Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 425

In this world, who can make night Mo Shen think like crazy and behave abnormally?

He followed ye Moshen for so many years, knowing that ye Moshen's disposition has always been cold, but he only had pity on that woman, doting, distressed, tangled and so on.

So besides her, Xiao Su really can't guess anyone else.

It's a pity that she disappeared for so long that Xiao Su never thought that she would appear again.

And after the emergence, and so easily affected the night deep heart.

Han Muzi didn't take his words, just looked at him faintly.

"Will you go up and sit down for a while?"

She asked.

Xiao Su shook his head, and then handed the key and mobile phone to the front: "the matter has been handled under the command of the night, and the mobile phone has been repaired. This is your car key."

Han Muzi looked down and saw a mobile phone and car key lying in his hand.

She was stunned and reached for her cell phone and key.

So, is he here to deliver these?

Han Muzi thinks, should not be so simple.

"Miss Shelly."

Xiao Su suddenly called her out. Han Muzi looked up and saw a strange emotion in her eyes. His voice didn't sound warm.

"I know you're a famous designer now, and you have your own company. Once upon a time, Miss Shelly was a person whom I adored very much. I can rest assured that you will stay with me at night. But Too many things have happened in five years, if you can I hope Miss Shelly doesn't hurt night less any more. "

Han Muzi: "it's just

How deep is the night of injury?

When did she hurt so much? Wasn't she the one who was hurt?

Who blocked her out of Haijiang villa and ordered her not to enter Yeshi gate?

Who is it Throw the divorce contract in front of her and let her never show up again?

When these memories flashed from her mind, Han Muzi's eyes were obviously more annoyed, but soon, she put these rolling emotions back, and when her eyes recovered to a calm state, she slowly raised her head and looked into Xiao Su's eyes.

"You're joking. Mr. Ye is just my client. How can I hurt him?"

Xiao Su was stunned.


Han Muzi smile: "thank you this time. I owe you a favor. If you have time to have dinner next time, or if you need help, you can call me. This is my name."

Finish saying, Han Muzi then handed his business card in the past, Xiao Su Leng for a few seconds to take over the business card.

"What you worry about will not happen, and it will not happen."

"I see. Today is my indiscretion. I have something else to do. Let's go first."

"No, No Han Muzi also lightly nodded, and then watched Xiao Su leave.

After Xiao Su leaves, Xiao Yan slips out in the corner.

"What's the matter? It's a very unpleasant conversation. What happened?"

Hearing Xiao Yan's voice, Han Muzi came back to God and shook his head: "nothing, go back."

Xiao Yan looks at Han Muzi's back, always feel a little strange.

What did the two men say? How strange it feels.

After returning to the office, Han Muzi sat down again to draw a picture. Her expression on her face was light, but there were various problems in her mind.

Xiao Su clearly knew what happened in those years. Why did he tell himself this today?

Is it because ye Moshen has been married?

So she was afraid that she would destroy his marriage and revenge him?

If he really thinks so, he will take her Han Muzi too lightly. Even if she is dead, she will not do that kind of damage to other people's families.

Because she's been hurt like this before.

If not, when Han Xueyou told her she was pregnant, how could she feel so sad and want to leave?

After that, Han Muzi wanted to write again, but found that all his inspiration had run out.

Helpless, she had to put the pen down, and then went to the tea room to make a cup of coffee for herself.

Sometimes she felt that even if she was not so calm in five years, she should not be so calm.

But now she found that her inspiration was interrupted by Xiao Su's words and disappeared completely.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi called Xiaoyan directly: "I'm going to close the door today and draw pictures. No one will see. You can see what customers or things are solved."

Xiaoyan saw her expression serious, then did not say much, directly nodded.

"Don't worry. You can draw pictures with peace of mind. I'll deal with other things."

"Well, I'll trouble you."After that, Han Muzi locked the door of the office, then went directly to the rest room in the office, moved a chair in front of the French window, and then sat on the ground and began drawing.

She closed her eyes and began to think back on her previous inspiration, leaving everything out and thinking only about these designs.

Xiaoyan has been waiting outside. Originally, they had agreed that they would go to see the house nearby by noon. But Han Muzi said that she would draw design drawings behind closed doors, so she didn't dare to disturb her. She didn't even dare to go in for lunch.

Midway cold month came to find Han Muzi once, the result was blocked outside by Xiaoyan.

"Don't you see us? What is she doing in it? "

"Muzi has an inspiration. She draws pictures in peace of mind. She said that no one is allowed to disturb her, so you can come out after she finishes drawing."

Cold month on Han Muzi has not the initial so hate, because she is really a small powerful woman, she admired this kind of cold month, but on the surface or some awkward, cut a.

"I've become the head of the company, but I still do this. If something happens to the company, she still hides in it and draws pictures?"

Hearing this, Xiaoyan frowned and frowned: "you can tell me what you want to say. There is no need to be sour here."

"Well, who wants to tell you? I'll come back to her later. "

Cold month said and left.

Then she waited until three or four o'clock in the afternoon, and the door of the office was still closed.

Cold moon: "she won't be out in the morning, has she?"

Xiao Yan leaned against the door, her face was a little worried.

"As you said."

Lengyueyue was stunned: "are you crazy? Even if you are painting, you should control your body, right? That's her attitude as a boss to paint day and night? "

Xiao Yan seems to have no spirit. She doesn't even want to talk to her.

Cold month thought for a while, looked at Xiao Yan and asked, "she can't even have lunch?"

Xiao Yan nodded.

"Just eat a little in the morning and go in till now."

Cold month is very speechless, the corners of the mouth smoke, see Xiaoyan helpless but dare not go in the appearance, can not help but ask: "she used to be so many times?"