Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 429

Xiao Yan and Han Muzi have known each other for so many years. How can they not understand Han Muzi.

She can't do things that are not sure, so let her and Xiaomi Dou leave, there is really something that wants to support them.

And the big man downstairs, Xiaoyan with her for so long, think carefully, probably can also guess who.

"Auntie Xiaoyan, don't we have a big meal?" Millet bean turns round eye son, asked a sentence.

"Another day, your mother is going to talk about work today, so we have to leave first."

Xiaomi Dou's eyes were shining, as if there was some light, but he finally nodded cleverly, and then let Xiaoyan put the hat on his head, and then took his hand to leave.

The eyes of the night are naturally still on them.

When Xiaoyan and the child stood up, ye Moshen noticed that Han Muzi had an extra child in front of him. However, he didn't think much about it. He just felt that That child may be her colleague's child.

But I don't know what happened. When the child was taken away by Xiao Yan, the night Mo Shen's eyes actually followed him like a devil. When he came to the restaurant door, the little boy with a hat suddenly raised his head and showed half of his side face.

One eye, night Mo Shen's face immediately changed.

That kid

At this time, several people downstairs opened the door.

The sound interrupted the deep thoughts of the night. He came back to his mind and looked at those people coldly, as if asking.

A few people's faces changed a little bit, and then stepped forward.

"Night, little night..."

Several of them looked down and found that the two people sitting in front of the woman had left. They were scared and quickly explained: "we didn't force her to leave. We just asked her to come up and sit down. We didn't say anything else."

Listen, night Mo deep pick pick pick eyebrow, "you said is me?"

"Of course not." Several people waved their hands and said, "we only told her there are big people on it."

Several people told the truth, including Han Muzi's words downstairs that asked him to invite him in person.

When these people say these words to ye Moshen, they also observe ye Moshen's expression and calculate Xiao Jiujiu in their mind. They plan to give Han muchI some color to see if there is a displeasure on yemoshen's face.

But the night Mo deep face has no expression, has been calm to maintain the original appearance.

They can't get the night for a while. What do you think.

One of them wanted to try it out, so she angrily said, "this woman is really too much. Who does she think she is? She let yeshao go down in person. Please, yeshao, don't worry. I'll let my people bring her up now."

Finish saying, that person wants to wave his person to go out.

The night Mo deep a line of sight such as arrow swept over: "who let you make your own decisions?"

“…… Little night? "

The next second, night Mo Shen turned to look at Han Muzi sitting there through the French window. His thin lips were slightly hooked. Would you let him go down in person?

It seems that The woman probably knew who he was.


Han Muzi sat in the same place for a while. She watched the time passing by minute by second, and calculated that Xiaoyan and Xiaomi Dou should have been in the car and left. She simply stood up and was ready to leave.

When she got up, Han Muzi felt dizzy in front of her eyes and almost fell forward. Fortunately, she held the chair and did not fall down.

Han Muzi shakes his head. He hasn't been like this for a long time. Maybe he can't stand it for a while.

She has to get out of here and find a place to eat.

Think of here, Han Muzi then take a step quickly toward the door.

Just out of the door, there was a figure blocking her route.

"To where?"

Cold male voice from the front, Han Muzi looked at the people in front of her.

He is indeed!

The night is deep!

She knew that after sitting down for a short time, she felt a line of sight on her body. Who else could this kind of blazing eyes have in addition to the depth of night? However, Han Muzi has no time and mood to deal with him now, because she has not eaten all day, and now her stomach has a faint pain.

She pursed her lips and managed to squeeze out an official smile.

"It's Mr. night. It's really a coincidence to meet you here. However, I still have something to deal with. I'll invite Mr. night to dinner some other day when I have a chance."

Finish saying Han Muzi will go, the result is in the night Mo deep side of the time, but was caught by his wrist.

"Here I am."

Han Muzi's step meal, some surprised to see him.

Night Mo deep turn head, dark eyes tightly grab in her face: "not let me personally invite?"


"Go upstairs to dinner?"Han Muzi puffed at the corner of her mouth. She just said it casually because she wanted to let Xiaoyan and Xiaomi Dou leave, but she never thought about going upstairs to eat together.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi pulled his lips and said, "Mr. night, I'm afraid you misunderstood me. I just asked you to come in person, but I didn't say that I would certainly agree."

Listen, the night is deep, some dangerous squint eyes.

"So, are you playing me

"Just a joke." Han Muzi broke away from his hand and stepped back two steps. As a result, he staggered and almost fell back.

However, Han Muzi stepped back several steps to stabilize her body. Then she covered her stomach, and her face was a little pale.

The night Mo Shen instantly realized that there was something wrong with her, and narrowed her eyes to look at her.

"What's the matter?"

Han Muzi took a deep breath and stood in place to relieve the pain in the stomach, which could not be consumed any more.

Her face slightly pale looking at the night Mo deep way: "nothing, the old problem."

"What's wrong with it?" Ye Mo was staring at her, as if he cared about her.

Han Muzi smiles. Naturally, he didn't explain to him. He just walked in the direction of the parking lot. He stood in the same place for a while and followed him.

To the parking lot, Han MUCI stomach pain more and more intense, the forehead has been out of cold sweat.

I don't know if God wants to play with her or she is really too willful. In the past, when she has a stomachache, she will not be the same as today. Is it because she is too hungry today, or is she anxious to be angry?

Step a stagger, Han Muzi want to hold on to what, the result caught a touch of warmth.

She looked back and saw Yemo Shen's cold and beautiful face, and her hand was right on his arm.

Han Mu purple Leng for a while, then will hand back, she asked weakly: "how did you follow?"

Her face was much paler than before, and her forehead was covered with a thick layer of cold sweat, which looked very bad. She frowned fiercely at night, and did not care any more. She pulled her directly to her face and asked fiercely, "what's the matter?"

Han Muzi was startled by him and said weakly: "stomach, stomachache."

As soon as the voice fell, she was held up.