Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 419

After driving for dozens of minutes, the car finally stopped in front of a school.

This is the noble college in Beicheng.

It is a private kindergarten college. It not only has good teaching quality, but also has excellent environment and food. Most of the rich children in Beicheng will send their children here.

The reason why han Muzi likes here is that the school is very close to their company, and she came to see it that day. The environment is also good, and the teachers are whispering.

Even on Saturdays and Sundays, they were received because they were called in advance.

Xiaomi beans around Han Muzi, right hand holding Xiaoyan, a pair of left and right embracing appearance.

Han Qing walked on the side of Han Muzi.

Several of the reception teachers looked at the beauty of the family, it was amazing.

Is this a family? Good looks.

"Xiaomi Dou, say hello to the teachers."

"Hello, teacher." Xiaomi Dou is a good baby in front of Han Muzi. She says what he does. The teacher sees that he is so cute and polite. He squats down and looks at him with love: "Hello, little friend. What's your name?"

Xiaomi Dou cleverly replied: "beautiful teacher, my surname is Han, and my name is Han Yishu."

Han family?

A flash of envy flashed in the teacher's eyes, and then waved to him: "how about the teacher taking you familiar with the environment here? There are also children living in school. Do you want to play with them? "

Xiaomi Dou didn't answer. He didn't like playing with strangers.

Han Muzi stopped for a moment, and then whispered, "millet beans, go."

Xiaomi Dou looked up at her mother, then nodded and left with the teacher.

Xiaoyan see millet beans leave, then quickly way: "I don't trust him, I follow a piece."

After she quickly followed up to see her in a hurry, Han Muzi couldn't help laughing. She didn't want to worry about Xiaomi Dou. She didn't want to walk with Han Qing.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi asked in a voice, "brother, do you think How about Xiao Yan? "

Han Qing didn't understand what she meant. She thought she was just asking about Xiaoyan's character, so he nodded: "not bad."


Han Qing seldom praises others. When she hears him say Xiaoyan is good, she immediately feels that there may be drama. So she got closer and asked quietly, "is that really good? So Would you consider such a girl? "

Han Qing a meal, this just understood her meaning, he slightly narrowed his eyes and looked at Han Muzi on his side.

His sister suffered too much, especially when she was in the Shen family. Later, she was forced by the Shen family to get married to the night family. In short, her previous experience can be said to be full of twists and turns, so Han Qing is very self reproached and is doing various things to make up for her.

He never cares about his feelings. On the one hand, he really wants to put his mind on Mu Zi and her children. Second, he is really indifferent to his feelings, and no girl makes him feel any special.

Therefore, Han Qing feels that he is good to be single all his life.

But obviously, his sister had other thoughts.

"What? What bad idea? " Han Qing can't help but reach out and knock her head.

"Ah." Han Muzi ate pain to hand over his head, in front of his brother who took out his heart and lung, Han Muzi finally showed the posture of a little girl. "I've been helping you with your marriage? People outside say that you don't get married because you want to take care of my sister. If you are single for a lifetime, I will be guilty

"What's in this?" Han Qing looked at her with a doting smile: "my Han Qing is protecting my sister. What's the matter? Even if other people dare to say it, you can't listen. "

"Even if I don't listen, you think my conscience can be condemned, really Even other people, I hope my brother can get his own happiness

Mention this, Han Qing thought of a thing, he frowned slightly, "speaking of this, I think of the object that I said to introduce to you, he..."

Hearing this, Han Muzi's face changed.

"Brother, let's walk around the school first. I'll show you the environment here."

The teacher standing on one side also nodded with a smile: "yes, let's have a look around."

Han Qing has no choice but to see her escape.

Since the incident five years ago, she has been very exclusive of men, let alone introduce her blind date. Even when men chased her abroad before, she had never been attracted to any more.

If she is really single for a lifetime, then his brother will support her for the rest of her life.

It's just Millet beans.


Xiaoyan suddenly trotted towards her, still holding a mobile phone in her hand. When she ran not far away from her front, she suddenly stopped, and then waved to Han Muzi, indicating her past.

Han Muzi pauses for a moment and then walks towards Xiaoyan.Xiaoyan stealthily pulls Han Muzi aside and hands her the mobile phone.

"Your phone."

"My phone?" Han Muzi Leng for a moment, how can people find her call Xiaoyan this mobile phone? Han Muzi is full of doubts when she receives her mobile phone. When she sees the name of Yemo Shen on it, her face changes.


"I don't know. The number was saved when I signed the contract. Please pick it up."

Yes, her mobile phone is not around, yesterday's mobile phone should be taken by Xiao Su, so night Mo Shen can only find her through Xiao Yan.

Han Muzi couldn't help but look at Han Qing in the distance, and then whispered: "you should take my brother to Xiaomi Dou, and borrow my mobile phone for a while."

Xiaoyan nodded: "well, I'll tell your brother."

Han Muzi then walked to one side to answer the phone.

Probably because of a lack of heart, so she walked far away. After answering the phone, a lazy man's voice came from the other end of the mobile phone.

"Why is it so slow?"

It was really the night.

Han Muzi held back her anger and her voice was cold.

"Mr. night, what can I do for you?"

"Where are you now? I'll send someone to pick you up. "

Han Muzi:

She was stunned for a moment and then asked, "what do you mean?"

"Forget it?"

Han Muzi frowned.

"I forgot what I said to you in the office yesterday?"

After listening to this, Han Muzi thought about it carefully. Yesterday, she said that she asked the staff to measure him today. As a result, he asked to do it by himself, and then said that he could contact her when he was free

"I see, but it's nine o'clock in the morning, Mr. night. Are you sure you have the wrong number?"

"What?" That night, Mo Shen seemed to be drinking water, only to hear a sound, and then the deep voice also slightly hoarse: "you haven't got up yet?"

Han Muzi suppressed her anger and said, "today is the weekend. If it's convenient..."