"No problem."

After that, Han Muzi went out of the office alone, ready to go to the sixth floor to see the design work. When she was halfway there, she suddenly thought of something, so she went to the staff floor.

When Han Muzi appeared on the staff floor, everyone was quiet for a while. It took a long time to react. Someone whispered in the tunnel.

"Here comes Miss Mu Zi."

Originally, a group of people could be said to have sniffed at her before, but that day, after seeing the information found out by lengyueyue, they found that Han Muzi had won the lotus prize, and their thoughts on Han Muzi changed.

Cold month a see Han Muzi, face a change, brush the ground to stand up.

"You, what are you doing here?"

Usually appear themselves, these people are sure to be sarcastic about her, how do they behave like this today?

"Of course, I'm looking for you." Han Muzi's eyes fell on the cold moon's body, only stopped for a while and then took it back.

The cold moon stopped for a moment, and her eyes widened incredulously: "look, look for me?"

If it was in the past, she would have to make fun of Han Muzi, but now After knowing her real identity, Leng Yueyue found that she couldn't say a word of sarcasm.

"Well." Han Muzi nodded, her eyes were very gentle and said in a soft voice, "you come out with me for a while."Others looked at lengyueyue suspiciously. At the bottom of her heart, she was flattered, but she didn't show it on the surface. She calmed down for a while and then went out.

Han Muzi also turned around to leave, Lengyue followed her into the elevator.

"You, what can I do for you?" Cold month into the elevator, can not help but ask.

Han Muzi stood there with a faint expression, "don't want to see the finished product you designed?"

Listen to words, cold month month Leng for a while, just react to come over after a long time: "finished products come out?"


The cold moon is a little excited. This is the first product she designed since she came to the company, and Or for the film queen, Lin Xinghuo will wear the dress she designed to the press conference.

Think of here, the cold moon is very excited.

"Of course I want to see it!"

"It's in the exhibition hall on the sixth floor. Let's go."

Ding -

just at this moment, the elevator door opened and they went out together.

Han Muzi asked Xiaoyan to find someone to clean up the sixth floor, because for the design company, the exhibition hall is the most indispensable part. The products designed in the past or the new products can be displayed in it for customers to appreciate at any time.

In the empty exhibition hall, there is only one work, which is the one designed by lengyueyue.

When Leng Yueyue looks at the only design there, she stares at her eyes and reaches out to cover her lips, almost crying.

Oh, my God!

She was so excited!

For the first time in my life! In the past, when I was on my own, cold moon had won some awards, but But it never felt like that.

His works are displayed.

"Excited?" Han Muzi looked back and said with a smile: "there are many opportunities like this in the future. We should be calm."

Hearing this, Leng Yueyue turned her head awkwardly and said, "it's the first time for me. Of course, I'll be excited, but it's you You've won so many awards, you don't care! "