Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 430

Han Muzi was dizzy and dizzy. She only had time to reach out and hold his neck for fear of falling down. The pain from her stomach made her face lose some color. She bit her lower lip and looked at the near night.

"What are you doing?"

Ye Mo Shen gave her a cold look in his eyes and then turned around with her.

Because walking, so his chest came to shake, Han Muzi tried to push him away, but found that he had no strength, a burst of pain in the stomach, so that she almost fainted.

"What's wrong with the pain like this?" The voice of Mo Shen in the night sounds very gloomy, even his face is covered with dark clouds, and his eyes are full of anger.

Han Muzi was stunned for a moment.

Where did his fury come from?

When did she offend him again?

Thinking of this, Han Muzi closed her eyes and said weakly, "my pain is my business. It has nothing to do with Mr. night. Please let me down."

Night Mo deep sneer: "have nothing to do with me? So how do you think it's about me? "

Han Muzi: "it's just

What does this person want to do?

Must be entangled with oneself in this way, can he be happy?

She wanted to take a deep breath to relieve her stomach pain, but the stomach pain did not get relieved, but became worse. Han Muzi didn't want to talk to him any more. She just took back the hand around his neck and pushed his chest silently to get out of his arms.

The night Mo deep sees her this appearance, does not have the good airway: "has become like this, also wants to struggle?"

Han Muzi: "let me go."

Her voice, weak as it was, was firm and calm.

"Oh." Night Mo Shen sneered and did not let her go according to his words. Instead, he took her to his car, opened the door and put her in the co driver's seat. Then he bent down to fasten her seat belt.

Taking advantage of the vacant space of his driving seat, Han Muzi raised his hand to untie the seat belt and got off the car, but found that he could not even lift his hands in pain.

She had stomach pains and stomach problems before.

However, she raised it for a while.

I didn't expect This time it happened again, more than ever before.

The consciousness in front of me began to become less clear.

The night Mo deep turns the steering wheel, one side goes to stare at her, sees her face pale, the forehead braves a large cold sweat, then hastily stepped on the accelerator.

When waiting for the hospital, Yemo Shen reached out to untie her seat belt and said in a cold voice: "go in to see a doctor. If I struggle again later, I can..."

Half said, night Mo Shen found that the person in front of him had fainted in the past, his face suddenly changed, did not care about other quickly get out of the car to take her out and rushed into the hospital.

Fifteen minutes later, night Mo Shen finally settled Han Muzi, and then raised his eyes and glanced at night Mo Shen.

"Are you her boyfriend?"

Listen to speech, night Mo deep Leng for a while, shake head: "No

Then she quickly added, "I'm her husband."

Night Mo Shen said this sentence, eyes have been tightly glued in Han Muzi's face.

Lying there, Han Muzi's lips were pale, and his whole face was not bloody. His heart was like an ant on a hot pot. He was too anxious to know what to do.

"If you are a husband, you should take care of your wife. She has a serious stomach problem, don't you know? "

Night Mo deep a Leng, "stomach disease?"

"How on earth did you become a husband? Your wife's stomach trouble was so serious that she came to the hospital now? Isn't she eating irregularly

Asked by the doctor, ye Moshen found that he knew nothing about Han Muzi's life.

He didn't know what she ate for three meals and how to eat it.

I only remember that when I went to the restaurant with Lin Qingqing a few times ago, she ordered drinks and left after drinking them, and most of those drinks were still ice.

Think of here, night Mo deep immediately frown.

There is a very serious stomach disease, it should not be a day or two, since she knows that she has stomach trouble, why should she drink something cold?

"Well, I don't want to tell you what you don't know. Hang water here, let people prepare some millet porridge, dilute a little, let her drink some when she wakes up, and then stay in hospital for observation for a few days

Thank you very much Night Mo deep thanks to the doctor, the doctor will soon leave.

He went to the side of the bed and looked at Han Muzi, who was still in a coma. There was a touch of heartache in his dark eyes.

How did she live these five years?

How to cultivate yourself like this? Originally Ye Mo deeply sees that she has changed so much, and thinks that she should take good care of herself. Unexpectedly She still has stomach trouble.

This kind of disease should not be the kind of people who can't take care of themselves and have irregular diet?Suddenly, the night deep felt a vibration.

After a while, Mo Shen knew that it was Han Muzi's mobile phone shaking in the bag. Without any hesitation, he directly took the bag over and took out the mobile phone inside.

This mobile phone is by his hand, but Xiao Su didn't ask him any opinions after repairing it. He actually sent it back by himself.

He missed a good opportunity to get along with her.


When the low voice came from the other end of the mobile phone, Xiaoyan thought that she had heard something wrong, so she took the phone away and looked at the number on the screen. After confirming that it was right, she took the mobile phone to her ear again.

"You, are you?"

"The night is not deep."

He knew who the other party was, because Han Muzi gave Xiaoyan notes.

And ye Mo Shen also remembers her, so naturally directly reported his name.

Xiao Yan suddenly shivered all over his body. He turned his head and looked at Xiaomi Dou around him in an instant, then quickly got up and ran outside the door to answer the phone.

"Night, Mr. night? Why is Muzi's mobile phone here? "

Night Mo deep looked at a coma in Han Muzi, deep voice way: "what matter?"

Xiaoyan swallowed a mouthful of saliva, said: "I look for mu Zi, you let her answer the phone."

"Inconvenient." Mo Shen refused her directly.

Xiao Yan's eyes widened instantly.

"No, it's not convenient..."

What does that mean? Xiao Yan instantly felt that the whole person was not good. Did ye Mo Shen do something worse than animals to Mu Zi? Remembering what happened in the restaurant before, Xiaoyan also realized that the "big man" in that group of people was the night.

"Yes, if you have something to say."

"I, I actually..." Xiaoyan thought about it, or asked: "I just want to ask her how she is now? You Not to her... "

Listen, the night does not deep sneer out the sound.

"She fainted. What do you think I can do to her?"


"Stomach trouble."

Xiao Yan exclaimed: "God, she didn't eat all day today. I'm still worried about whether she will have stomach trouble. I really am..."