Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 417

"Let her pick up the phone and give it back to me, and then let them go." Han Muzi from the night behind Mo Shen around, whispered.

Han Muzi's eyes fell on Doudou's face. The little girl's eyes were red, and she seemed to have been wronged. Clearly, it was her who swore just now, and she was also arrogant. But now how could she be the one who was bullied?


Han Muzi looked at her and said, "it's wrong for me to hit your car. I've been apologizing, and I've said the compensation problem. This lady has been biting me aggressively, and she is not willing to coordinate and solve the problem. When I call the police, you rush to call and call off my mobile phone. This is your fault, but it's up to you. I don't ask for so much. Just pick up your mobile phone and return it to me. "

She can't apologize, but she has to pick it up for her.

Han Muzi will not compromise on this point.

Originally gave the steps can go down, but Doudou still opened his eyes and cried: "why should I pick up your mobile phone for you? You crashed my car, how about if I bite you? What if I take your cell phone off? Shouldn't you bear it if you do something wrong? "

There was a moment of silence.

Night Mo deep frown, displeased to go forward.

Han Muzi stretched out his hand and held him: "I will come by myself."

"You?" Ye Mo narrowed his eyes and suddenly opened his mouth dangerously: "you'd better not swallow your anger, or I'm afraid I can't help but fight against Qin. "

Han Muzi looked at him strangely. What happened to this man? It's a shame, isn't it? Why are you helping her now?

Although I can't think of it, Han Muzi doesn't spend any more time on it. Instead, he goes to Qin Yan and Doudou.

"Since you don't want to pick up your cell phone or apologize, I won't be responsible for the quality of the car."

This is her biggest concession. She picks up the mobile phone by herself, but she won't pay any more for the maintenance of the damaged rear of the car.


Doudou's face changed and pushed her vigorously: "Why are you irresponsible?"

Her strength is very big, push Han Muzi forward a stagger.

Just when people thought she would fall, a figure actually held Han Muzi's figure.

"Qin Yan, I'm living today. I'll wash my neck and wait for me when I go back."

Finish saying that, he did not give other people the opportunity to speak, directly will Han Muzi hit and hold up.

Han Muzi said Let me down

"Xiao Su!" Night Mo deep cold voice called a, hiding in the crowd, when seeing the guests of Xiao Su immediately an excited response.


He felt that he was well hidden. How could he be discovered?

"Don't get out and deal with the scene."

Night Mo Shen's voice seemed to have penetrating power, and it was overwhelming. Xiao Su realized that yeshao was already angry, and did not dare to continue to lurk in the crowd, so he rushed out.

"Little night."

In fact, he just came over not long ago, plus his standing angle has been unable to see Han Muzi's face.

He just wanted to know which woman made yemoshen crazy recently.

Now, after walking in front of the night Mo Shen, Xiao Su finally saw clearly the appearance of the man in his arms. His eyes widened in disbelief.

"What are you doing? It's up to you. "

Night Mo deep cold voice is finally let Xiao Su reply a trace of mind, he just nodded: "yes, I will deal with the night less."

Here, night Mo Shen directly took people away, did not care whether Han Muzi agreed.

Han Muzi was pushed into a car by him. When he bent down to fasten her seat belt, she just reacted.

She just wanted to speak, but night Mo Shen glanced at her: "if you want to say you want to go back, it is impossible."

With that, he slammed the door and drove around the other side.

Han Muzi: "it's just

Five years later, is this man still so overbearing?

It's just Han Muzi's eyes flashed and fell on his leg.

In the past, when he was in a wheelchair, his momentum was no less than others. Now he stood up, even more imposing.

Han Muzi pursed her lips and looked away.

Forget it.

"As if I owe you one."

After he got into the driver's seat, Han Muzi said in a clear voice.

Night Mo deep action, a moment later seems to think of something, the bottom of the eyes contains endless deep meaning.

You owe him a favor?

Oh, that's not bad.

"If you need any help from me in the future, Mr. Ye can speak up as long as I can.""Anything?" Mo Shen's eyes became hot and fell on her face.

Han Muzi instantly felt a heat on her face, biting her back teeth and saying, "it's only about work. I'm afraid I can't help you in private."

"In short." Night Mo Shen suddenly approached her, breathing very close: "this is what you owe me, I will get it back."

Han Muzi: what can I do for you

"I'll tell you when I think about it."

He pulled himself back and turned the steering wheel to get out of here.

Han Muzi frowned and wanted to say something about his mobile phone and car, but he didn't ask about Xiao Su's ability to handle affairs.

She also knew Xiao Su, who could stay at night for so long, and his ability to handle affairs was first-class.

Kwai believes that cell phones and cars will be returned to her hands soon.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi was relieved, leaning against the seat and looking out of the window constantly retrogressive scene.

What happened recently is just like a dream.

Even she didn't expect that she would meet ye Moshen so soon after she returned home, and then I'm afraid I'll see him often in the future.

Now She was in his car again.

Clearly She was going to stay away from him. Even if she saw him, she would pretend to be a stranger.

But now the development of the situation is not in her control. What should we do?

"To your company?" Night Mo Shen suddenly asked questions.

Han Muzi regained consciousness and nodded: "well, I still have something to deal with in the company, thank you."

Get quiet in the car and walk in the direction of her company.

Until 15 minutes later, the night deep car drove in front of her company.

"I have something else to do." Night Mo deep eyes with a slightly evil look at her: "you go up."

Listen, Han Muzi unties the hand of safety belt suddenly a meal, what does this person say? Is he going to accompany her if he's ok?

Besides, she didn't intend to let him go together.

"Why, are you scolding me in your heart?" Night Mo Shen said again.

Han Muzi quickly took off the seat belt, opened the door and got off: "thank you, Mr. Ye, for sending me back. I won't stay. Be careful on the way."

With that, Han Muzi showed an official smile and then turned and left.

Night Mo looked at her back, slowly narrowed his eyes, and then he gave a low smile.

"Cruel woman."