Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 424

In this way, on Monday, Han Muzi sent Xiaomi Dou to school, and then took Han Qing's free ride to the company.

In fact, she and the little guy's time is not very good, the children's school time is 7:30 in the morning, and their company is 8:00 to go to work, she arrived about half an hour early every day.

However, for Han Muzi, half an hour is not too much. Anyway, she is the boss, so half an hour is nothing.

After getting off the bus, Han Qing pointed out: "your car..."

"By the way, I forgot to tell you that my car ran into the rear two days ago, so I'll ask later. If the car is ready, I'll give you a message. "

Hearing the word "rear end", Han Qing's eyebrows suddenly frowned, then looked at her whole body and asked unhappily, "two days ago? Why didn't you tell me? "

"I didn't have any problems at that time, and it was me who tailed others, not others who tailed me, so you don't have to worry."


"Well." Han Muzi said, then nodded.

Han Qing put down his mind and said, "that's OK. I'll go first."

"Brother, you don't have to come to pick us up this afternoon. The car should be able to be repaired today."

Han Qing nodded, didn't say anything more, and left soon.

After he left, Han Muzi and Xiaoyan went to the company together. Because it was still early, the company was very quiet. Only cleaning and security came, so we didn't see anyone else.

"Well, I'm so sleepy in the morning. I could have slept half an hour more." Xiaoyan couldn't help but purr lips and complained, followed her to yawn several times.

"She can't bear to buy a little apartment with her, even if she doesn't feel sleepy at school

Hearing this, Xiaoyan suddenly widened her eyes and came to embrace her arm: "really? But the apartment near the school should be very expensive

Han Muzi smiles: "my savings should be enough."

"Will we become poor after we buy it?"

Han Muzi glanced at her: "what do you think?"

Small Yan Du Du lips: "buy it, anyway, it's yours, not mine. After buying, I'll follow you to rub up.". It's a big deal. Let's save some food in the future. "

"Are you a little silly, I say? Do we just spend money? Won't make money? Many places need money to develop after returning to China. That's why I said that we should try our best to make the company well, otherwise At that time, we estimate that we will have to drink from the north and the West. "

Xiaoyan:.... "

They went upstairs together, because it was not time to go to work, so Xiaoyan simply ran to the computer and opened the source network.

"Do you have to find a house near the school? Or to someone near our company? "

"All right." Han Muzi thought about it, and then a faint smile: "anyway, no matter it's near the company or the school, it's very close."

Probably because she had lived abroad for many years before, Xiaoyan was highly efficient. In addition, neither of them was particularly picky. So they quickly went to see a community, and then they made an appointment to go over and have a look at it when they got off work at noon.

When it was time to go to work, everyone came to the company one after another. Han Muzi also started to draw the drawings seriously. She had already inspired the design drawings of Lin Qingqing, so she wanted to draw a draft and submit it to Lin Qingqing to see if she was satisfied.

She didn't like to be disturbed when she was drawing, so she specially told Xiaoyan not to look for her if there was nothing particularly important. When the time came, she would go out by herself.

The door of the office, which had been closed, was suddenly knocked.

Han Muzi's thoughts were interrupted, she could not help frowning, "who?"

"Me Xiao Yan's voice came from outside.

Xiaoyan? What is she doing at this time? But Han Muzi knows Xiaoyan's character, if there is no important thing, she should not be looking for her at this time.

Thinking of this, she whispered, "come in."

Xiao Yan pushed the door in with a guilty look, and then sneaked up to Han Muzi.

"Yes, someone is looking for you."

Han Muzi said Who's looking for me


"What are you doing?" Han Muzi looked at her in a funny way: "even if it's an acquaintance, you don't..."

Speaking of this, Han Muzi seems to think of who is the same, lip words a meal, a moment later Zheng for a moment: "night is not deep?"

Xiaoyan saw that she said the name of that person so lightly, and suddenly widened her eyes: "are you not surprised? Now you say his name doesn't matter? But It's not that he's looking for you, it's His assistant

Yemo Shen's assistant?

Isn't that right?Han Muzi put down the pen in her hand, and then whispered, "please bring him up."

"He didn't come up and said he would wait for you downstairs."

In this case, Han Muzi had to get up and walk outside, but Xiaoyan was not willing to move. Han Muzi looked back at her: "how can you say that you and he are old acquaintances, you don't go?"

When hearing the old acquaintance's address, Xiao Yan's expression on her face was strange. She shook her head: "no, you can go by yourself."

"All right." Han Muzi then turned to leave.

Later, she couldn't help but hold her cheek away.

She still felt embarrassed when she saw Xiao Su now. Although it had been so long, she suddenly remembered the stupid things she had done five years ago when she was drunk. She felt very ashamed.

Although Xiao suzui did not mention what she did At that time, Xiaoyan remembered clearly.

I can only say, it's a shame!!!

So she didn't want to see Xiao Su again!

Xiao Su is waiting downstairs. When Han Muzi comes to him, Xiao Su has a chance to look at the woman she hasn't seen in five years.

I haven't seen her for five years. I didn't expect her to be more generous and graceful, charming and moving. Before that, the timid and stubborn young grandmother had already become a capable and intelligent woman.

I didn't expect that time could change so many things for a person.


When Han Muzi approached, Xiao Su almost blurted out a word and called out his little grandmother. However, he stopped him in time. However, it was only a word. Han Muzi still recognized what he was going to receive.

The original expressionless face changed a little because of the address, but it quickly came back.

"Long time no see, Xiao su."

Seeing Xiao Su, Han Muzi is very calm and smiles at him.

Xiao Su stopped for a moment, and then he also began to laugh, but his smile was not so open: "I should have guessed it was you."