Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 431

No food for a day?

Night Mo deep frown at that comatose woman, no wonder she will stomach ache into this way, it seems that she really does not take their own body seriously.

After Xiao Yan finished speaking, she realized what she had exposed and quickly shut up.

Then he asked, "Mr. night, could you please tell me which hospital you are in? I'll go and have a look. "


Ye Moshen said a word directly and then hung up the phone.

Xiaoyan listens to the beep from the mobile phone:.... "


Motherfucker, it's night!

Do you do what you want with your customer? Son of a bitch! No wonder Mu Zi is not willing to pay attention to him!

This man is too overbearing and unreasonable.

But Xiao Yan pursed her lips and thought. Although yemoshen was very annoying, he had already known that Mu Zi fainted when he talked to her just now, and the right side sounded very unhappy.

He should be worried about purple, right? He did not refute that he was not in the hospital, so now he is estimated to be in the hospital?

In the end, Xiaoyan was still worried and sent a message to the past.

[Mr. Ye, has mu Zi gone to see a doctor now? ]

she just needs to know that.

Ding -

night Mo Shen's message returns very quickly with only one word: Yes.

Although very cold, but Xiaoyan saw this message after the heart is finally put down, so she edited another message in the past.

I'll take care of Muzi today. Please don't let her have an accident. Please call me if you need my help. }

Ye Moshen didn't intend to take care of Xiaoyan, but he thought of what the doctor had just said, so he conveyed the doctor's words to Xiaoyan. Xiaoyan understood immediately and said that she would go to prepare immediately.

Ye Moshen also told her the name of the hospital.

When Xiao Yan arrived at the hospital, it was already 12 o'clock in the night.

The hospital is very quiet, only a slight sound from the instrument. Xiaoyan knocks on the door of the ward, and then pushes the door in.

The facilities of the single room ward are very quiet. There are only yemoshen and Han Muzi in the ward.

Xiao Yan walked in with the thermos in her hand, just in the cold eyes of Mo Shensen at night.

Suddenly, Xiao Yan felt a little cold on her back.

This man's eyes are really terrible!

She placed the thermos on the table and whispered, "haven't you woken up yet?"

"Well." Night Mo deep from the deep throat issued a sound, and then there is no response, he sat on the edge of the bed has been looking at the coma of Han Muzi, Xiaoyan thought about it, and then inhaled and went to look at Han Muzi secretly.

At this time, her face was very pale, and she could see that she was in bad condition.

"How is she? Are you all right? "

"No problem." Night Mo deep eyes coldly fall on her face, see next to the thermos bottle, then cold voice way: "time is not early, you go back."

But Xiaoyan turned her mouth and said bravely, "I've come here. I'll take care of her here, Mr. Ye It's very inconvenient to have a single man and a few women in the same ward. Would you like to go back first? "

The night is not deep

He did not answer, but obviously the breath of his whole body changed because of this sentence. Xiaoyan swallowed a mouthful of saliva in fear. Just as she hesitated to say anything more, there was a sound from the door of the ward.

Xiao Yan looked back and saw Xiao Su standing at the door.

Four eyes relative, Xiaoyan suddenly some embarrassed.

Why is Xiao Su here?

"Take her back." Night Mo deep head also does not return to the cold voice to say.

"Yes." Xiao Su immediately nodded and then looked at Xiao Yan: "go, it's too late now. It's not safe. I'll send you back."

Xiaoyan:.... "

Shit! Can you tell her where the address of the hospital is? He doesn't want her to stay here at all. He wants to own Muzi!

Thinking of this, Xiaoyan took a deep breath, and then walked forward a few steps behind yemoshen, rarely said calmly: "Mr. Ye, although you and Mu Zi had an intersection five years ago, that is after all a thing in the past. As time goes by, people's mood and ideas will change. I can not stay here today, but I also hope Mr. Ye can respect others. Anyway, thank you for saving Muzi today. You can take good care of her. I'll go first. "

Finish saying, small Yan also didn't go to tube night Mo deep is what reaction, and then just turned to leave the ward.

Xiao Su, standing at the door, naturally clearly heard what she said. He was a little surprised. He didn't expect that Xiao Yan's ideas were actually the same as his.

He doesn't want Han Muzi to be close to night, and the same little Yan doesn't want to be close to Han Muzi.

Both of them want their important people not to be hurt.So who is the harm between mu ER and Han Zi?

"Disappeared for five years, why come back suddenly? Since you want to go, you should never appear again, right? "

When she got to the parking lot, Xiao Yan just wanted to bend down to get on the bus when she suddenly heard Xiao Su's sentence, so her action stood in place, and then she turned her head and looked at Xiao Su standing under the street lamp.

"Are you serious about what you say?" Xiao Yan looked at Xiao Su standing in front of her in disbelief, and said without a word: "are you not joking with me?"

Xiao Su looked at her expressionless, silent.

"Is this your territory? Why can't we come back? Besides, what does it have to do with you whether we go back or go back? " Xiao Yan said, some funny looking at Xiao Su: "you say these words are really ridiculous."

Xiao Su seemed to realize that he was wrong.

"Maybe you think I'm mean, but you can't go too far with what ye Shao just said?"

"Too much? What's too much? Xiao Su, what's the matter with you in five years? Don't you see it's your family who is waiting for us to bathe in purple? Why is it our fault? "

Xiao Yan said, in the heart to the anger, bite good lower lip way.

"Beicheng is our home. We don't need anyone's permission if we want to go home. If you think that we are deliberately swinging in front of you, you should poke your eyes at yourself!"

Xiao Su:

With that, Xiaoyan turned around and left.

Xiao Su's face changed and ran after him: "it's too late. I'll take you back. It's not safe on the way."

"Ha ha, if I stay with people like you, I will feel unsafe. I can ride by myself. I won't bother you!"

Only then did Xiao Su realize that what he had just said provoked her and quickly blocked her in front of her.

"I'm sorry, I don't know how to speak, but you're so eager to protect Muzi. I don't want to be hurt any more at night. We both have the same purpose, which can be regarded as reaching a consensus, but we have different directions. It's really too late at this time. Even if it's angry with me, let me make up for it and send you back. "