Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 434

Han Muzi came out, the night is still waiting outside the door.

She frowned, and then walked towards her own hospital bed. She saw the mobile phone on the desk. She took it up and took a look at it. Then she found that her password lock had been cracked.

She looked back at the culprit who was following her: "did you do it?"

Ye Moshen naturally knew what she was referring to and did not intend to answer, but came forward and took her mobile phone: "hungry or not? I have people make food, you... "

"The night is deep! You peeking at my cell phone? You broke my code lock? Do you know that you are immoral! What makes you do this? Can I tell you to believe it or not

Han Muzi pushed him away, snatched his mobile phone by the way, and then stepped back a few steps. His back was against the cold wall and he was angry at night.

"Sue me?"

She resists the appearance to let the night Mo deep frown with displeasure, after a moment self mockery smile way: "I guard you for a night, exchange a sentence of this? Woman, do you have a heart? "

Han Muzi didn't speak and glared at him.

Night Mo Shen sneered: "do not crack your mobile phone password, how to send messages to Xiaoyan, how to let her send you food? Or, in your heart, I'm the kind of person who just wants to peep into the secrets of your mobile phone? I can't stay that far away. "

Han Muzi didn't answer, but he was touched.

She felt that ye Moshen cracked her mobile phone password, which made her very angry, but she didn't think of so much. Now let ye Moshen say this, and instantly feel that he is unreasonable.

But She felt that she was right. Yemoshen was married, but she came to her ward and stayed with her for one night.

Even if he didn't mind, Han Muzi couldn't accept it.

Thinking of this, she didn't speak any more, but called Xiaoyan directly.


"Come to the hospital to pick me up, then go through the discharge procedures for me, and bring me a change of clothes."

Xiaoyan heard the cold meaning in her voice, and didn't ask much. She nodded immediately: "OK, I'll be there soon."

Hang up the phone, Han Muzi directly around the night Moshen to go out, she still in Xiaoyan to the hospital before their own to deal with the discharge procedures.

Did not want to just walk to the door, the night Mo Shen chased up, wrung eyebrows asked: "what to do?"

Han Muzi did not answer him, but continued to walk forward.

"Oh." The night Mo deep cold voice ground to smile, then way: "even if is anxious to leave, also should put on the shoe to walk again, right?"

Listen to, Han Muzi's pace a meal, bowed his head to find that he did not wear shoes, this moment is barefoot standing on the cold floor.

The moment she was in a trance, the whole person had been beaten and held up. Night Mo Shen held her back. Han Muzi Leng for a moment immediately responded: "you let me go!"

Night Mo deep wood with a face did not answer, will her to the hospital bed, put down after, take shoes to her in front of.

"Wear it."

Han Muzi bit his lower lip, raised his head and glared at him with hatred. This jerk is really disgusting.

Although she is staring at him, but this eye to night Mo Shen, but let his heart love and hate.

Night Mo Shen did not hold back, clasped her shoulder and crushed her on the hospital bed.

"What are you doing looking at me like that? Didn't anyone tell you that a man would go crazy with one look in your eyes? "

He did not kiss her, but he was very close to her, and his breath was spitting on her face. This ambiguous distance did not make Han Muzi feel blushing and palpitating. On the contrary, his sense of shame in his heart rose higher and higher.

Han Muzi closed her eyes and her half white lip trembled slightly.

"The night is not deep."

Her eyelashes trembled, and her voice followed.

"If you're trying to humiliate me, you've made it."

Don't go deep into the night and humiliate her?

"What do you mean?" He put his hand on her chin and asked in a cold voice.

Han Muzi opened his eyes, his eyes were cold.

"You know it yourself."

All around seemed to be quiet, night deep in her eyes clearly saw, disgusted.


It's disgust.

She was disgusted with herself.

It's not hate, it's disgust.

This cognition makes night Mo Shen suddenly a little manic and uneasy.

Why? What he's done these days makes her hate herself?

From the beginning of seeing her, he unconsciously wanted to get close to her. He had been following his own heart, doing what he wanted to do, but was he wrong?

Night Mo deep pursed thin lips: "speak clearly."

"I'm breaking my contract."

Compared with the restlessness in the heart of Mo Shen at night, Han Muzi's voice sounds particularly calm, "is it clear enough now?"Taking advantage of the moment when Mo Shen was in a daze at night, Han Muzi pushed him away directly and let him lie on the bed. Then he got up and put on his shoes and left the ward.

She went to go through the discharge procedures, no matter what the doctor said, she did not go back to the ward, but sat in the chair in the corridor waiting for Xiaoyan to come.

Xiao Yan didn't let her down. She said that she would come soon.

Seeing her sitting on the chair in the corridor, I wondered, "Muzi, why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be in the ward? "

Han Muzi got up and took the bag in her hand and took a look. It was really the clothes to be changed. She turned and walked towards the ward.

Xiao Yan followed her and entered the ward.

The ward was empty, and there was no deep shadow in the night.

"Oh, how late is the night?" After Xiao Yan went in, she asked in surprise.

"Let's go." Han Muzi replied, and then went into the bathroom to change clothes.

When she came out, Xiaoyan had put out all the food she had brought. Because she had taken care of Han Muzi before, Xiaoyan knew what she should eat when she suffered from stomach trouble.

"Come and have breakfast."

Xiao Yan greets her, Han Muzi walks over and sits down. Seeing the food on the table, she doesn't know why she has no appetite.

But always want to eat, she reached for the bowl and picked up the chopsticks.

"It's all mine. You can't eat it." Xiaoyan put the food for herself. Han Muzi only looked at it and saw a lot of fried things. She had no language for a while and said, "are you on purpose? Every time I have a stomachache, I can only eat these light ones. Do you want to eat these barbecues in front of me? "

Xiao Yan's expression on his face was a little complacent. He put a crisp dumpling fried like gold into his mouth. When he ate it, he deliberately made a voice: "Wow, it's so delicious. This store is new. It seems that I'll go to patronize more in the future."

Han Muzi: "it's just

"Envy? Do you know how miserable you are now, you poor wretch who often suffers from stomach trouble? Will you still be so willful all day without eating and painting? Inspiration is coming, can't it? Can you stand up when you fall down? Well? "