Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 427

Listen, cold moon on the face of a joy, "you still remember me?"

Xiaomi Dou nods.

Lengyueyue was so happy that she quickly reached out and touched her bag. This time, she touched a lollipop, and then she directly handed it to Xiaomi Dou.

Xiaomi Dou hesitated for a moment, then stretched out his hands to take the lollipop and nodded to the cold moon.

"Thank you, pretty sister."

"It's good breeding. You're too polite." The moon whispers.

It's really a child of the great God family. It seems that She really misunderstood Han Muzi before.

It's just, this kid Who is she with?

"How can you come to the company at this time? Isn't it almost time to get off work? "

make complaints about this. Xiao Yan is worried about her face. "I don't want to go to Tucao anymore. Mu purple is still in the office. I went to the nearby school to pick up the beans and go upstairs to wait for her."

Listen to me, lengyueyue can't help but stare at her eyes. She has been drawing design drawings since morning?

It has to be said that the road to the championship is really hard to walk. She can't make her like Han Muzi, who doesn't eat or drink at the end of the day, but confines herself to a room to draw pictures.

"All right, bull man! I'll go first, little Bonnie. I'll see you next time

, "beautiful sister, goodbye," and

, after leaving the cold month, Xiao Yan could not help but make complaints about her: "how did you feel so proud before that?"

However, Xiao Yan still quickly reacts, and then takes Xiaomi Dou to go upstairs to wait for Han Muzi.

When I got upstairs, I just met Han Muzi coming out of it.

"Millet beans." Han Muzi see millet beans, then quickly squat down to embrace him: "scared to death, I just think he went to school today."

"Mommy, when you think about it, millet beans will be picked up by others." Xiaomi Dou's tone is a little melancholy.

Han Muzi felt guilty. He stretched out his hand and pinched his soft cheek: "it's mummy who is not good. Mummy and Xiaomi Dou apologize. Next time, I will remember to pick you up in person."

Xiaomi Dou opened her hand and hugged Han Muzi's neck. The two mother and son looked very intimate: "that mommy should do what she says."

"It's a deal."

Han Muzi also stretched out his hand to pull a hook with Xiaomi Dou, and Xiaoyan couldn't help turning a white eye.

"Xiaomi Dou, I think it's better for you and your mother to come to me. After all, your mother is a work maniac. Once she works, she doesn't even have to eat or sleep. Where can I care about you?"

Listen, Xiaomi Dou's face suddenly changed.

"Mommy, do you still have rice to eat today?"

By such a question, Han Muzi was surprised to find her stomach hungry. She touched her stomach and felt embarrassed: "it seems that Is it like you didn't eat? "

Hearing this, Xiao Yan almost gave Han Muzi a poppy: "I've been waiting for you all day. I don't care. Today you treat us. We're going out to have a big meal!"

Eat out? Han Muzi thought for a moment, then took out a hat from the bag and put it on Xiaomi Dou's head: "let's go. Mommy will treat you to a big meal today."

Hearing the food, Xiaomi Dou's eyes flashed with brilliant light, and immediately hugged Han Muzi's thigh: "I forgive Mommy."

"You know what to eat I don't know who it is. "

Xiaomi Dou blinked: "Mommy is not a food, that millet bean must be like Daddy."

When this sentence came out, Han Muzi's smile on her lips was dull for a moment. After a moment, she laughed: "well, no matter who you are like, you are the best baby of Mommy. Let's go."

Because Xiao Su sent the car back for her, Han Muzi drove the car himself, let Xiaoyan and Xiaomi Dou sit in the back seat, and went to a restaurant with good evaluation on the Internet for dinner.

This restaurant is very high-end. There are open seats on the first floor, and the box position is above the second floor. If there are many people, you can go upstairs. Han Muzi and his party have only three people. In addition, there are a lot of people in the restaurant. So the three people chose a relatively quiet seat and sat down.

"Order first."

At this time, the balcony is upstairs.

"Come, come, night, I'd like to propose a toast to you!" A middle-aged man with a face full of flesh raised his glass and toasted in the direction of the night.

However, sitting on the opposite night, Mo Shen's expression is indifferent, and seems to have no regard for each other at all.

Standing in the night Mo deep behind Xiao Su smile: "Mr. Wang, this toast is not very good?"

Hearing this, Mr. Wang's fat face trembled, and then he put down the cup in his hand, embarrassed way: "it's my fault, I'll punish myself for three cups."

Then he quickly poured himself three glasses of wine, a stuffy down.

A few people around saw this and clapped.

"Wang is a good drinker."

"Mr. Wang is really lucky to be invited to the stage today. In the past, the night is less expensive and there are many personnel. We can't invite any of us. Today is really a wonderful day."Several people have been flattering to the night, listening to the pain of human skull.

Night Mo deep frown eyebrows, the whole body revealed a displeased breath, Xiao Su immediately straightened his back: "everybody, it's time to say business."

The crowd was on pins and needles and nodded quickly.

So we talked about business. After being bored, ye Moshen glanced around, because the box here has a floor to floor window. As soon as yemoshen turned around, he had a panoramic view of the scene downstairs.

Originally, the night Mo Shen was just a casual glance, but his eyes suddenly stopped, and then he was attracted by a figure in the corner.

Night Mo deep eyes grab the man, and then squint eyes.

How could she be here?

Han Muzi sits on the opposite side of the night. Today, Xiaomi Dou and Xiaoyan sit together. Because it takes time to wait for food, Xiaoyan and Xiaomi Dou get together to play games.

Han Muzi took out the repaired mobile phone and opened wechat to have a look.

After being photographed by the woman before, she heard a sound from her mobile phone. It should be that the screen was broken. Unexpectedly, Xiao Su repaired it for her.

Thinking of that person, Han Muzi opened wechat.

In the application list, there is also the account number of Yemo Shen.

It's just that she made it black.

Why do you think of that man again? Han Muzi looks like a meal. People are already married. What else does she think of him for?

With this in mind, Han Muzi will put the mobile phone on the desktop, and then look at the opposite side gently.

In the box at this time, after all the bosses had finished with ye Moshen, they found that he had no response at all. After another look, they found that his eyes were looking down through the landing window.

"This What is there to watch at night? "

Several people followed his line of sight and saw a five body three-dimensional, beautiful and delicate woman.

Everyone was stunned, but they quickly came back.

"It seems that it is said that the night is not close to the female voice. In fact, it must be so."

"Little night, do you like it?"

"We understand it!" Then a group of people burst out laughing.

It's just that the laughter didn't last long, because Yemo Shen suddenly turned around and stared at them.