Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 407

Han Muzi was stunned when she heard it. She thought it was just a simple discussion between them.

But I didn't expect that this Miss Lin actually called on the night.

She didn't understand that when she mentioned yemoshen, she had a shy look on her face. She should want to be alone with yemoshen very much. Why should she choose when she is there?

"I'm sorry, Shelly. Would you mind if I called Mo Shen? I just want to design clothes

"I don't mind." Han Muzi smile, "he is my client now."

Hearing this, Lin Qingqing opened his eyes in surprise: "really? I didn't expect that he really went to see you. I just pushed a business card... "

Speaking of this, Lin Qingqing looks down with shame.

So aunt Song said it's true that the night is not deep, cold outside and hot inside? It seems that she doesn't care about her blind date, but But she added her business card, and she went to Shelly to design it.

This Did you give her enough face?

God, what a romantic man.

Lin Qingqing can't help but want to cover.

Han Muzi, sitting on her side, could not tell what it was like in her heart when she saw her daughter's coquettish posture.

How do you feel Is she here to be a light bulb?

Mo Shen and Lin Qingqing's light bulb that night? This cognition made her hair stand up uncomfortably, but soon Han Muzi suppressed the feeling and sat in the same place without expression.

She should have been calm for a long time.

No matter who he is with and what happens, she should turn a blind eye to it.

After the accident five years ago, if she still showed a little sadness or care in front of him, she would really insult herself.

With this in mind, Han Muzi's face is even more indifferent like snow.

Her skin is white, coupled with three-dimensional delicate facial features, and make-up, the cold look is really as cold as snow, pure.

Lin Qingqing saw Han Muzi's appearance when she was embarrassed. Suddenly, she realized that the woman in front of her was beautiful, but not that kind of ordinary beauty.

Her beauty brings a chill, especially her eyes, like an endless cold sea bottom, like suction.

Suddenly, Lin Qingqing became alert, "Shelly, do you have a boyfriend?"

It's not that she is too much hearted, but that she suddenly realizes the beauty of Han Muzi, so she becomes wary.

Han Mu purple side eyes, see her eye bottom that wipe guard, think carefully can think of the source of this guard, for this reason she light smile, voice cold open mouth: "I have children."

Lin Qingqing opened his eyes and covered his lips for a moment: "my God, are you married? I really didn't expect, Shelly, that you are so young that you have children. All of a sudden, I'm a little envious of you, and I'm old enough to be married

For her excitement, Han Muzi can only smile back.

After sitting for about ten minutes, a figure appeared in the dining room.

When Mo Shen entered the door at night, countless eyes were cast on him.

Beautiful men, where they go is undoubtedly the focus.

What's more, the night is not deep, this kind of man with high-ranking man's breath.

As soon as he entered the restaurant, his fierce eyes like hawks swept through the crowd. Then he settled down and grabbed the figure that haunted him.

It's really coming.

At night, Mo Shenmai opened his pen and walked over with his long legs.

"Mo Shen, you are here."

Han Muzi is sitting almost asleep, suddenly heard Lin Qingqing Jiao call, her sleepy insects were driven away, suddenly wake up.

Are you here?

Han Muzi takes a deep breath and readjusts the state at this time.

She came out to work today, so she didn't plan to stay here for too long. When Mo Shen sat down in front of them and her eyes fell on her, Han Muzi directly lowered her head and opened the zipper of her bag and took out the information inside.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very happy to discuss the design works with you today. Can you tell me what suggestions you have?"

She has a business like manner.

"Shelly, it's time for dinner. Why don't we have something to eat and talk about it later?"

Han Mu purple face can not see the mood, but a faint smile, nodded: "good."

Then quickly put away the information, and then three people order.

Han Muzi did not have any appetite, just ordered a cup of juice for himself.

And Lin Qingqing didn't want to lose face in front of the God, so he also ordered a cup of juice with Han Muzi.

In the end, it's only the night when you eat.

He ate gracefully, with all his actions and actions, and the weather.

His beautiful face and his movements complement each other, making Lin Qingqing's eyes fixed.The man she chose was so beautiful.

Until after dinner, Han Muzi took out the information again.


"Miss Shelly is really interested in your work." Night Mo Shen suddenly said a cold voice.

Han Muzi's action in the hand is a meal, eyelashes droop.

Lin Qingqing echoed with a smile: "yes, yes, Shelly is really serious. Mo Shen, have you ever seen her designs before? It's really good. "

Han Muzi politely smiles: "thank you for the compliment."

For a meal, only Lin Qingqing had a good time. However, Han Muzi also recorded the points she wanted, so she was relieved. She should not deal with this kind of meal again next time.

She I really don't want to eat at the same table with yemoshen.

"Now that my work is done, I'll leave first."

Finish saying, Han Muzi smile slightly, rise to want to turn to leave.

The man's cold voice came from behind.

"Shelly, the designer is so impolite. Am I not your client? You should not serve me? "

Lin Qingqing is also surprised by the suddenly cold temperature around her. She looks at Mo Shen at night, "Mo Shen, what's the matter?"

Night Mo deep did not look at her, eyes tightly grasp Han Muzi slender figure.

For a long time, Han Muzi looked at him with the rest of his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Ye. Today's work is to contact Miss Lin. you have no appointment today."

"Oh?" Night Mo Shen calmly picked the eyebrows, fingertips gently buckle the table top: "then make an appointment now."

Han Muzi is still very polite, and can't hear any joy and anger in her voice.

"I'm sorry, I'm full today. I'm going to my next client. Please choose another time, Mr. night. "

Lin Qingqing was stunned and didn't expect Han Muzi to refuse.

And she seems to hear a smell of gunpowder from the two people's conversation. But looking at Han Muzi's face, she is clearly very polite. Is it her illusion?

After Han Muzi left the restaurant, he went to the parking lot to pick up the car.

She didn't lie. She did have something to do next, but she was not a client of the company, but went to see the school for Xiaomi Dou.

Just walked to the front of the car, a black shadow suddenly towards himself.