Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 418

After Han Muzi returned to the company, it was not long before it was time for work.

Because she spent too much time outside today, she didn't have a car to drive after work, so she and Xiao Yan had to prepare to take a taxi back together.

And Xiaoyan in hear her car rear end immediately stare big eyes: "rear end? What's the matter with you? "

Han Muzi had some headache and said with a faint smile: "it's probably unskilled."

"You don't think I knew you the first day? You drive so carefully. Something must have affected you. "

Listen, Han Muzi. I have to say, Xiaoyan really knows her very well.

After five years of friendship, they all know each other's habits and skills very well.

Han Muzi couldn't escape, so she had to smile.

"Tell me the truth. Did the bastard do something to you?"

When it comes to Yemo Shen, Han Muzi thinks of what he said to himself in the afternoon. He said he was married, but he did those strange things to her, and even

"No Thinking of it, she immediately denied it.

"No? Then why do you end up

"At that time I'm thinking about the design. Will Lin Xinghuo attend the press conference in a few days? "

Han Muzi soon led the topic away, but Xiaoyan, a silly child, heard Han Muzi mention Lin Xinghuo's press conference, and her eyes immediately twinkled: "yes, the clothing is almost ready. Then we will send the clothes to our company first, and then we will send them to Lin Xinghuo. Muzi, this is our first design work since we started our company. "

"Yes, the first design work is of great collection value. I remember to mark the designer's name as the cold month, and then take photos to collect them for her. "

Hearing this, Xiaoyan couldn't help but curl her lips: "although the work is designed by her, it is guided by you. Besides, she is now under the banner of our company. It is OK to mark her name, but it should be added first."

Han Muzi said helplessly with a smile: "how can you care so much about it?"

"Hum, this is not a matter of care, obviously is to win honor for our company!"

"Well, I'll talk to lengyueyue then."


They chatted and got on the bus.

Han Muzi hasn't been on the bus for many years. She said that it's really inconvenient to take a bus in high-heeled shoes, especially in the rush hour.

So when Han Muzi and Xiao Yan came back to Han's home, they looked a little embarrassed.

The two looked at each other and laughed at each other.


the next day was the weekend, so Han Muzi had a big sleep in.

It's rare that the weather is fine and she's free, so Han Muzi plans to take Xiaomi Dou to the school she visited before. If Xiaomi Dou likes it, let him go there first to see how the environment is suitable for a week.

"Mommy, Mommy, are we really going to school today?"

"Yes." When Han Muzi is finishing clothes for Xiaomi Dou, Xiaomi Dou can't help but raise his neck and ask.

"Then Mommy won't leave me in school today?" Speaking of this, Xiaomi Dou holds Han Muzi's arm pitifully and looks aggrieved.

Hearing this, Han Muzi Leng for a while, and then chuckled: "how can, today first take you to see if you like that school, millet beans if like, first read a week to get familiar with the environment, OK?"

Xiaomi Dou obviously does not want to go, those kindergarten knowledge, he himself has learned, OK? Even Xiaomi Dou thinks that he doesn't have to read.

However, it was Xiaomi Dou's secret. Han Muzi didn't know it. Seeing him holding his arm, he thought that he just didn't want to leave him. He had to take his hand and go out. He said, "you, don't think so much. This school is close to mummy's company. Then Mommy will drive to pick you up after work, and then we'll go home together

"Oh, that's good ~"

I heard that they were going to see the school, and Xiaoyan couldn't sit still. She volunteered to go with her. It happened that Han Qing was also free, so four people went out.

Han Qing drove alone with three people in the back.

Two big and one small.

Xiaoyan is a bit on tenterhooks. After all, she still has a lot to worry about before. She doesn't know whether Han Qing still remembers it. Maybe the other party has forgotten, but she just can't forgive her pig like behavior that day.

Shame on you.

It's rare that she is so quiet. Han Muzi can't help laughing: "why don't you talk?"

Xiaoyan:.... "

She glared at Han Muzi. She knew I was embarrassed. Did you still say?

Han Muzi held back a smile, she just casually asked, who knows the next second Xiaomi Dou suddenly said: "aunt Xiaoyan, why are you so afraid of my uncle?"

The expression on Xiao Yan's face suddenly froze.

Is this mother and son trying to kill her? Can't we treat her as a transparent person when she doesn't exist?"Afraid of me?" Han Qing is called by Xiaomi Dou, so she can't help but take a look at Xiaoyan sitting in the back of the rearview mirror.

Feel his eyes fall on his body, Xiao Yan's heart that shiver, the whole people sit up straight, face squeeze a very embarrassed smile.

"Nothing!" The corner of her mouth twitched and explained for herself: "I just didn't sleep well last night, ha ha ha..."

After the fake smile, Xiaoyan secretly reaches out to poke Xiaomi Dou's buttocks and squeezes words from the teeth.

"Son of a bitch, do you want to kill me?"

"Auntie Xiaoyan, why did you poke my ass?" Millet beans stare big eyes, a pair of simple ignorant appearance.

Xiaoyan:.... "

Han Qing couldn't help but glance into the rearview mirror.

Finally, Xiao Yan can only cast a look for help to Han Muzi. Han Muzi smiles, and then her eyes naturally turn away, pretending that she doesn't see anything.

Although Xiaomi Dou is a child, but this little guy is really savvy. He can pull a relationship between Xiao Yan and Han Qing.

If Xiaoyan let her sister-in-law, it seems that It's not bad, too?

"Do I? Do you feel wrong? It was Muzi who stabbed you Finally, Xiaoyan smashed a pot directly on Han Muzi's head.

Han Muzi stopped and said with a smile, "is that me? That's me

Hearing this, Xiao Yan's face changed.

This is more embarrassing than Han Muzi's denial. If she denies it, she can accept it. However, Han Muzi's helpless attitude seems to be forced to do the same.

Han Qing in front of him did not have a voice, and did not look back. Xiao Yan breathed a sigh of relief, but also felt some loss in his heart.

A man who has been playing naked for so many years is just like an iron tree.

It's not easy to make iron trees blossom

Ah, the God can only think about it. It will never belong to her.

However, Han Qing is still single so that Xiao Yan's mind is up again.