Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 420


Yemoshen directly refused her.

"I want to see you now."

In a word, let Han Muzi's mind swing, the temple also followed the pain up.

"Say the location. I'll pick you up myself."

"Mr. night."

"You don't know where you want to be now." Night Mo deep low smile out a voice: "however, you really sure?"

Han Muzi takes a deep breath and smiles: "please send me the address. I'll take a taxi now."

With that, she hung up the phone.

Motherfucker, it's night!

Han Mu purple gas to gnash teeth, he is on purpose!

Yes, according to yemoshen's ability to cover the sky in the North City, he can indeed investigate her whereabouts now, but she still has Xiaomi Dou with her. She doesn't want ye Moshen to know the existence of Xiaomi Dou.

So, in the end, there is only compromise.

Hang up after the phone, Han Muzi then converged on his body's mood, and then walked forward.

"What's the matter? Who's calling early in the morning After approaching, Han Qing asked.

Han Muzi chuckled: "nothing, just a customer."

"Customers? The company is busy recently? "

"Not bad, received a female star, recommended quite a lot of customers."

Han Qing nodded: "yes, it's a good start."

"Brother, Xiaoyan, I have something to leave first, Xiaomi Dou please take care of you."

Xiao Yan was still staring at her curiously. At this moment, when she said this, her face suddenly turned pale. She quickly stepped forward and pulled her aside.

"What's the matter? The night is not deep, and you are called to pass? "

Han Muzi shrugged, saying that he was helpless.

Xiaoyan said angrily: "then you left, isn't it just me and your brother left? That's embarrassing. "

Hearing this, Han Muzi was happy at once, "isn't that just what you want? When we are alone, we have a lot of opportunities. "

Speaking of this, Han Muzi also reached out to pat Xiaoyan's shoulder and squeezed her eyes: "come on, I'll take good care of you."

"Wow, Muzi, you are too much!" Xiao Yan's face turned red when she teased her. She bit her lower lip and said, "your brother doesn't like me. Besides Last time, he was still in front of me I don't have the face to face him again

"Whatever you want. Anyway, my brother is still single now. If you are brave, you may still have a chance. In case he suddenly wants to get married one day, then There's no chance. "

Voice, mobile phone vibrated again, Han Muzi took a look, it is night Mo deep hair information came in.

"Well, I've got the address. I'm going to get there now. Xiaomi Dou and my big brother will ask you. Please lend me your mobile phone first. "

"Well, you should come back early. If you have anything to do, remember to call your brother."

"I see."

Han Muzi left school, and then went to the side of the road to stop the car. After she got on the bus, she turned on her mobile phone to see the address.

However, after seeing that string of addresses, Han Muzi's look disappeared in an instant.

Haijiang Villa

This is where she was five years ago.

As soon as these four words appeared in Han Muzi's eyes, what happened five years ago was like a sea wave rushing into her mind, bumping and exploding.

"Miss? Miss

The driver's uncle is calling her.

Han Muzi recovered.

"To where?" The driver's uncle looked at her, vaguely worried.

Han Muzi said a string of addresses.

After that, she was completely silent, turned off her mobile phone, and looked out of the window in a trance.

Haijiang villa.

Why did he call himself there? Because she had been in that place, he decided to call her there to humiliate her?

Originally, because he helped himself yesterday, he had a wavering mood towards him. Now it has disappeared completely. Han Muzi's cold eyes have become like frost and snow. Even the driver feels that the temperature around him seems to have dropped a lot, so he said in a puzzled way.

"It's strange that it's too hot just now. How can I feel a little cold all of a sudden Is it because the air conditioner is too low? "

"Are you cold, miss? Do you need to lower the air conditioner

No one answered him. The driver's uncle glanced at the people behind him through the rearview mirror.

She looked out of the window in a trance, not knowing what she was thinking.

What a strange man.

The driver's uncle wondered.

After arriving at Haijiang villa, Han Muzi paid the fare and got off the bus.

Five years have passed, and a number of people have been changed to guard the gate of Haijiang villa. All of them are very eye-catching.Han Muzi walked past, those people have been looking at her.

"Who are you? What are you doing here? "

Han Muzi did not change his face and said in a cold voice, "Shelly, the designer of Zichuan company, I made an appointment with Mr. Ye to come over to talk about things today."

What she said was very true, but those people still looked at each other suspiciously: "we didn't receive the notice, could you be mistaken?"

Han Mu purple light voice way: "you go in ask to know, I wait here."

With that, Han Muzi stood aside and waited.

She is not anxious and impetuous, and usually those who want to get in touch with the night is not the same woman, plus her appearance and temperament are excellent, should not be the kind of woman who can climb the dragon and the Phoenix.

So someone went in and asked.

The wind is very strong by the sea. Han Muzi stands there wearing a set of leisure knitting dress, and looks very quiet.

And did not have time to tie the green silk is so blown up by the wind, in the air across a good-looking arc.

The crowd was stunned.

After a few minutes, the man who went in to inquire ran out, panting.

"Miss, our husband will let you in."

"Thank you."

Han Muzi turns around and moves forward like a puppet. She doesn't have any smile on her face. She looks very cold and cold, but It's beautiful again.

After she left, several people couldn't help but gather together.

"What's the situation? When did ye Shao call people here to talk about work? "

"You fool? Talking about work is just a cover. We want to be alone at night. "

"That's even more strange. Isn't it that the night is not close to women? After all these years, where has a woman ever set foot... "

"Who says it's not close to women? When the last group of people were still there, they said that five years ago, there was a woman who lived here. That was what ye Shao held as a treasure in his hand, but Later, it seemed that something happened, and I didn't see the woman again. But now when we look at it, we are not close to the female voice at night. It is clear that our eyes are good. "

“…… It's also said that this woman is very beautiful, that is It's a little cold. "

"Hi, what do you know Maybe I like this kind of snow beauty at night. "

And Han Muzi unconscious, he has become the object of discussion, still self-care to go forward.