Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 433

Suddenly, the purple eyes of Han suddenly changed her voice.

What's the matter with this man?

It's weird to suddenly become like this.

Han Muzi pulled his hand back and did not agree.

But the next second, night Mo Shen actually reached out to help her up, although the action is gentle, but can't refuse.

Han Muzi: "it's just

Her eyes lit up with anger and glared at the night.

However, night Mo Shen did not seem to feel her anger, one hand holding a bowl, the other hand holding a spoon, comfortably scooped a mouthful of rice porridge soup and sent it to Han Muzi's lips.

"Don't look at me. Drink well."

Han Muzi almost broke out in this sentence, but she was short of breath, so even if she was angry, her voice was not loud.

"Who's watching you?"

She was staring at him, OK? That's how he understood it?

Looking at her angry appearance, Mo Shen at night has a deeper smile in her eyes. Since these days, her appearance has always made him feel unreal and far away. However, she had a disease, which made the two people closer.

Night Mo deep low voice way: "good, you didn't see me, that drink congee head office?"

This words said Han Mu Zi Leng for a while, she did not hear wrong?

Why does she always feel that there is a spoiled taste in the words of Mo Shen at night, and then look at his expression, it is a completely flattering look.

Is he flattering himself? Because you want her to have porridge?


Is it because you're worried about her?

But why worry about her? He is a married person, why do these things? Thinking of this, Han Muzi bit her lower lip and didn't go to drink the atherosclerotic soup fed to her lips.

Time passed, night Moshen always maintained that action, but Han Muzi did not eat, two people have been deadlocked.

For a while, the night Mo Shen is helpless to put down the bowl, "what do you want?"

Han Muzi looked at him obstinately.

"Should I ask you that?" Speaking of this, Han Muzi sneered and glanced at the time on the wall: "it's so late, Mr. Ye doesn't go back, I'm afraid you'll let your wife wait too long?"

Don't make a deep night.

His eyes sank a bit. It seems that this woman does not know that she is not divorced from her marriage, so she would say such words, but The way she talks with her head twisted, it looks like

"Mr. night." Han Muzi said, "I don't know what mentality you are holding here. Today you sent me to the hospital. I'm very grateful to you, but can you stop staying here Well. "

Han Muzi's words have not finished, the chin was suddenly pinched by people, then her body's direction turned, and then a black in front of her eyes, her lips were kissed.

For a moment, Han Muzi stares at the person close at hand, forgetting how to react.

After a kiss, the night does not return to his lips and tongue, the breath is hot: "I am going to stay here, what can you do for me?"

Han Muzi's pupil shrinks slightly, this time just reacts, raises his hand to want to give night Mo deep a slap, who knows was he clasped the hand, how also can't earn open.

"What do you want to do

The kiss of Han Muzi, originally pale lips finally have a touch of blood, but her face is still paler than before, as if by a great stimulation.

"I don't want to do anything. You've eaten the porridge." Night Mo Shen or clinging to that bowl of porridge, Han Muzi reached out to wipe off the touch on his lips, and looked at him viciously: "I drink up, you go?"

Night Mo Shen can not buy no, Han Muzi did not speak, but his hand to take the bowl of porridge, and then look up to prepare to drink.

As a result, Mo Shen's hand stopped again, "don't drink too fast."

She has stomach trouble, and now she just wakes up again. She has been drinking too much and her stomach may not be able to digest well.

Han Muzi's action meal, did not expect that he was similar to Xiaoyan, is it that Xiaoyan told him to do so in advance? This does not speak of righteousness, know she is here also do not rescue her one, incredibly still teach him such important details.

Every time Han Muzi has a stomachache attack, Xiaoyan will help her cook millet soup and let her drink rice porridge soup. However, Han Muzi doesn't like the taste, so she wants to finish it every time, but she is caught by Xiaoyan every time.

So Han Muzi can only slowly drink, and so on after drinking the night, Mo Shen and then cold voice: "sit for a while, and then rest."

Han Muzi looked at him in surprise: "you don't go?"

She is now slowly beginning to recover.

"Go?" Night Mo deep pick pick pick eyebrow, sneer: "I left, who will take care of you?"

"Mr. night! It's always inconvenient to be lonely and widowed. If you leave, I will naturally ask others to take care of me. "

Listen to words, night Mo Shen's eyes flash, he suddenly close to her: "kiss all kiss, what more inconvenient than this?"Han Muzi: you

Night Mo deep low voice smile: "good sleep, uncomfortable words remember to call me."

There is another bed in the ward, which is for accompanying the family members. At night, Mo Shen goes to fix the door lock of the ward and then goes back to bed and lies down.

Although the two beds are separated by a small distance, Han Muzi feels that the ward is full of the breath of the night.

Probably because of the kiss just now, she felt that the deep breath of the night seemed to surround her whole body. However, she could not disperse. She was a little annoyed and bit her lower lip.

She didn't want to be in the same room with a married night.

However, he did not want to leave.

Han Muzi gradually closed her eyes and made a decision in her heart.

In the middle of the night, the doctor came to check the bed once and confirmed that Han Muzi had no other symptoms and then left again.

Han Muzi couldn't sleep at first. When she was in the middle of the night, her eyelids were so heavy that she fell asleep soon.

When I woke up again, it was the day. There was no figure in the ward. It was quiet.

She froze for a moment, then lifted the quilt and sat up.

Yesterday, my stomach was still very painful. Today, it's not so bad. Han Muzi looked around for a moment, then got out of bed and put on shoes to go to the bathroom.

The door of the washing room opened suddenly, and then she saw the familiar face of Yemo Shen.

Probably because he stayed with her all night, his eyes were covered with blue and sharp colors, and now his face was stained with some drops of water, but even so, he was still beautiful.

At a glance, Han Muzi took back her eyes.

"Going to the bathroom?" Did not wait for her to speak, the night Mo Shen first asked.

Han Muzi did not speak, but nodded silently.

Mr. Ye opened his body and pushed the door open for her: "go, be careful. Does your stomach hurt? Dizziness? "

He asked several questions in succession. After Han Muzi went in, he slammed the door and blocked the night out.