Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 426

"Almost. As long as her inspiration comes, she doesn't want to be disturbed by others, so she will lock herself up and draw pictures."

Lengyueyue always feels like she lacks something. After receiving money, they know that Han Muzi has no interest in her because she is a woman who depends on men.

But now it seems that this is not the case.

Thinking of this, the cold month asked, "when she was abroad, she called?"

"What do you mean? I've been in the company for a long time. I don't know her name yet. "

"So ask you, tell me quickly."


Xiao Yan replied impatiently.

Shelly? The name sounds a little familiar.

So lengyueyue didn't talk to Xiaoyan again. Instead, she took the elevator back to the office and sat down in front of the computer.

Wang an saw her turn around: "how about it? She still didn't come out? "

"Go away and leave me alone." Leng Yueyue stares at Wang An, then opens the search engine, and enters Han Muzi's English name in it.

“Shelly? What do you do with Baidu? " Wang An was told to go away. She was not angry. She also came to see her computer.

No, google didn't know, 100 degrees, the cold month was shocked directly, and was surprised to see Shelly's brilliant achievements in the past.

How could this happen? Leng Yueyue's fingers slide down rapidly, and the achievements emerge one by one. Even Wang an on the other side can't help but stare.

"Whoa, who is this? Why is it so powerful? "

"What's the situation?" Other people see the Cold Moon said, they also quickly came to have a look.

"Lotus prize, this is the biggest prize in foreign countries. Shelly won the championship."

"Wow, this work is so well designed. Who is Shelly? What do you do with Baidu

The cold month holds the mouse hand suddenly some trembles, her lips moved, finally unexpectedly is a word all cannot say.

From the beginning, they looked down on the woman.

Because people subconsciously think that she is a nobody, so they never investigate her background, only if she is an ordinary person, even think that she can't even design.

But later, her accurate and sharp words made people irrefutable. No matter what point, it is possible to see that she is deeply involved in this industry. In the cold month, when she may have made some achievements abroad, she did not expect to achieve so much.

The cold moon unconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

"Do you think this man is good?"

"Great, the lotus prize is my lifelong dream, not to mention the champion. If I can be nominated, I will wake up laughing in my dream." Zhang Yu couldn't help speaking.

One side of shuguo'er also laughed: "nomination? I'm afraid none of us is qualified. "

"Yeah, if we were eligible to be nominated, we wouldn't be here to form a team." This is Xiao Yiyi's voice. She looks a little depressed.

But soon, her eyes again looked at the design works on the computer: "the champion of lotus prize, what a brilliant person that is."

Lengyueyue thinks about it, starts Baidu Shelly's photo, and then opens it.

They didn't care, but when Shelly came on stage to win the prize, a group of people were stunned.

"Ah, why does this man look like a little familiar?"

"This, this is not..."

Everyone's face became ugly, and their breath was short of breath. Lin Zheng, who had never said a word, also looked at this side and saw the champion on the screen.

It was a girl wearing a deep-sea color skirt. Her overall temperament and the surrounding blue lights were in a piece. Ordinary female stars were set off by brilliance. However, the appearance of her standing on the stage with the award was more like that she was integrated with the light, and the faint smile on her face and the coldness and inexplicable harmony of her eyes.

There is a sense of standing and independence.

For the first time, the fundus of Lin Zheng's eyes was amazing.

That woman is not their new boss.

On that day, she also left him in the conference room and said to him: the difficulties are only temporary, behind the darkness is the sun.


Lin Zheng's eyes are full of irony.

Isn't it ridiculous for a man standing at the top of the brilliance to say this to a man standing in the dark?



Lin Zheng suddenly got up and went out.

"Brother Lin Zheng?" Xiao Yiyi didn't know what happened, so he ran after him.

The office was quiet.

"So, our new boss, in fact, is not a man's woman, but Shelly?” Zhang Yu's eyes widened and he felt unbelievable.How could this happen? She also tried to pull the woman down and make her funny one day.

But I didn't think she was Shelly?

And shuguoer's mood is completely tangled and complicated.

Because at the meeting before, she said on the spot that her works had strong imitation traces, which made Zhang Yu laugh at her. For a long time, shuguo'er always hated her.

Although she thinks Mu Zi is right, she is a woman who can't do anything. Why should she say so?

Now know that she is the lotus prize champion, shuguo'er's mood suddenly becomes delicate.

Is she still angry with the champion's guidance? For a while, shuguo'er didn't know whether to thank or to continue to be angry.

Li Junfeng was stunned for a moment, then he drew up the corner of his lips: "as expected, this is not a simple woman as I imagined. You don't think about it. How can an ordinary woman get into Han Qing's eyes? Ah, and the Yeshi group that came to our door. I see The color behind the woman is dark. We can relax. Maybe we think bad luck is the beginning of our good luck


Han Muzi did not finish painting until 6 p.m.

However, after holding a posture for a long time, Han Muzi's shoulders were sore. She was so tired that she simply put the pen down, and then the whole person fell back in a big font.

Close your eyes, eyes are sour, and your brain seems to have a paste in stirring.

Let's have a rest.

And Xiaoyan waited outside for a long time. Seeing that it was getting dark, she went to the nearby school to pick up Xiaomi Dou from work, and then took it to the company.

When Xiaomi Dou came over, she just came across the cold moon to go downstairs.

Leng Yueyue now sees Xiaomi Dou, and her mood has become delicate. The lotus prize has always been her dream, but her boss is the winner of that award.

This should be a blessing, but if she says hello to the child now, will it be considered flattering? After all, she used to be so fierce.

In the cold month tangled time, millet beans but first called her a: "Oh, beautiful sister, last time gave me sugar."