Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 421

Someone was leading the way, but after a short time, he stopped and said in a voice, "Miss Shelly, it's OK to bring you here, Miss Shelly."

Han Muzi looked at the road ahead and nodded.


After others left, Han Muzi's eyes became gloomy.

Did he mean it? Is it not for her to recall the journey when she is taken here? Han Muzi used to stay here for a period of time, although not so long, but This is where she used to live, and it's her daily activity area.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi's hands hanging on both sides can't help but clench his fist and bite his teeth.

Night is not deep, he clearly is intentional!!

Han Muzi took a deep breath and tried to persuade himself to calm down in his heart, and then walked forward.

And at this moment, night Mo deep look forward to step by step forward Han Muzi, and then shake the red wine cup in hand, thin lips slowly hook up.

It seems that this woman is very familiar with everything here.

Soon, Han Muzi went to the door, and then she raised her hand and knocked on the door.

The man's deep voice came from inside.

"Come in."

Han Muzi opened the door and went in. He saw a man sitting on the sofa, drinking red wine leisurely. It was probably because of the holiday. So night Mo Shen only wore a thin shirt with a few buttons at random, and a pair of simple black trousers.

The sunlight from the sea came in through the French windows, illuminating the whole house.

The early morning sun was just right, giving the whole house a layer of lazy color.

Han Muzi's eyes flashed by a touch of amazement.

I have to say, the night is not deep facial features and temperament is really no fault.

Soon, she regained her original mood and opened her bag.

"Mr. night."

"Have you had breakfast?"

The night Mo Shen interrupts her words, the eye falls on the table in front of him: "eat a bit first?"

I'm kidding. She didn't come to dinner.

Han Muzi smiles, opens the bag and takes out the soft ruler he carries with him. "Mr. night, I have other things to do later, so let's make a quick decision."

I hope ye Moshen can stand up, but he just sits there and doesn't move at all.

"Mr. night?" Han Muzi frowned and called again.

Night Mo deep lips: "quick war, quick decision? Is Miss Shelly in such a hurry to go on a date

“…… No

"Then sit down and have breakfast with me."

Han Muzi: "Mr. night."

"What?" The night Mo deep evil spirit's eyes directly fall on her face: "have time to have breakfast? Or I will accompany you to do what you want to do? "

Let him go to school to look for Xiaomi Dou, she will agree if she is crazy.

Finally, Han Muzi can only compromise, take back the soft ruler, and then sit down in the opposite night.

Breakfast was well prepared, as if knowing she was coming.

It's just that Han Muzi has already had breakfast at home, but she knows that Yemo Shen will do what he wants to do, so she is too lazy to argue and takes a sandwich and nibbles at it.

I just hope that after breakfast, we can make a quick decision and go back.

Originally she accompanies millet bean time to be few, by night Mo deep so one stir, the feeling did not have.

Han Muzi is thinking about things and eating sandwiches in a small way, while the opposite night Mo Shen's eyes are glued on her face, which can't be moved at all.

She really, has become too much, too much.

Now she is calmer, calmer and more beautiful than before.

As if, completely transformed.

Such Han Muzi is undoubtedly amazing to him.

But it was also a headache for him.

Han Muzi is thinking about things, suddenly feel that there is a burning sight on her body, she pause for a moment, and then raise her head, just into the dark dark dark eyes of the night.

Eye collision, night Mo Shen no half embarrassed, but more directly looking at her.

The eyes were so naked and hot.

Han Muzi heart a burst of cluttering, suddenly did not eat the mind.

Then she put down her sandwich and said in a deep voice, "I'm full, Mr. night. Can we start now?"

"Anytime." Don't be too late at night, just as you please.

But he was still sitting there languidly, motionless.

Is it for her to go by herself?

Han Muzi stood up with a frown on her eyebrows and took out the ruler again. After taking his body data, she left directly.She stepped forward, rarely asked: "Mr. night, would you please stand up?"

"Stand up?" Never raise your eyebrows at night.

Han Muzi smile: "a minute can."

When she had finished, she waited patiently.

The next second, yemoshen put down the cup, and his straight and tight legs finally stood up. Originally, Han Muzi had a distance from him, but when he stood up, he moved a lot of distance to her side, almost close to her.

The night with long hands and long feet stands in front of Han Muzi, and all his masculine breath has been pressed down without reservation, covering her.

Such a breath Although after so many years, Han Muzi is still slightly shocked.

Her pupils shrank for a while, just as she was about to step back and keep a distance from him, one hand held her slender waist.

Han Muzi raised her eyes in amazement: "what are you doing?"

Night Mo Shen's eyes are as deep as the sea, falling on her face like suction, his voice is low, such as the slow pulling of the Cello Sound.

"How to measure the size when you stand so far away?"

When she said this, the night was still leaning against her ear.

I don't know if it's her illusion. Han Muzi always thinks that night is blowing to her ears deliberately.

Such a move is undoubtedly stimulating for Han Muzi, and then she heard her heart beat start to beat, but in addition, she also has a heavy sense of humiliation.

A married man, however, always treats her with this kind of lightness.

Han Muzi closed her eyes and said in a cold voice, "let me go."

The breath on her body almost instantly cooled down. Before the night, Mo Shen didn't understand what was going on, Han Muzi took out a soft ruler and tied it to his arm. Then she moved to the other side.

At this time, there is a short distance from him.

Han Muzi measured his size with a cold face.

Originally, these things can not be done by her, but Han Muzi knows that if ye Moshen is aiming at herself, she will call those designers over, I'm afraid they will not suffer less humiliation than herself.

She took the list herself, so she had to bear it.

"Do you hate me now?"