Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 408

Han Muzi's face changed slightly. Before she could react, her whole person was butted on the car body.

Behind is the cold car body, in front of is a man's hot chest.

Han Muzi wanted to call for help, but because she smelled the familiar smell, she stuck in her throat, staring at the man close at hand.

The night is not deep

Man's beautiful eyes tightly grasp her eyes, like a beast in the dark.

Tough, dangerous.

This is the first time that the two have been so close since they met.

Han Muzi's breath trembled slightly. She suppressed the fear in her heart and said in a cold voice, "Mr. night, please respect yourself!"

However, Han Muzi's head can not help thinking, at this time, he should not be with Lin Qingqing in the restaurant? How can you follow me?

The night does not stare at her deeply, silent.

His head suddenly pressed towards her, as if to kiss her.

Han Mu purple pupil shrinks, but when he is about to meet him, he says coldly: "what do you mean?"

Night Mo Shen all the action, thin lips and her lips only a little distance, almost as long as he spoke, will touch her.

"Ah..." There was a low, hoarse laugh from the bottom of his throat, and the heat of his breath was spitting out on her face.

He pinched her little white chin with one hand. "What do you mean? You don't see it? "

Han Muzi breathes heavily.

"Kiss you, of course."

Words fall, night deep thin lips really pressure down.

Han Muzi is scared to turn head directly, that wipe soft then fell on her face.

She can't calm down any more, and a burst of anger comes out of her beautiful and cold eyes. She raises her hand and slaps her in the face of Mo Shen at night.

Pa -

this slap on the face was very hard on her, and she beat her head at night.

Han's face is very angry.

How could he? After five years, is it not good for them to be strangers peacefully? He had to come and provoke her like this!

The night that was slapped, Mo Shen stood on the other side of his head without making a sound, and his black eyes made people can't see the emotion in his heart.

All of a sudden, he laughs and stares at Han Muzi Dao.

"It seems that you have not been so calm all the time."

He doesn't like it.

The woman has been treating him calmly since she met.

He had imagined countless pictures, but he didn't expect her to be so calm and calm.

What does that mean? The presence of her own is meaningless to her, so she is calm.

But now to see her red face because of anger, and that pair of cold eyes are also a lot of flow color, the night is not deep enough to feel that they have a sense of existence.

Han Muzi was very angry with him, but saw that he suddenly said such a sentence, only to be surprised that his emotions were disturbed by him, immediately angry directly stepped on his foot.

When she stepped on the high-heeled shoes she was wearing, he obviously saw that the face of Mo Shen at night changed. However, he did not cry out. He just grasped her tightly with his eyes.

"This is a warning to you. You won't be so lucky next time."

Han Muzi took back his feet and heard him say when he was ready to leave.

"Next time? It turns out that you are also dreaming of another time. "

Han Muzi's step staggered and almost fell forward.

She fantasized? Han Muzi took a deep breath, and then refrained from looking back at him. She sneered, then opened the door and got into her car.

She's crazy to argue with this asshole.

Calm down!

Han Muzi inserted the car key several times before she drove out of the parking lot.

After she left, night Mo Shen raised his hand to wipe his lip corner, the pain on his face let his mood become very clear at the moment.

It's been like a dream since I saw her.

Five years later, she said that disappeared and disappeared, and suddenly appeared in front of him. It was so unreal, like an illusory dream, how could you grasp it.

Her indifference and indifference made him feel that all this was not true to the end.

To this day When he clasped her waist and pushed her against the car body, he could smell the faint fragrance of her body, his lips fell on her face, her face slapped, and the pain of her heel stepping on her feet.

All of a sudden, everything came true.

She is real.

Although he was slapped, but at this moment, night Mo Shen covered his face and laughed low.

Damned women, not only become more tasteful than before, but also more fierce.

When Han Muzi drove out, she stepped on the accelerator a little fiercely. She suddenly regained her mind when a car was coming. After calming down, she drove the car forward at a steady speed.When Han Muzi stopped the car at the traffic light and waited, he couldn't help thinking of what happened in the parking lot just now.

The strong breath of man enveloped her in that way, and his palms were close to her waist like fire

Han Muzi shook his head suddenly and threw off these messy things.

She has to concentrate on driving now.

After she told Han Qing about Xiaomi Dou's going to school, Han Qing asked Han Qing to find two for her. One of them, Han Muzi, thought that the location was good and it was close to her company. She even thought that if the upper level of the company had not used it, maybe they could live in the company in the future? But when she thought about it, she thought it was not convenient to live in the company, so she planned to buy a house in the neighborhood after Xiaomi Dou's school was confirmed.

After spending several hours to get to know the school, Han Muzi returned to the company.

"How about it? How about the school? " Xiaoyan knew that she would take time to see the school, so Han Muzi came back and asked.

Han Muzi put the car key on the table top and nodded faintly: "not bad."

"That's good, by the way..." Xiao Yan coughed gently and put the information in his hand on the desktop.

"It's night Mr. Ye's contract, he has contracted all the projects in our company, but he has not selected a designer yet. "

Hearing the name of Ye Moshen, Han Muzi immediately felt that he had a kind of haunting feeling.

I just signed the contract yesterday. I met with her in the restaurant today. She was almost taken advantage of in the parking lot. Now I come back to the company and Xiaoyan tells her about it.

It's everywhere.

Han Muzi stretched out his hand and wrung his eyebrows and said in a soft voice: "you are responsible for this project. You are responsible for communicating with each other. The designers of our company are free to choose."

"Including you?" Xiao Yan blinked.

"Except me." Han Muzi pursed her lips and moved out her identity for the first time: "I am the boss of this company now."

Xiaoyan:.... "

finally, Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. "You are the boss, you has the final say, then I'll contact him and let our company's team designers choose him."