Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 435

Han Muzi put down the bowl and chopsticks in her hand, and her face was cold.

"You've gone too far."

"If you don't take your body seriously again, I'm going to go too far. Do you believe it?" Xiaoyan also put down his chopsticks and looked at her seriously.

She had a serious look on her face, and it was not a joke.

"I tell you Han Muzi, you can draw more when the inspiration comes, but it doesn't mean that you can do whatever you like, don't take your body seriously and stay there all day without eating. What do you think you are? You are irresponsible. You have children. Do you think your body is iron? Or do you think you are a good King Kong? Stomach trouble can be big or small. Don't take it seriously. If you die because of illness one day, I'll take millet beans directly and give them to others. Don't be distressed! "

Han Muzi: "it's just

What Xiaoyan said was too much.

But Han Muzi couldn't get angry.

Even thought she was right.

Think of millet beans last night can be waiting for themselves, that small body lying on the edge of the bed, eyes with a little pitiful look, think about it is really unbearable.

So Han Muzi did not speak any more, but picked up the dishes and chopsticks again and ate quietly.

Xiaoyan looked at her like this and couldn't help but sneer at her: "you're in the wrong? How dare you not eat like this in the future

Han Muzi: "Xiaoyan queen, am I wrong? Can we take these things away? It's hard to look at it. "

"Well, I wanted to make you more miserable. For your poor sake, I'll spare you this time."

Finish saying, small Yan this just stretch out hand to those who send out aroma frying on the table are removed.

After eating, they came out of the hospital together.

"When you have a stomachache attack, you can stay in the hospital for a day? Don't take this opportunity to stay a few more days? " Xiao Yan asked while walking.

Han Muzi shook his head: "no, I still have something to do."

Uncle Nan is driving Xiao Yan. He is waiting outside. They call uncle Nan and get on the bus.

After getting on the bus, Han Muzi thought of something and asked in a deep voice.

"How much property do I have?"

Listen, Xiaoyan Leng for a moment, and then think that he heard wrong.

A moment later she reached for her ear.

"What did you say?"

Han Muzi turned to look at her: "how much property do I have?"

Xiaoyan looked at her with tears and smiles: "are you kidding me when you ask this question? Where are you rich? "

Listening, Han Muzi frowned.

"Well, you still have a little money, but don't you want to buy a house near the school? The house price there is so expensive that you may not have enough money. Now there is money in the company, but those are the company's funds, isn't it... "

"No way." Xiao Yan's words have not finished, Han Muzi interrupted: "the company's money can not be used."

"What's wrong with you? I think that's enough money to buy a house. Why do you suddenly ask

Han Muzi took a look at Xiaoyan and then made a surprising statement.

"I'm breaking my contract."

"What?" Xiaoyan thought that he had heard wrong, "destroy, break the contract? what do you mean? Is it to break the contract with the night

"Well." Han Muzi took out his mobile phone, "so I have to calculate how much we will pay if we break the contract."

Xiaoyan: "it's I told you that you would not break the contract. Are you ok now? I've been taking advantage of it. I've been busy these days. "

For her to break the contract, Xiaoyan seems to have no strong opposition. Although she knows that breaking the contract will cost a lot of money, she still respects Han Muzi's choice.

That's why they are still good friends. We all understand each other.

"Take it here. You just got sick. Don't be tired. I'll calculate it when I go back. Then I'll tell you how much you owe."


Han Muzi nodded and put away the mobile phone.

"By the way, Xiaomi Dou..."

"Don't worry. I entrusted him to your brother. We'll pick him up this afternoon."


To the company, Han Mu purple head also a little dizzy, so almost fell down when getting off the car, fortunately, Xiaoyan quickly helped her.

"Are you ok? Why don't you go back and have a rest today

"No Han Muzi shakes his head: "we will finish the matter of breaking the contract today."

Xiao Yan had no choice but to support her to go inside. They went to the company and met Lin Zheng, who came to work. The boy was wearing a white shirt, and his face was icy and cold. There was no extra expression on his face.

Probably because he saw Han Muzi, his thin lips moved for a while, but in the end, he didn't say a word, and then he walked right by.His legs are very long, so he walked very fast, and all of a sudden he surpassed Han Muzi, who were supported by Xiaoyan and walked forward slowly.

"Cut, this Lin Zheng is really annoying. He looks like someone else owes him money. He really regards himself as ice."

Hearing this, Han Muzi faintly smiles: "it doesn't matter to him."

"It's just your temper."

Originally, they thought they couldn't wait for the elevator. They didn't run many floors anyway. So Han Muzi thought that they could wait for work directly. But who knows the teenagers in the elevator kept pressing the key and staring at them coldly.

"Not yet?"

They were stunned for a moment and then stepped in quickly.

After entering, Han Muzi leaned her back against the wall to reduce the pressure of Xiaoyan. Xiaoyan also stood still, and then she glanced at Lin Zheng.

"I can't believe it. You are not so unkind."

Lin Zheng ignored her as if she were the air.

Xiao Yan gave him a bad look and didn't speak to him again. The elevator went up one floor at a time, and soon Lin Zheng left. Before he left, he took a look in the direction of Han Muzi and left quickly.

After the elevator door is closed, continue to rise.

"He just peeped at you, and he stopped talking. What's wrong?"

Xiaoyan said so, Han Muzi also realized that she blinked her eyes.

"I don't know, but don't worry. If you have something - someone should tell us."

"Yes, Xiao Yiyi is Lin Zheng's follower. When the elevator arrives, I'll get it right away and see how much I'll pay for breaking the contract. "

Xiao Yan Feng rushes out with fire and wind, and Han Muzi comes out slowly after him.

She lowered her eyes, and her long eyelashes concealed all the emotions in her eyes.

After finishing the contract, she and he should have no more communication, right?

Han Muzi felt relieved at the thought that he would not have to appear in front of him, but There is still a little empty in my heart.

Han Muzi thought for a moment, and then burst out laughing.

What are you thinking? People are married, only you Still alone like a fool.